Princess Diya Swayamvara (Part 2)

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Thank you all for the previous comments. There is a surprise for you all today here. Keep reading.
*Note: This is fan fiction. Not related to the serial.*

The next part…

After one week…

The palace walls are decorated with huge flower garlands and the great entrance is decorated with mango and banana leaves..

In the ground of the fort, many cars of the royal families have stopped. Each prince is entering into the palace with the glittering sherwani they are wearing and royal caps on their heads.

That day the fort is filled with all handsome eligible prince bachelors. And their families. Each one of them are talking about the beauty of Diya..

But princess Diya…

Is sitting in her favorite garden in front of that lotus pond talking with her swan.

“Saki, will that prince come for me?” She asks that swan… but parrot answers,

“He will come. He will come. He will elope you.”

Diya smiles and takes that parrot into her hands, “if your words comes true, I will give you 1000 kisses.”

Parrot says, “give them to prince.”

Diya blushes and runs from there. Each flower is adoring her beauty when she is running among them, and her lehenga is sliding gently from them. Her beauty is sliding as nectar from her to those flowers and hence those flowers got that heavenly beauty.

Diya runs in the corridors of her palace and the walls are echoed by the rhythmic sounds of her anklets and bangles. And followed by her soft chuckles.

The diamonds, mirrors, studs, stones on her dress and ornaments are reflecting in the walls due to light and hence making all the corridors illuminating.

Rajkumari Diya runs and reaches her room.

Janaki and Daadi are talking..

“She has to get makeup, where is she gone?”

“Our princess need not have makeup.” Says Janaki putting makeup box aside.

Janaki and Daadi smiles looking at Diya and holds her hands and take her to the hall, where all prince are waiting.

They make her wear a veil on her head, so that no one can see her. But, she can see everyone. That’s the magic in that garment.

Princess Diya enters into the great hall.. where the chiefs, princes, ministers, officials are waiting. She sits behind the pink curtain and there are two maids on each side of her. Diya is looking through the curtain to see her lovely prince.

Then Shekar announces,

“Thanks for all the officials who have come to the swayamvara of Rajkumari Diya. She will select her groom on herself. Read her the names of prince.”

Shekar orders a man. He nods his head and opens the rolled letter cloth. He starts reading the names,

“Prince Abhi from xxx palace.. (he twists his moustache showing attitude.)

But, Diya ignores and turns away her eyes.

“Prince Raj from yyy palace” (he smells a rose looking at Diya)

But Diya ignores him too.

Prince kundan from zzz palace” (he looks at Diya once and drops his eyes down in shy)

Diya moves her eyes further more ahead to see her prince.

“Prince jagadeesh, neil, manik….” that man reads the names… but Diya’s eyes doesn’t stop on anyone.

Diya is listening to the names keenly so that the name she wished might be heard. The list completes, but the name was not there.

Diya gets disappointed.

“Now, Rajkumari will select any one of them.” Shekar announces.

Princess Diya stands upset and says a loud, “I don’t want to select any one of them..!!”

All princes shock and they all stand in their places. Shekar gets surprised with her answer.

Then, suddenly the ceiling up on Diya breaks (nothing happens to her) and a person who is masked enters inside the hall from up with the help of a rope. All looks at him shocked.

That person in fraction of seconds comes aside princess Diya, holds her tiny waist with his muscular hand and drags her near. Diya shocks. She wanted to beat him, but his eyes..!!

Familiar eyes..!!

He was taller than her, having a muscular strong body… but his face is hidden. His eyes are sharp as eagle.

As soon as he held Diya, the rope is pulled by someone and he goes up along with her.

“Go to terrace and bring princess..!!” Shouts Shekar.

The men will run to terrace.

There is a helicopter ready on terrace, that person takes Diya into it. Diya then comes to the world and shocks to see she is in helicopter.

“Leave me.” She shouts. But, the helicopter takes off…

All men keep looking at it helplessly.

Helicopter takes off and lands in a forest like area.

Diya gets out of it.. that person comes back of her.

“Princess stop..” that person says.. but Diya takes out the sword from the sheath which he is holding.

Princess Diya points it to that person.

“Who are you?” She asks.

“Princess..” he says and about to put a hand on her shoulder, but Diya pushes his hand away and attacks him with sword, that person runs and grabs other sword which is in helicopter.

He keeps it as defence against her. Diya is pressing her sword against his, but he was looking straight into her eyes.

“You will never understand how beautiful you are looking in your anger.”

Diya amazes with his words. Because, she has listened to those same words before.

That person removes mask on his face. Diya makes her eyes big and leaves the sword in her hand.

“Tang tang tang” the sword makes sound while falling.

