NOTE; my fan fiction is entirely different from real IKRS. (In first episode I introduce a new character dhaani’s father, his name is ashok kumar)

Day is start with a beautiful morning, weather is so warm, sun shines brightly, and wind slowly touches the flowers with lots of love. The story is start with an ancient, religious, beautiful Banaras. In Banaras there is a heaven like a house, inside the house all the house workers are preparing for a special event. They are running around the house and make arrangement. In kitchen they were preparing rich and yummy foods. One lady gets down from the upstairs and asked all servants to make it fast and she tells my son is going to Delhi for his higher studies, I’m very happy about that and she gives some list to the servant and asked to prepare the list items and says my son never miss the dishes, while he is in Delhi got it. Yes that lady is our hero’s ma kanak.

Afterwards one car is entered to the house. One man came out from the car and opens the back door, inside the car eight year old girl sat in the back side of the car. That man’s her father his name is ashok kumar. He called her name “dhaani” and asks her to come out from the car. She came out from the car.

Dhaani is who have an innocent face, good soul and beautiful smile. She asks, “Papa what place is this why we are here” he tells, dhaani papa have some work to do inside and asks her to wait outside until when he back. He give some toys to her, to play and says dad will be come back soon.
Inside the house, ten years old boy who have a powerful eyes, charming smile and warm hearted boy his name is viplav. He runs around the house to try to catch one butterfly and he follows butterfly, on the way he is stopped by his dadi (susma ji). Butterfly flies away. Dadi asks viplav what you are doing? Viplav tells why dadi you stopped me I miss my butterfly, because of you .Dadi smiled and ask why you want to catch butterfly? He says if I got butterfly I would be happy and play with it. Dadi smiles and says happiness also like a butterfly, he asks what are you saying dadi how happiness like a butterfly, dadi says “viplav if you more chase the butterfly, it eludes you, but if you turn your attention to other things it comes and sits softly on your shoulder”. Happiness also like that if you chase more, it more eludes you, she smiles and says, so I goes to temple and prays for my grandson life was fills with full of happiness. Dadi asked him to go to garden, there lot of butterfly flies you can, catch and play with it. Viplav agrees.
In garden dhanni playing interestingly with toys and she hear some noise, she lifted her head and saw one dog stand in front of her, in a few step distances. The dog is who raised by viplav dadaji, dhasarath tripathi. The dog name is kiran. Dhanni shocked and afraid, she try to escape but kiran don’t take his eye from dhanni.

Viplav come to garden and saw dhaani sat in the lawn, he saw her face, and realized she is scared and about to cry because of dog. He goes near to dhanni and tells don’t move; don’t take your eyes off of kiran. She looks viplav and tells “what do I do” he is going to bite me. Viplav tells “don’t worry” I‘ll protect you from your side, dhaani looks viplav …………. He again warns her don’t look away, in means time kiran run towards to dhanni and about to bite her, but viplav comes and blocked by his own hand.

Viplav asks kiran to leave his hand, he says “what wrong with you” why you act like this way, you can’t behave like this to our guest and try to comfort him. ………..kiran leaves his hand. Dhanni gets shocked and start crying. viplav tells to her it’s alright nothing happened and kiran was his good friend, so don’t worry he doesn’t hurt you.

Viplav asks kiran to shake your hand to our new friend; dhaani gives her hand and smiles………….. Dhaani asks viplav are you not scared of dogs. He replies “I am viplav tripathi” in this world I am not scared of anything………. On the second he saw one cockroach under his feet, he start shouted and scared. Dhaani hold a cockroach in her hand. Viplav asks, “What are you doing”. Dhaani says what’s wrong “it’s a cockroach”, she says, I thought you weren’t scared of anything but you scared of little cockroach and laughed…….. viplav says “who said I was scared” I am not scared . dhaani asks you are not scared, Viplav says “no”. She franks him “look in your dress it’s a cockroach”. Viplav scared and ask where? Where? ……… Dhaani laughed and tells, see you’re scared. He looks on………..
He asks dhaani to “don’t tell to anyone about my scared of cockroach and he says“ its better you don’t tell to anyone about this, if you do; dhanni ask if I do what? Then what will you do. Viplav thinks and tells, if you told then I I” I will marry you” and make you mine………….. Dhanni shocked and blushing. One butterfly come and sits on viplav shoulder. He saw the butterfly and smiles. Viplav and dhanni looks each other and smiles………… Viplav says to her, when you smiles, you look like a princess. ( isqh isqh, rang rang plays……)

Precap; dhaani and her father met a big accident.

Friends its first time, I’m writing a fan fiction may be you can find many mistakes, Please forgive me friends.
If you want read intro of my princess visit this link

Credit to: kaviya

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  1. Wow a very cute start, u did a fab job by introducing the ff with Viplav-Dhaani childhood so cute m curious to know what happens next

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  2. It was simply superb !!!!!!!!!!! ? kaviya.
    When I was reading this fiction ,it just brought a big smile on my face .

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  3. Kaviya,kaviya,kaviya it was amaaaaaaaaaaaazing……….
    I can see that naughty viplav and cute dhani.wowwww……….
    My heart jumped when viplav said then i will marry u.

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  4. cute love story yarr…. waiting for the next part…..

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  6. cute beginning yaar….

  7. Kaviya what a different story i like it very much

  8. Very nice storyline

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  10. Amazing thinking power kavya. Fab job. Very nice

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  11. Nice kaviya . Story line is good

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