Princess (episode 8)


Varshini leaves the fort and reaches a forest. She is riding the horse very harshly. Suddenly she gets struck to a twig and falls down along with the horse. She tries to get up but, two soft hands touch her shoulders and raise her up. She amazes and turns back to see a cute handsome boy before her.
In palace Veena opens her eyes. Janardhan feels happy and appreciates Raakumari towards her work.
Janardhan: Kumari, stay here for this day. I will send you back home at evening.
Raakumari: As you order Maharaj!

Prince Rajan reaches Raakumari house, but he understands she is not at the home. Minister is also not there. He sees Kalavati and asks her about Raakumari. She says that she has gone to palace to treat Queen Veena. Soon Rajan rushes to the fort. Minister Karunya sees his arrival and knows from his wife that he is going to the fort.
Karunya: Why did you tell him about Raakumari? Now he is going to create problem to her. I have to go to palace to save her.
Says minister and he too go to fort.

Varshini looks at that charming boy. Suddenly, she pushes him back, takes out her sword and shouts, “How dare you to touch me. Do you know who am I?” that boy gets scared at first looking at her sword.
That boy: whoever you are, I was trying to help you.
Varshini: I need not want your help.
She says and starts going away. He sees a wound on her feet. “Hey stop, your feet is hurt. You shouldn’t walk for sometime. You don’t even have footwear.”
Varshini shouts again, “Don’t talk with me or call me again.” She says and will be going. That boy follows her.
“And, don’t try to follow me. Leave me alone!!” she shouts. While she is walking, suddenly that boy puts his hand under her feet and she suddenly puts her leg on his hand. She amazes and takes her leg back.
Varshini: Are you mad? Why are you doing like this?
Then that boy removes his hand. A sharp thorn has hurt his hand. “You were about to step on this. I wanted to call you, but you said not to call or talk. So, I have to do like this.” He says.
Varshini is moved with his words. They both sat near a waterfalls. She tore a piece of cloth from her saree and ties to his hand. Then she puts her feet in water and gets relaxed.
Varshini: By the way, who are you? What are you doing in this forest?
That boy: I’m Prince Yodha.
Varshini laughs with his words.
Yodha: Why are you laughing?
Varshini: I don’t believe that you are a prince. You have scared as a kid when I took out my sword.
Yodha puts a sad face and says, “That was my problem. I really scare for everything says everyone. That’s why no princess is showing interest to marry me. I don’t even know to fight. My parents scolded me that I am a worthless being. That’s why I came out of the fort to prove myself. I will marry the great princess Varshini and prove them what Yodha is!”
Varshini amazes with his words. “But, why only princess varshini?”she asks.
Yodha: I love Varshini from my childhood. I have never seen her. But listened lot of stories about her. She is brave and beautiful. I wanted a wife like that.
Varshini still amazes with his words.
Varshini: But, why princess like Varshini will like you? What is there in you to like?
That Yodha stands up and says, “You don’t know my talent. See how I’m going to do sword war art.” And starts moving sword as he likes. Varshini laughs at his funny steps.

In palace, Queen veena asks janardhan, “Maharaj, where is my daughter?” janardhan sooths her head and says, “Maharani, I still amaze for the love you being showed to Varshini, eventhough, she is not your daughter.” Veena remains calm. Then itself a solider comes and says, “Maharaj, Princess is in forest safely. There are two solider who are guarding her. Princess didn’t see us. We followed her secretly.”
Janardhan: Are you happy now maharani, she is safe there. When her anger diminishes she will come back. Don’t worry.
Prince Rajan reaches to the fort. A solider comes and informs this to Janardhan. He also informs that he wanted to talk with Raakumari. Janardhan sends her to talk with him. Raakumari amazes who might be that Prince Rajan and goes there. She amazes to see the same boy whom she has seen earlier in village. A great smile appears on her face. But she controls the smile and goes before him.
Raakumari: I didn’t know that you are a prince. Sorry for my ignorance.
Rajan: What is your name, oh doctor..!
Raakumari smiles and says her name.
Rajan: Raakumari, I would like to tell you something.
She looks at him. There will be a brief eye lock.
Veena stands up from bed.
Janardhan: are you feeling good maharani?
Veena: Yes maharaj, that doctor girl is really amazing. What magic she has done? I want to talk with her.
Jana: She is talking with Prince Rajan. May be he also came for any medicine?
Veena: It’s ok maharaj, I’m feeling alright. I will go near her and talk.
Says veena and goes to that place.

In forest, Yodha will be telling to Varshini how he liked princess Varshini very much. He will be telling all the poetry which he has written from childhood for her. Varshini too starts loving him attracted to the affection he showed towards her. But she didn’t reveal that she is Princess Varshini herself.
A tribal people’s group will be observing them secretly from bushes. They are ready to attack them.

Rajan starts telling to Raakumari,
Rajan: My lady, you have made me your slave on first sight itself. I would like to make you my Queen. Please accept my proposal.
Raakumari doesn’t understand what to answer. She wanted to take her parents’ permission before she could accept anyone. She remains calm.
Queen veena who just came there gets furious to listen that and shouts on her, “Raakumari..!”
She gets shocked and sees Veena.

Varshini was about to tell Yodha that she is Princess. But suddenly the forest tribes come and surround them with weapons. They both are shocked…

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