That person face is not shown but, Diya smiles looking at his face, she backs off a little being embarrassed and she stuck to a twig and she is about to fall back…

But… that guy holds her by waist with his muscular hand.

The flowers from the tree keep falling on them….


Diya and that prince are looking at each other.

Diya then opens her mouth..

“Prince Ratan….”

Then that guy smirks,

“Yes, Prince Ratan Laksh Rajput.”
He says.

{yeahhhhhh…. it’s our Laksh aka Namish..!!!!!!}

A huge smile creeps on Diya’s face. Kuvar Ratan Laksh, makes Diya to stand properly. Diya places her hands on him.

“Kuvar ji.. you?” Diya asks in amazement.

Laksh Rajput smiles looking at her. Then Diya moves far from him and turns other side.

“What have you done? Bringing me like this from palace is correct??” Diya asks with faking anger.

“Hmm, well this princess has called me to take her away. How can this prince say no?” Kuvar Laksh says.

Diya looks at him amazed. Then he shows a folded letter to her. That’s the one she wrote for him.

“How you got it??” Diya about to snatch it from him, but Kuvar Laksh hides it back.

“Aahan, your saki has said me.” He says.

“Saki..?” She questions.

Ratan Laksh nods his head. “I came to know everything from your maid. She gave me this letter.”

Princess Diya bends her head.

Laksh says, “our both families don’t have good relations. That’s why, your father has not invited me. But, I have come knowing your love. I will be fortunate to get the girl who loves me.”

Then he turns to Diya.

“I love you, Rajkumari Diya..” he says and stretches his hands inviting her into his embrace..

Diya runs and hugs him.

Finally, both of the family agrees for their marriage.

On that day… their grand marriage is fixed.

The man who is strong as the mountain has taken the hand of princess who is soft as lotus.

Finally Princess Diya and Prince Laksh are married.


End Of the Story.


Guys, I know you all have expected I will make Laksh as that prince..!!
Bingo,..!! you all are right..!!

Hope you liked it guys,

This is my gift to PPK, before itโ€™s release., and to all Teju fans and raglak fans…

C u guys… Bye bye….

From Astraโ€™s creation box.

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  1. Aasthu

    Oh…I didn’t expect that sudden end…it was nice….Princess’s and Prince’s dialogues were nice….

    So you are all ready for Pehredar Piya Ki???? Are you watching it because Teju is there or ????

    1. Astra

      thank you so much. yes, very ready for ppk.. obviously, only for Teju.. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Kitkat

    loved it astra… n finally raglak…. missing them badly…..

    1. Astra

      thanks a lot dear..

  3. It’s really outstanding episode dear and Raglak scenes are really really really interesting. Me too guess that you will make Laksh as Diya’s Prince. Thanks for this beautiful story dear. Loved it a lot. Love you dear and take care

    1. Astra

      thank you so much ammu.. love u too..


    1. Astra

      thank you so much..

  5. DivzS

    Nice one.. But you could’ve written till 16th July.. Never mind…. I loved that parrot a lot.!!!! And prince’s entry was super cool..

    1. Astra

      Hmm, even i thought of that.. but i could write upto two parts only.. thanks a lot divz..

  6. Amazing part

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  7. Awesome dear

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  8. Awesome episode

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    Awesome dear…Loved it

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  12. Simply superb di

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  13. Akshata

    why did u end it??? anyways i respect ur decision. awesome ending.

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    Wonderful story

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  17. IQRA222

    didu the episode was rocking and super awesome
    and yippiee !!! the prince is lucky oops sorry ratan!!
    their moments were heavenly
    hmm didu its so sad that this sweet story ended so quick i didnt expect that!!
    i did not like it ……….cause i loved it
    sorry for the late comments

    1. Astra

      thank you so much dear..

  18. TeitokUn1718

    When I saw the name I thought the cast is from PPK I wanted to skip the FF but when I read that the cast is from swaragini & the writer name is Astra than my doubt is clear that the hero is Our Lucky only… Thanks for Raglak…

    1. Astra

      hey, thank you so much kun… haha, yeah.. astra means no will be ‘raglak’

  19. Awesome

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    Awwww so good my diyaaaaaa

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    Awesome akka love our diva,ragu,===== teja

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  22. Asra

    astu am really sorry for late comment dear…am always go to sr page na that the reason for late comment….
    astu i didn’t except sudden end…but loved it alot dear….
    Prince ratan laksh rajput omg….i wish grownup ratan s namish….love u dear….keep writing like thz dear….tkcr dear….

    1. Astra

      don’t say sry asru dear.. u r my sweet heart. thank you so much dear.. yes, grown up ratan shd be nami..??

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    Awesome yaar. How you got like this story. Nice.

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