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Varshini brings Bhairav before everyone. Acharya asks him, “Tell us Bhairav, why did you do like this?”
Then bhairav revels his secret, “Maharaj, you are the reason for death of my two sons. You have punished them on the crime of telling this fort secret to enemies. That’s why; I wanted to take revenge on you. I wanted to separate your both daughters from you. For that only, I have said your 2nd daughter as inauspicious.”
Janardhan gets angry with his words. “Now, you are going to face the same punishment as your sons.” Says janardhan.
“Yes, he has to be punished!” shouts Varshini.
But Raakumari comes forward and says, “Father, yes he has done a wrong thing. But, punishment doesn’t make him to realize his mistake. Please leave him. He will be revengeful still, but he won’t change.”
“Then what shall we do Kumari?” asks king. Raakumari goes near Bhairav and says, “You are elder than me. You know very well what is right and wrong. You are angry because you lost your sons. But, you are good by heart.”
Bhairav looks her amazingly. She continues, “If you couldn’t have done like that, I could have missed the love of my parents who took care of me. I could never have been friendly with this nature. Whatever is done, we shall think it’s done for good! Let’s leave this matter here. Father, excuse the sins of him.” Tells Raakumari. Bhairav feels ashamed with her words.
He asks for sorry to everyone and he leaves the kingdom. There is no hatred in him anymore.
Then Acharya says, “This is the difference between Raakumari and Vashini. Raakumari excuses everyone, it is her kind heartedness. But, it’s not good always. Princess Varshini knows whom to punish and whom to love. But she has to control her aggressiveness sometimes. So, maharaj, make Princess Varshini as the next ruler.”
Says Acharya. Janardhan agrees with him. Raakumari and Varshini smile.

Princess Varshini emotionally hugs Raakumari. She too feels emotional. Everyone is happy with the return of first princess. The happiness is restored.
Minister and his wife also come back to the fort. Raakumari still calls them as her parents. They treat her as daughter always.

On an auspicious fine Muhurtha day, King Janardhan arranges marriage of Raakumari and prince Rajan. On the same day they perform marriage of Varshini and prince Yodha.

All the kingdom people bless them. There is happiness everywhere.

Story is over………………………..*********

**********The end**************

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