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Frustrated Queen Veena starts scolding Raakumari, “You are just a normal girl, and you wanted a prince. What medicine did you put to him, he turned to you. Do you want to snatch the happiness of my daughter?”
Rajan: Maharani, please don’t be angry. I have said you before that I love a girl. Moreover, princess Varshini or I don’t like each other. Then what is the problem?
Janardhan just enter the scene.
Veena: Mistake is not yours prince, these types of girls have to be punished!
She says and raises her hand to slap Raakumari. “Stop It!” they heard a male voice. They all look at that side and amazed to see Minister Karunya!

Here in forest, the tribes have surrounded Varshini and Yodha. The head in the tribes comes forward and says, “Hey the cute boy! Come with us. Our girl likes you.” They both don’t understand them. Then a tribal girl comes and says, “Hey handsome one, I love you. I was seeing you since when you entered the forest. Marry me!”
Varshini gets anger with her words. But yodha says, “But sorry girl, I already love Princess Varshini. I can’t marry another one.”
The tribal head gets angry with his words, “Come with us silently. Or die to our weapons.” He says. Varshini takes her sword out and says, “Prince Yodha is mine! Fight with me before you rob him!” yodha amazes with her words.
Then a fight starts between Varshini and tribes. The two soldiers who were observing her come to fight with those tribes. Varshini surprises to see them. However, yodha becomes dumbstruck that a girl is fighting for him, with a tribal group.

King Janardhan and Queen Veena amazes to see Minister alive.
Minister: maharani veena, don’t try to raise hand on my daughter!
Janrdhan becomes anxious with his words.
Jana: Minister, she is my daughter right! She is 2nd princess!
Karunya: why I have to tell you maharaj! You betrayed her 18years back. She is not yours, she is my kid!
Janardhan becomes happy with his words. But Raakumari doesn’t understand anything. Janrdhan takes raakumari near and says to Veena, “Maharani, have you seen. Your daughter is alive! Our daughter is alive. 2nd princess is alive.” He calls a soldier and asks him to inform this to Varshini and asks her to come back. The soldier goes to forest.
Janardhan was about to take Raakumari near. But Raakumari moves far from him.
Raakumari: I’m not your daughter Maharaj, he is my father.
She points towards minister. Then Janardhan explains her, what has actually happened. There are tears in her eyes.
Raakumari: I have been betrayed already, there is no need to tell me as your daughter. He is my father and not you.
She cries. Janardhan shocks with her words. Rajan looks sadly at her.

The tribal group runs away with Varshini’s fight. The two soldiers stand far away.
Yodha: Why did you fight for me?
Varshini: You can’t save yourself, then how could you save Princess in future?
Yodha: If she is really in trouble, I will fight till the end to save her. With whomever it is!
She gets moved with his words.
Varshini: Yodha, I would like to marry you. I love you…
Yodha laughs with her words.
Yodha: I’m really amazing today, girls love me! I have never expected this. But, I love only princess varshini. I can’t marry you.
Varshini: How can you be cruel like this? I have saved you.
Yodha: I will be as a friend with you always and I will do anything for you! But heart is only for her!
Varshini smiles with his words.
“Princess Varshini..” shouts a soldier and comes near her. Prince Yodha amazes.
“Princess, Your sister is back! 2nd princess is alive. She is Raakumari.” Says that soldier.
Varshini: Don’t tell me lies. I think father has said you this wantingly.
Soldier: Princess, if I have really said lies then you can cut my head after going to fort.
Varshini feels happy.
“So, you are telling truth! My sister has came back really?” she asks.
“Yes princess varshini!” he repeats.
Varshini jumps in happiness and suddenly hugs prince Yodha. “Prince, I have to go now. Tell your parents that you have won Princess Varshini.” She says and goes away with soldiers to palace. Yodha still amazingly look on…

Janardhan tries to convince Raakumari.
Minister: Maharaj, we have to go now. Give us permission.
Says minister and starts taking away Raakumari. Janardhan requests him to stop. Bhairav who was seeing the entire scene, was enjoying. “Wah, today I have taken my revenge. King lost his two daughters.” He says in himself.
While minister was taking away Raakumari, they are stopped by a person. Looking at him, minister leaves her hand and Namaskars to him. Even king Janardhan comes before him and says, “Acharya deva, Pranaam!”
He is Acharya Prasanna. He left for pilgrimage 18years back, now he has returned.

{Acharya Prasanna’s role was in 1st episode…
Here’s the link }

Janardhan feels happy looking at him and he says whole thing which has happened.

Acharya: Maharaj, you are a king! How can you be that innocent to believe a false story? No kid causes fortune or misfortune. That all depends on the way of work you do. If I could have known that you are doing this, I could have stopped you. Maharani charulatha was dead because of her illness not because of Veena’s daughter.

Janardhan remains calm.
Acharya looks at Raakumari and tells to Janardhan,
“I have said your 1st daughter is auspicious because, all the good things happened to the kingdom. But she is not reason for it! I said that to make you happy. And as I said, your 1st daughter ‘Raakumari’ is a soft natured and helpful girl!” says Acharya.
Janardhan amazes with his words and says,
“But Acharya, Raakumari is our 2nd princess. She is veena’s kid. 1st princess is Varshini.”
Just then Varshini also comes to palace. Acharya Prasanna looks at her and smiles.

“Maharaj, believe me. Princess Raakumari is the first princess. Charulatha’s daughter. And, Princess Varshini is Veena’s daughter. The second princess!” says Acharya Prasanna.
Everyone is amazed with his words. But Veena bends her head down.
“Maharani veena, now you have to tell this to everyone.” Says Acharya.

Veena with teary eyes, “Yes Maharaj, what Acharya has said is truth. I have changed kids on that day.” Says. Janardhan gets furious with her words. But acharya stops him.
“Don’t be angry. She did that to save her kid. If you want to punish her, you have to punish yourself first. Because, you have believed one person’s words and abandoned your valuable daughter. Now, tell me, who is that culprit who said you like that!” asks Acharya.
Bhariv, who was listening to this starts going away. But princess Varshini puts a sword on his neck and she brings him before everyone.

Precap: Bhairav going to revel the secret of his revenge.

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