Recap: viplav take dhaani for date, dhaani unintentionally ruins the date. viplav take her to the park, at park viplav express his feeling for her.

Viplav looks her and says, dhaani now my daily wish is, I want to be with you and I want to protect you from all hurt. And make you happy. And he says I want to fight with you every day, see your face every day…. to have our child and grow old together… that lot of wishes I have…. He asks her is that possible? And he smiles… dhaani looks on…. and she listen all what he said and stay silent without say anything.

Viplav looks her and asks, do you know dhaani, when I’m with you I feels good and happy, and he shows smiles in his face. And he says when I’m with you I feels like a different man and feels the different world. That world looks very beautiful…..whenever I’m with you, I do so many things like this…..

Viplav and dhaani looks each other…..he hold her hand and present locket to her. He says I want this happiness forever….. So stay with my side forever in my life. ( meri isqh ka rang safed plays……)

Viplav looks her eyes with full of love….. and asks, will you come to my side forever. Dhaani looks him….and she is speechless. (isqh ka rang safed plays….)
At the same time, Dhasarath car cross that way….. and he sees that, viplav holds dhaani hands…. dadaji get tensed and leaves.

Dhanni stunned and speechless……. Viplav asks why you aren’t saying anything. Don’t you like me? And he looks forwarding for her answer, she looks viplav…. .She said sorry to him and says I can’t accept you’re feeling. viplav looks hopeless …..

He asks why you can’t accept me, I’m not good enough, dhaani says, not like that my feelings are mine, I had never feel any feelings for you, and love is not something you can’t force it. They look each other……. (Meri isqh ka rang safed slow version, without music plays…..)
Viplav says “yes” your heart is your own, I can’t force it, but I can’t accept this defeat easily. Dhaani looks on….. viplav says you will definitely fall for me and I will make you mine. Dhaani recalls their childhood memories (he tells to her I will marry you and make you mine) viplav and dhaani looks each other….and he says, dhaani I will wait for you until your heart come to me. dhaani looks him…… and she return the locket to him, which he gave but he asks her to have it. dhaani refuses to accept but viplav says when you accept my feeling, that day you should wear this, that’s your confession for me, I will make it soon, if I can’t I will get back this from you, from that time you kept locket with you.

Dhaani looks on……and she accept it and about to leave, but viplalv says I am going to make you fall for me, get ready for that, she turns back and says I hope on……they look each other,( isqh isqh rang rang plays….) She take her leaves.
In viplav house dada ji, kanak all were waiting for viplav. Viplav comes; dada ji asked what you done with dhaani at late night. Viplav looks on……and says I have to say one thing to all. Everyone looks on…….viplav says I like dhaani very much. I could speak about this early but it’s not late, and he declares that he want to marry her. Dada ji and kanak gets shocked…….
Kanak asks how could you make decision your own, then why we are all here as an elders; we can’t accept your decision. Viplav looks on…..and says it’s my life maa, I can decide my life what I want, so don’t make me to take hard decision against you. I hope you all got it, what I say. Kanak and dada ji looks on……

Viplav goes his room, and he looks himself in a mirror and says congratulations viplav first time you got dumped by one girl and smiles…. and he says you act like a cool guy but how long you act like that and he take a high breaths and says she is duffer than I thought….at the same time dhaani also think about viplav words ( I am going to make you fall for me, get ready for that) and she says he is duffer than I thought. ( isqh isqh rang rang plays….)
Next day dhaani and ashwin come to work as usual, kanak stopped dhaani and starts to scold, how dare you, you try to trap my son and she asks do you want bahu to dhasarath house. dhaani and ashwin gets shocked…. kanak curse her with bad words. Dhanni gets mad and says watch what you’re saying…. kanak gets mad, she says how dare you raise your voice against me and take her hand to slap dhaani but viplav comes hold her hand. dhanni looks on……. Everyone watch over that. ashwin looks on…..

Viplav angrily says, yesterday I am clearly said to all that I love dhaani I want to marry her, but today how can you behave like this maa. Kanak looks him angrily and says I can’t accept a lowly house maid as my bahu you got it viplav. He says it’s my life maa, me only decide who’s going to my future wife, you can’t maa and he warns if anyone try to hurt dhaani or try to fire her, no problem to me then I will go with her and start to stay in her house. If no objections means you can do whatever you want. Everyone gets shocked….. dhaani looks on….
.Dhanni comes in front and says sorry for causing trouble, I can understand what the situation is, I will get off from work and goes away from his life. Viplav gets shocked…….dhaani declared that she will leave his side. Viplav looks her painfully, and he is speechless….
Dhanni looks him and crosses viplav…….he is stunned.

(Meri isqh ka rang safed without music plays….) She about to leave out, viplav says if you want leave means leave, but don’t dare to try to run away from me, if you do I will chase you till the end. Viplav turns back and looks dhaani……Both are looks each other.( Isqh isqh rang rang plays……) ashwin looks on.

Precap: dhaani decide to get off from work but viplav play some tricks with her and make her come to work again. Viplav and ashwin have a man to man fight.

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