Princess (episode 4)


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King Janardhan returns to palace with a sad heart. He informs this news to everyone. Queen veena acts as if she was sad.
Minister karunya with his wife Kalavati and princess goes to a village. They take a new house. He introduces himself as a vaidy(doctor) to neighbors.

Kalavati: Now, what shall we name this baby?

Karunya: She is a princess actually, but she now grows up as a normal girl. Whatever it is, she is Princess! Let’s name her “Raakumari”

Kalavati feels happy,hugs the child calling, “My daughter..Raakumari..”

In palace, Veena and Janardhan names their daughter as, “Varshini”, as she brought rain along with her. He is thinking that she is 1st princess.
“Maharani, I’m feeling happy that you are looking after her as own daughter.” Says Janardhan.
“As own what Maharaj! She is my own daughter. I mean, I said you already forget her as charulatha’s kid. She is mine.” Says Veena. Janardhan agrees with her and leaves.
“My varshini is mine. But, everyone thinks her as charulatha’s daughter. But I could do nothing. If I revel the truth they will betray my kid.” Thinks Veena.

Minister knows Ayurveda. With that he treats people. He becomes a famous doctor around that place. Cute princess Raakumari will be growing as a normal girl. She is quite and calm. She respects everyone. She is kind hearted and helpful girl.

On other hand Varshini will be growing up as a Royal princess. Everyone bows their heads and respects her. Whatever she wishes, it will be there before her within second. She will have 21 maids around her to do her service. Her eyes are always up in proudness.

Minister karunya will be teaching Raakumari all the medicine related education. He always teaches her how to be patience and peaceful.
Whereas, Varshini will be thought with all war education. Bravery and confidence are her weapons.

Raakumari plays in gardens and fields around with her friends. Varshini has everything in palace. Not playing, she always orders her friends.
Raakumari walks on foot where ever she go. A palanquin carries Varshini always. Raakumari grows up in the lap of nature enjoying the sunshine, rain and stars. Varshini is always in between the gold and diamonds.

Like this not only their life and lifestyles, but also their thinking and character is different.
Sword is Varshini’s friend. Herbs are Raakumari’s friend.

In this way some years are passed…………

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