Hello devakshians and shramanians………this is Tanya back with with a promo for my ff…….i’m glad that my concept was liked by everyone……….i’m not going to change any pairs, so pairs will remain same(sona-dev,shravan-suman)……from now im going to use some shortforms because it takes less time to type so if u can’t understand it u can ask me via ur comments……..
I know many edkvians r not watching krpkab and viceversa….so I have decided to give names of some main leads…if u want anymore u can ask me I will introduce them…….
1.Darsheel Safary as teen Dev dixit
2. Mehak Manwani as teen Sonakshi bose
3.Palak Jain as teen Suman Bose
4. Vishal Jethwa as teen Shravan Malhotra
5.Namik Paul as young Shravan
6.Nikita Dutta as young Suman
7.Erica Fernandez as young Sonakshi
8.Shaheer Sheik as young Dev

A temple is shown,then a shop and its shopkeeperwho was decorating 2 plates[by putting kumkum,rice,camphor,coconut,flowers,fruits,etc…..]….and he gives it to a lady(she’s asha)asha pays moneys and other beautiful lady was shown wearing long light blue dress and sunglasses with a slight smile on face coming towards asha(she’s non another than our princess suman) Suman removed her sunglasses and put it in her purse.
Asha to shopkeeper(Sk)
Asha: give me one plate more
Sk: yes..
Asha sees suman standing near her
Asha: suman I’m going inside the temple u receiving this 1 plt come inside..
Suman : okay u order..
Asha giving smile to suman leaves for temple…
Suman to sk…
Suman(hesitatingly): not one give me two plate bhaiya….
Sk covers two plts wid red cloth and give it to suman..then she leaves for temple after paying money to shopkeeper..
Inside in temple infront of god’s idol asha gives her one plate to panditji..
Asha(with a big smile on face):this plt is from ambavati’s princess suman bose..
Asha:suman give this one plt to me I give it to panditji..(saying this she suddenly remembers something)
Asha:suman did u brought saree of mataji(god)remember I have told u to bring…
Suman:yes mom how can I forget????saree was in my purse which I put it there..can u pls take it.????plssssss maaaaa
Asha:why not

In meanwhile time suman gives her 2 plts to panditji.
Suman:this one is from pushkar bose and (in low tone..)this one is from so…aaaa..sonakshi bose..
Panditji accepts and take all 3 plts near idol of god..
Asha comes taking suman’s purse and give it to suman and then suman takes out a red saree from her purse and gave it to panditji(with smile on face..)
Panditji receives it..and gives Prasad to sumo and asha…shravan and dev r coming towards idol looking here and there greeting everyone still they hadn’t saw suman..
Taking Prasad suamn turns back and shocked to see shravan and dev and shravan r also shocked seeing her…..they all stop at there place and suddenly dev sees asha and saying “asha aunty” comes towards bows her and bends to touch her feet…still shravan and suman r sharing a far eyelock but with coughs to break their eyelock..shravan and suman back to their senses…shravan sees asha and moves towards her and seeks blessings from her touching asha’s feet..but again shravan looks at suman with side eyed and suman was doing same (again they both r staring each other)suman’s eye filled with water and suman takes out her sunglasses from purse wears it to hide her tears and asks asha to come soon she’s waiting for her in car……and starts walking…..

Asha eye was filled with tears remembering how whenever suman,shravan,dev,sonakshi meet they all share high 5 and hugs each other…….asha comes to her senses…and screen splits showing on one side suman walking wearing sunglasses and how shravan and dev r looking towards suman..
Kya hua aisa jisne badal diya enka jivan????? Ye rajkumar rajkumariyan dikhate to hain ke enke jivan me sab sahi chal raha hai..par shyad enke ese anadaz se hum dokha kha jate hain……………
Okay frnds……ignore my all grammatical mistakes……
I have a question for u all Do u want more promos before I start episodes????
Or I will start episodes???
Frnds pls do comments…….
Thanks for reading………………

Credit to: Tanya

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  1. Full on drama queen u seem. Plz dont mind me saying this ? the way u said in last lines fully dramatic…btw gud episode

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    super very nice

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  4. Nice promo.. Plzz Start the episode.. This promo is enough ?? Very good… Post soon ?

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  5. Tanya, I want one more promo in which sona is also shown… Plz plz plz plz.. After that u start the episodes.. Pleeeaaaasssseee… Accept my request!!!!!

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  6. wow nice start very interesting wait so is it like both dev and shravan likes sumo

    1. doesnt love sumo….anyways joyee thanks..

  7. Actually I can’t wait for the episode so please no more promos.

    1. u have to wait a little more..shalini….thanks.

  8. Please guys accept 1 more promo.. Tanya, i hope u will go for promo 2 plz plz… We are good friends, arent we? So accept this request from ur good friend.. Bhoomi and shalini pleaseeeee.. We love promos by the way

    1. yes ameesha…

  9. It was awesome …….plzzz start the episode plzzz I’m waiting………..

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  10. wah wah kya bat hain.. tu toh cha gyi.. lol!!
    lovely soon

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  11. Atleast ek aur promo..q ki is promo mein sona to thi hi nhi..n after dat episodes post krna

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  12. Very nice start ur episode

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  13. Well.. One more promo with sona.. N den start the episodes.. Lovely promo.. Curious to know the reason behind this anger

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    Nice promo.
    Continue soon.

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