Princess (episode 5)


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Many springs has passed, many rains have showered that kingdom, all the seasons brought happiness, their kingdom turned beautiful and prosperous.

As the years passed, two princesses grew up as beautiful and charming 18years girls..
King Janardhan has decided to celebrate 18th birthday of Princess Varshini very grandly, because by next year he wants to perform her marriage with a brave and handsome prince.

On the bank of river, kind hands of a girl held a deer and treating it. After that, she kissed the deer and left it. Her long hair is waving due to mild air, her big eyes were looking at the river in lovely way. There is a cute smile on her lips. “Raakumari..” Calls another group of girls. She turns back and sees them. Her face is just like the shining moon. She is Raakumari.
“Oh doctor’s daughter, did your treatment finished? Shall we go?” They asks. She smiles and nods her head. She walks along with them. Her walks are pretty as swan’s. On the way, she happen to see a old beggar. She removes her gold chain and gives it to him. That beggar looks gladly at her.
Minister karunya and Kalavati who sees this, “my daughter Raakumari is really a princess. She has a beautiful heart which a princess should have..!” Says Kalavati.
“Of course,she is a princess. She has to enjoy all the royalty just as Princess Varshini. But, she is leading a normal life.” Says karunya.
“I said you to forget about past. She is my daughter!” Says Kalavati. Karunya smiles with her words.

In fort, strong hand of a girl is holding a whip. Her broad eyes are showering the fire. One of the eyebrow is raised in pride. She is Princess Varshini. She raised the whip and beat a person before her. “How dare you to rob my gold ring!” She says in harsh tone. Janardhan and Veena just comes.
Janardhan: Leave him princess! He need not be punished this cruelly..

Varshini: Princess Varshini never leaves the culprit.
She again tries to beat him. But Janardhan grabs the whip and asks the person to go away.
Veena: Princess, this is not correct.

Varshini: but mother, I’m trying to punish him.
Veena: now stop this, go and get ready. Prince Rajan will come to see you.
Varshini: No! I will go and practice sword fight.
Says Varshini and leaves from there.
Veena and Janardhan amazes with her character.

Meanwhile, in village suddenly a robber comes and grabs the chain from beggar’s hand. Raakumari shocks and shouts for help. That thief falls down suddenly as someone hit his legs with a log. Villagers amaze and look back to see who threw that log.
A tall, muscular, young handsome boy was it. Raakumari stares at him in amazement…

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