Princess (episode 1)

Dark clouds spread though out the sky. There is a heavy rainfall. The land is giving the fragrance of wet mud. All the kingdom people danced and rejoiced in happiness because, they awaited for the rain since many years. After the facing the five years continuous drought, that day it has rained.
The king Janardhan, who was seeing the happiness of people felt even more joyous with the news that he became a father. First queen charulatha gave birth to a baby girl.
King Janardhan kisses on forehead of charulatha and takes the baby and comes out. That baby was charming beautiful.
The royal teacher(guru) comes near the king. He is intelligent and genuine. His name is Acharya Prasanna.
King salutes to him. The guru looks the baby and says, “Maharaj! This princess is auspicious to this kingdom. With her birth she brought the rain and happiness. She will be the soft natured one, calm and helpful girl. People will be always happy in her ruling.”
Janardhan feels happy with what guru said. “Maharaj, I have to go to pilgrimage now. So, be careful and happy.” Says guru, blesses him and leaves.
Janardhan will be happily playing with the new princess. Then a maid comes with another baby and says, “Maharaj, queen Veena also gave birth to a girl child.”
There are no ends for happiness of Janardhan. Veena is his second queen. “This is my happiest day!” He says.
A astrologer who is standing behind a wall sees king and tells in himself, “I will end your happiness now!” He comes near Janardhan.

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  1. Astra I don’t understand your story but it’s o.k. Maybe the others have understood it.

  2. Akshata

    interesting story. update soon

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  4. Nice….plz continue it….

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