Princess (episode 3)


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King Janardhan however asks minister to take away his daughter, but tells him that he should inform him where did he go and where they are staying. So that he could come and see his daughter whenever he want.
Minister takes the baby princess with him. He goes to his house. His name is karunya. His wife asks him, “Who is this baby?” Then minister tells her everything. “That means, we have to leave the kingdom?” She exclaims.

then minister tells her, “King’s order is that. But we aren’t going anywhere. He has abandoned this baby. If he don’t want the baby, let’s never inform him about our whereabouts. We don’t have children. We will look after this kid as our own daughter. From Now, she is our daughter.” Tells minister. His wife Kalavati agrees with him. She takes the baby and kisses her a lot.
Meanwhile, in palace Queen veena comes near Janardhan along with the baby. She says, “Maharaj, however I have lost my kid. This kid is motherless. Let her grow up as my own daughter. Promise me that, this kid never knows that I’m not her real mother..”
King Janardhan feels relaxed with her words and says, “Sure maharani, this kid is your own daughter.” Then he leaves from there.
Veena cries and tells in herself, ‘sorry for cheating you Maharaj! I have given you charulatha’s baby. I have changed them. I couldn’t leave my own daughter. However, 1st princess don’t have mother. While I’m alive, why should my daughter has to grow up as motherless? I can’t say this secret to anyone. But I’m daughter is with me!”
So, the kid near minister is 1st princess. Everyone believes that she is veena’s daughter. Janardhan goes to minister house to see his daughter just once. But, when he reached that place he gets shocked to see that minister house is in flames!

All people were trying to stop the fire. “Minister and his family is inside. We have to save them!” They will be shouting. Janardhan also goes there to save them.

From a cliff far, minister karunya, his wife Kalavati with baby princess in her hands were seeing this scene. “Today, everyone believes that, this minister is dead and this little princess also! That foolish king need not have any relation with this baby. He abandoned her ruthlessly.” Says minister. They are in a disguise so no one could identify them. “We will stay in this kingdom only along with this baby. I will see what misfortune this baby is going to bring? I will prove that foolish king is wrong!” Says minister again, and they will go to another place.
Minister has kept the flames, so everyone believes that they are dead.

Flames get down, only ash remains. Janardhan thinks that his daughter and minister too turned into ash. He starts crying. Then itself, astrologer Bhirav comes and says, “See what your inauspicious kid has done! If she would have been in palace, that palace may have turned into ash. Think that your misfortune has gone!”

Janardhan who has tears in his eyes says, “But, it’s my daughter who is gone!”

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