Princess (episode 6)


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Raakumari looks at that new boy amazingly. He comes near the thief and takes the chain. He raises that thief and about to beat him. But Raakumari stops him telling, “Please don’t beat him. He might have done this for hunger.” She says and looks at the thief and says, “don’t repeat this again. Start any work with this money.” She says and gives some coins to him. That thief goes away. That boy laughs and gives away chain to beggar. Then he says to her,”being kind is really good. But, over kindness is not at all good. You have to give money or food to beggar instead of gold. What he can do with that?”
Raakumari is simply silent and she sees a wound on his hand. “There is a bad wound on your hand. Please come with me. I will apply medicine to it.” She says.

He follows her. Along with him his friend comes. He says, “Prince Rajan, don’t revel to anyone that you are a prince.” He nods his head.

Raakumari will be applying medicine to his hand. Rajan will be looking straightly at her. When she looked him, he moves his eyes.
Karunya asks him, “who are you? Why are you in this place?”
Prince Rajan says, “we are just visiting all the kingdoms and learning new things.” Then his friend Bantu says, “Yes, he came for a valuable thing here.”
Minister doesn’t understand his words and looks at Rajan. He was looking at Raakumari in a passionate way. She was doing some work. Minister understands his intention and says, “I think you have to go now. Please go.” Rajan was about to tell him something. But karunya asks him again to leave.

Rajan looks sadly at her and leaves the place. While they are going away, Bantu asks him, “Why didn’t you tell that you love her.” Then Rajan, “I can’t say this is love. But, I couldn’t be without seeing her. I have seen her first, today morning at the river. From that time, an unknown feeling started on her.” He says.
“Prince, this is called love.” His friend says. He simply smiles and they proceed to Janardhan’s fort.

Princess Varshini will be practicing sword fight. She is strongly fighting with an opponent. She suddenly beats his sword strongly, it slips from his hand and flies in air, it is about to fall on Prince Rajan, who just came there. Rajan catches that sword. Janardhan and Veena comes near him seeing the scene.
Janardhan: I’m sorry Prince! My daughter is really mischief.
Rajan: I’m not at all angry Maharaj! Your daughter princess Varshini is really good talented.
Janardhan smiles and asks him to come in. Then Varshini says, “Father, that new Prince has participate in sword fight with me. Only when he defeat me, he is allowed into palace.”

Janardhan: shut up. You are not supposed to talk like that.

Rajan: Sorry princess, I won’t fight with women.

Varshini: Say frankly, that you are afraid of me.

Rajan: Rajan is not afraid of you. He is respecting you.

Varshini gets angry with his words.

Varshini: Father, I don’t marry a person who disobeys me.

Rajan: Maharaj, I too can’t accept a girl who tries to control me.

Varshini: Father, I want to marry a person who is grater than this Prince. I will teach him a lesson.

Rajan: Maharaj, I will marry that girl who is really beautiful than your daughter, in this kingdom.

Varshini: How dare you to tell me that someone is beautiful than princess Varshini. Father, if he likes her why did he come here?

Janardhan: yes Prince, if you like her…

Rajan: I just came here to respect your invitation. But, princess Varshini has given us great welcome. Thank you Maharaj. We are leaving now.

Rajan leaves the place without listening to Janardhan. He feels bad and gets angry on his daughter.
Janardhan: If you behave like this, no one comes to marry you. You are a princess, but you are a girl. You have to be obedient sometimes.
Varshini: this princess is not a normal girl. Everyone has to listen to me. I won’t listen to anyone.

Janardhan upsets with her words.
Jana: Acharya has said that you are a fortunate kid. But, your behavior is like the 2nd born princess.

Varshini: 2nd born princess? Who is it?

Veena alerts and says, “It’s nothing daughter! Come with me.” And takes her away.

“If she is really alive today, this fort would have been more beautiful.” thinks Janardhan.

A wind blows suddenly and touches Raakumari. She looks at the fort side and thinks, “I feel like someone called me.”

Rajan who is leaving from the fort thinks, ” I don’t even know ur name. But, I’m thinking about you always…”

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