Princess Diya Swayamvara- Pehredar piya ki. (part 1)

So guys, I’m here with a fan fiction on Pehredar piya ki. The serial is going to come in air from 17th July, So by that time i wish to submit an TS.
I guess, I’m the first to write a fiction on this serial..
Really..?? hurrayyyy…!!
Ok, now… let’s jump into the story…
Note: As the serial haven’t released yet, I’m using characters from SR too. I have written something, hope you guys will like it…
Copy rights of story: me.


Year 2017

A royal palace

The strong fort walls are covering that high and marvellous palace.

Inside those walls… a beautiful flower garden is present..

In between that flower garden.. another palace is present.

It’s princess palace.

Especially for that royal princess… who has just turned into 18 years old.

Princess Diya..

Really, the light and charm of that palace. The only loving daughter of that king and queen.

This is modern world, but still in their samsthan(area) they are royal family.

In that royal garden where roses, lilies, marigold are blooming and which are echoed by chirping of birds…

We listen a beautiful laugh of a girl… who is running all through the garden chased by her friends…

That girl is wearing a light pink color lehenga with green choli and her creamy legs are patting gently that soft grass..

That girl reaches near a pond and she is panting. Her soft neck is shown which is covered by diamond studded jewelry. But those ornaments are nothing in front of that beauty.

She looks into the pond to see her reflection…


Her friends calls.

That girl Diya smiles looking at her reflection in the pond… in between those bloomed pink lotus.

Her pearly teeth are covered by shiny pink lips.. Diya turns her deer eyes back to look at her friends, they have stopped few feet away from her.

“Diya, we could never catch you. You really run as a cheetah.. but still, you look as a gentle swan.” One friend says.

Diya shows her smile again lighting up all the surroundings…

“Saki…” she calls something…

Then a white swan which is in middle of pond, comes near Diya swimming through that silent lotus pond.

Diya holds the white swan.. and it is waving it’s wings gently to show it’s happiness.

“Oh Diya, we are going. Come back soon.” Says her friends and leaves.

But, Diya is playing with her swan and then comes her favorite parrot, rabbits, near her.
Diya plays with them endlessly.


In the main fort,

Shekar is talking with some people.

{As serial has not released yet, so I’m using sr characters itself.. with some changes}

Shekar is Diya’s father.

Shekar:: Rajkumari Diya has reached her 18 years of age. We have to perform her marriage soon. She is eligible for marriage now.

One man:: yes raja shekar, with Diya’s marriage only so many problems of this fort has solutions.

Shekar:: but, I’m thinking about the groom.

Janaki(Diya’s mother):: in our tradition, we have to arrange swayamvara(own selection) for choosing the groom and it’s upto princess itself.

Shekar stands, “Arrange everything for the swayamvara of princess. It will be in one week.”

The subordinates agree with that.

The night time,

Diya is holding the mobile and looking at it doubtful.

“What are you thinking Rajkumari? Make a phone call to prince.” Her inner soul says.

Diya gets nervous to call him.

“It’s ok, papa is calling all prince for the swayamvara. Maybe, he has called that prince too…” says Diya.

Again she thinks, “how he comes to know that I’m loving him then? He has to come and win me.”

Diya looks at the letter and pen at the table side. She goes and opens the curtains so that moon light penetrates into the room. Diya sits down before the small table and takes the peacock feather.

Her lehenga is spreaded as a big circle, so that she can sit properly down. She holds the peacock feather and she slides it on her cheek, chin thinking what to write.

Then she dips the nib of feather in ink and starts writing…


I’m Diya the princess of xxx palace. Come and take my hand in my swayamvara..”

She writes in it, but..

“No no no, if i send like this, that prince may think bad about me. I won’t send.” She closes the letter. She keeps it on table.

Diya stands at window and looks at the moon,

“Hmm, papa has called all prince among our community. So, that prince also comes for sure. I will straight go and place my varamaala(garland) around his neck..!!” She says and comes to bed switches off all the lamps and falls asleep.


Who is that prince..?

Keep guessing…

From Astra’s creation box..

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