Viplav pull dhaani towards him and tells slowly into her ears dhaani “I think I’m in love with you”…… Dhanni gets shocked……. and asks what? If I were hear something wrong? She stunned like a statue…… Viplav asks, are you dumb? Dhanni looks viplav……. He says, I start feelings for you. Viplav and dhaani looks each other…… Dhanni get tensed, she let her hand free from him and asks, are you kidding me, why would you like me? Are you mad? We can’t stand each other even a single second and starts to scold him….. And she asks are you drunk…. viplav closes her mouth with his hand and says suhhh… they looking each other….. and he says, “Thousand times I’m asks me why would I like you”, but I couldn’t find answer. He says, “I thing I’m going crazy on you” and smiles….. Dhaani take his hand from her mouth and says, “Yes “that’s what I say, you really lost your mind…… She’s flustered and she can’t face the situation further so she runs away. Viplav shouted and says I’m seriously speaking; and he asks about her answer, but she runs without say anything……viplav thinks and says himself did I said too directly.

Dhanni runs and comes to her house and close the door and says why he is like that, did he really lost his mind. She breathes heavily and says why hot in here. She looks tensed…
Later dhanni sit outside and think about viplav words [I think I am in love with you] and tells herself no dhaani, don’t fall for his words, he is playing with you, and make you fool. She feels cold…… Dullari comes and tells to her, tomorrow she go to meet someone for some case matter, so she informs she and badi amma leave early morning.

Next morning, ashwin come to work, viplav asks to him, “where dhaani is” she doesn’t come to work. Ashwin wonders, and thinks why she is not come today. He calls her, she picks phone and says I feel feverish so I can’t come to work today. Ashwin gets worry and asks her to take rest and I will come soon….. viplav looking forward his answer but ashwin doesn’t says anything and runs out….. Viplav looks on …….he worries about her and rushes to dhanni house.

Ashwin on the way to dhaani house but dhashrath calls him and give some work to do, and he want finish immediately. Ashwin don’t know what to do, he stuck in his work.

While time viplav reached dhaani house, she lies on the bed; viplav comes in tensely and touches her forehead and asks are you not felling well. Dhanni asks why you are here and take his hand from her hand. viplav says, oh you got a love fever ena and smiles….dhaani hears that and don’t make fun of me, she asks him to leave the place. viplav looks on……. He asks about dullari and badi amma, she says they were gone out to meet someone. Viplav gets some medicine and give to her. She refuses to take medicine. Viplav says, “Don’t argue with me” and asks her to take medicine. Dhanni looks on.. …..he makes her to have medicine…. Viplav asks her to take some rest. Viplav prepare porridge for her. She falls asleep on the bed. Viplav sat in the chair and take care of dhaani. After an hour he also felt sleep in the chair.

Suddenly dhaani wake up and starts to stares him…. while he sleeping. She wonders and touches his eye lids and says how he get same eye lid what he had in childhood. Someone knock the door…. Viplav open his eyes, dhaani starts pretend like sleeping. viplav opens the door, ashwin stand in front of the door. Ashwin looks on….

Viplav blocks ashwin way by his own hand and asks why you are here? He tells don’t need to worry about her I will take care of her and he asks ashwin to go back to his work. Ashwin take his hand and ask him to leave the place, and says I will take care of her. viplav looks on….. Ashwin goes inside. He wakes up dhaani and he gives hot soup to her, which is he bought for dhaani. Viplav looks that and asks dhanni to eat porridge first, which made by his hand. Viplav and ashwin fight each other for who’s one is first eaten by dhaani…. She gets tensed and says to them, “boys I’m really feels tired so please leave the place” Viplav says see she feels tired and asks ashwin to leave…. Dhaani says “you too leave”. Viplav looks on….. Both of them leave. Dhaani eats porridge which is made by viplav and says not bad, he also knows some things.

