Princess (episode 7)


Varshini will be thinking something without sleeping. She remembers Rajan’s words, “I will marry beautiful girl than you.”
“Who might be that girl?” She thinks. Veena comes and sees her awake. “What are you thinking dear?” She asks.

Varshini: mother, who is that 2nd princess father said suddenly?

Veena: It’s nothing. Don’t think about it.
But Varshini decides strongly to know about it.

Raakumari will be looking at the fort side.

Kalavati(minister wife): what dear kid, didn’t sleep yet?

Raakumari: maa, is there is any relation for us with that fort? I feel like someone is thinking about me there.

Kalavati takes a deep breath and says, “we don’t have any relation with it. And, no one thinks about us there. Don’t be anxious about it. Sleep calmly.”
But Raakumari thinks a lot.

Rajan who reaches his fort will be looking at the wound. His mother comes. “What is it son?she asks.
“Maa, I would like to marry that doctor girl.” He says.
His mother smiles and says, “Your wish my boy. You have to be happy always.”

Next morning Varshini wakes up with a dream ‘a baby being separated from her family.’
She thinks it as strange. After getting ready, she keeps on asking the people in fort about 2nd princess. But, with kings order no one says about it.
Bhairav thinks this as another chance to take revenge on Janardhan.

[refer this episode for clearance, ]

Bhairav says to Varshini, “princess, I will tell you everything.”
He says what actually happened. He says that she is charulatha’s baby, not veena’s.

{no one knows the truth, that Veena has changed the kids.}

Varshini shocks to know about this from Bhairav. She grew anger towards Janardhan. She goes near him. Veena also will be there.

Varshini: Father, these many days you hid this thing from me. I’m not queen veena’s daughter right. I’m the daughter of charulatha. And you have betrayed the 2nd princess!!

Veena and Janardhan shocks with her words.
Veena: Varshini, don’t say like that. I’m your mother.

Varshini: mother? How could you send away your own kid if your husband says.

Veena cries in pain as she can’t revel the truth. Janardhan tries to tell to Varshini.
But she shouts, “she may be the daughter of other woman. But, she is my sister! How could you Separate me and my sister. And you have separated a kid from her mother.”
Janardhan and Veena are silent. “I won’t be in this fort anymore. I can’t live with cruel people like you.”says Varshini and starts leaving the fort. King and Queen try to stop her. But Varshini takes a horse and leaves.
“Maharaj, stop my daughter…” Veena says and falls down with heart pain.
“Maharani..”shouts Janardhan.

Rajan mother will be looking for Rajan around the fort. But, he is no where. Then she sees a letter, “mother, I’m going to see my doctor girl. I can’t stay without seeing her.” She laughs looking at the letter and tells to her husband, “let’s do his marriage with that girl as soon possible.” He too smiles in agreement.

A solider comes to karunya’s house. He asks to send Raakumari to treat Queen Veena who is sick. It was king’s order. No one knows that he is minister. At first minister doesn’t want to send. But it was her own mother who is suffering. So he asks Raakumari to go. She agrees and goes to the fort.
Raakumari will be looking at the fort very amazingly. All the fort members will be looking at her in amazement due to her beauty and also they could see some similar features of king’s family in her. Janardhan looks at her and feels as if he has seen her before. Raakumari comes and puts some medicine in veena’s mouth. After few minutes she opens her eyes. Janardhan feels happy.

Rajan reaches to the house of Raakumari.

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