After two days dhaani back to work, dhanni enter hesitantly in to the house but viplav block her way. She asks now what? He asks “what about your health”, Are you alright. She looks viplav softly and says I’m okay, thanks to you and your porridge, its give lot of energy to fast recovery. Viplav smiles and says, if you really want to thank me then repay me. Dhanni says “I know you very well you will be like that”. She tries to leave but viplav hold her hands and asks her to come with him for date. Dhanni asks to him what date, what’s that? He says dating means what lovers do. Dhaani gets shocked and says what lovers? Do you think me as your lover? He says “yes” you are my lover I already said I starts feeling for you, don’t you remember. Dhaani says but I didn’t accept your feeling. He replies but I accept you as my girl so let’s go for date. She says I don’t have mood to play you and asks him to leave alone. She tries to tell something but viplav refuse to hear and he grabbed her hand and take her in to the car.

He takes her to theater. Dhanni refuse to watch movie with him, but he forcefully take her inside. Movie starts, both of them watching a movie. Dhaani starts to eat popcorn, viplav asks for some popcorn but she refuse to give. They fight for popcorn, finally viplav gets popcorn. Dhaani glare him….. Viplav smiles…. Before the interval dhaani fells sleep in viplav arms. viplav looks her and smiles hopeless….. After some minutes, she hears sound and wake up tensely; she looks viplav….. he watch movie, then she pretends to watch movie and she asks to him, who’s the villan, viplav says to her ‘if you don’t even know that”, then how long you have been sleeping?. Dhaani looks on…. and says that’s why I said, I don’t want to watch movie.

Then viplav take her to hotel for dinner, he buys some tasty foods for her. She starts to eat, viplav see that and smiles, he asks about food taste. Dhaani signs nice and says I was here once before with ashwin , he bought the same thing to me….viplalv hears that and in his face expression changed weird slightly and he asks her, with whom? She replies ashwin…she says he bought this with his first salary. Viplav looks her hopless…. And says if you’re done let’s leave, she says but I am not done yet…..viplav stand up. He asks her to get up and leave……dhaani looks on
They come out from the hotel and start to walk, viplav looks her and says thanks to you, you completely ruined my date, she asks what could I do and she looks on…… he said at theater you slept on full movie and at hotel……he want say something but he looks her and stopped. dhaani asks at hotel what? Viplav thinks and asks her to leave it…..

They walk closely on the road…… viplav tries to hold her hand but dhanni refuse and make distance between them. Viplav looks on…..and smiles himself. He stops dhaani in front of park, she asks what? Viplav claps hand… park suddenly colorful light turn on. she looks surprisingly…..she move in slowly When dhanni enters to park glitters papers are blast out, Park is fully decorated with lights and balloons. viplav surprises her…. Dhaani gets surprised and stunned in the park…. .Viplav says, at this place I had start my feelings for you, so I want to show this place more beautiful to you and he asks her, do you like it. She signs yes and says, its pretty… Viplav and dhanni looks each other….(meri isqh ka rang plays…..)

He says, dhaani now my daily wish is, I want to be with you and I want to protect you from all hurt. And make you happy. And he says I want to fight with you every day, see your face every day… that lot of wishes I have…. dhaani hears all what he said and stay silent without say anything. She is stunned……

Viplav looks her and asks her. Do you know dhaani, when I’m with you I feels good and happy, and he shows smiles in his face. And he says when I’m with you I feels like a different man and feels the different world. That world looks very beautiful…..whenever I’m with you, I do so many things like this…..

Viplav and dhaani looks each other…..he hold her hand and present locket to her. He says I want this happiness forever….. So stay with my side forever in my life….. meri isqh ka rang safed plays……

Viplav looks her with full of love….. and asks to her will you come to my side forever. Dhaani looks him….and she is speechless and stunned……dhaani looks on….

At the same time, Dhasarath car cross that way….. and he saw that, viplav holds dhaani hands….

Precap: dadaji ask question about dhaani to viplav. kanak do some drama.

Today I completed my 10th episode of my princess; I can’t believe that, I’m really happy about that, it’s all because of you guys. You all guys encouraging me to do well, and keep supporting me, I want this support till end. I’m really thankful to you guys…..
saran, riya, jonah, joyee, sujie, inshiinshi, preeti, rajee, AM, diti divya, kavitha, louella, varsha, akshay and all, a very big thank you guys….
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Credit to: Pethu sri (kaviya)

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