Kamini-bua of shravan n preeti,elder sister of ramnath),wife of lalaji
Lalaji-husband of kamini
Varun-son of kamini and lalaji
Vandana(vandy)-wife of varun
Due to some reasons images were not opening in previous 2nd part…so here follows the pictures of gujarati traditional dress wore by :
Dev: Here
Shravan: Here

Sonakshi: Here
Suman: Here

Shravan:dev tune to sona ka sona(sleep) ki stole kar liya[ you had stolen the sleep of sona]…how can she will now sleep today??see the fear on her face
Dev smiles..shravan sees suman there coming but suman was trying to ignore shravan due to nervousness….
Suman:whats up guys??sona why r u screaming like mental people..
Dev:because she’s(sona) mental girl…suman di…
Sumo smiles………n then kamini bua enters into hall
Preeti(happily and excitedly):bua jiiiiiii…………
All sees kamini and goes to greet her ,as suman was also about to leave…shravan holds her hand from back…suman stops as she feels the touch of shravan …other leaves….leaving shravan and suman…
Preeti hugs kamini n takes her blessing…following dev,nikki,riya,pushkar but sona was still standing seeing her face..
Kamini(teases):oooooooooo my dev,have u found ur girlfriend in London?
Dev smiles shyly n sees towards now sonakshi was about see de,dev turns his eyes towards kamini..
Sona(in teasing tone):so dev …..tell about ur girlfriend??

Shravan holding hands of suman asks her tht “what happened ,why r u not talking to me??it almost 13hrs past n you r..
Sumo interrupts..
Sumo:no…….no…there’s nothing like tht
Shravan holds sumo’s shoulder and stares in her eyes…….
Shravan:just say sumo!!!!!
Sumo(hesitates):do you remember the marriage of kamini bua’s son varun bhai??
Sumo(slowly):shitt..i’m gone
Shravan:yaar sumo, now do you remember the moong dal’s halwa(sweet dish made from Split Green gram),dal makhni,pani puri,palak paneer???whole menu of marriage…wht a yummy food was that??naiii??
Sumo(shocked):what??(smiles as she feels relaxed)moong dal’s halwa??? Don’t you remember any other thing of the marriage??
Shravan was trying hard to remember ..there sumo closes her eyes n prays to god tht may shravan don’t remember anything about tht incident…
Shravan:sumo marriage me menu hi to sabse important hota hai yaar…(haaaahaaa)anyways I didn’t remember anything else other than the menu of food ..we were teenagers tht time how can we remember such a looooong past ???okay now u tell wht about u r talking??
Sumo:nothing(she feels completely de-stress n after taking a deep breathe she smiles broadly)
Then sumo holds shravan’s hand n pulls him
Sumo:come shravan ,lets meet kamini bua..
Sumo(happily):come …my eiffel tower ……….
Shravan(in his mind):how can I forget tht day my suman??
Shravan follows her n was constantly staring her very sweetly…..shravan was taken aback into his past..
Varun’s marriage rituals r about to start from today and hence before starting they were going to temple
Kamini:varun dikraa(gujarati word meaning son)come for temple we r getting late ..must vandana’s family reached there first if get more late..
Lalaji:just relax kamini…where’s tht red kumkum’s(vermilion) plate..we need it there(in temple)
Varun:maaaaaaaa…….i’m here ..come lets go……must my vandy is waiting for me..(blushes)
Kamini(in her mind):I want to kill vandy and if I wouldn’t, I would like to bury her directly alive in soil …….she’s from a village yaar…how can I will manage her???but to do my varun falls for her…..

Kamini:shravan go in my room and bring red kumkum’s plate n then come soon in temple ..we r leaving…..
Varun:hey…sumo, wait for shravan here n when he will come with tht plate come with him to temple…myself ,dev,sonakshi,maa,n others r leaving..
Shravan leaves for kamini’s room n sumo is waiting for shravan in hall’s near stairs n was busy in her cell….
Now red kumkum’s plate was in shravan’s hand and he was coming downstairs and suddenly a servant collides with shravan and that kumkum’s plate left from shravan’s hand and there suman was also standing below stairs so whole kumkum falls on suman filling her hairline and spoling suman’s white lengha with red and green thick border……as shravan was about to scold servant,servant saying sorry leaves…..suman was in shocked state and sees up and founds that the person was shravan who spoiled her lengha and calls shravan in full anger tone…shravan who was afraid of suman’s behavior fears more but at last runs downstairs to face suman…suman pulls her to rom to show how was she looking after shravan’s spoiling her lengha….but when shravan sees suman from front and discovers that her hairline was filled with red kumkum and which was due to him he shocked……
When they both reached room and suman stands infront of mirror and back shravan was standing staring her filled hairline ..
Suman (angrily):see idiot how you spoiled my favourite lengha ….see my (she pauses as she sees her hairline which was filled with red kumkum)condition……..
She turns back with a shocked face…
Shravan:sumo…I’m so..sor..i’m so sorry…
Suman:you are saying sorry…..but what does it means now??you married with me..
(The red vermilion is significant for the married woman as she is full of colour………….first applied to the woman by her husband..)
Shravan:its..okay…you are only saying always that we will marry once we grow up…so we live like friends…and we will never interfear in each other’s personal matters..we will live like free birds..and..
Suman interrupts..
Suman:shravan but….
Shravan:see sumo now we will forget this matter and we will hide this from our parents and specially from sonakshi and dev because they are the only who can reveal this…..

As dev was about to say something about on that girlfriend’s matter,suman comes and touches kamini’s feet following shravan and hugs her..
Dev (in his mind):thanks god for saving me……..
There dev and sona gives a weird smile to each other..
Kamini:shravan why so late …I want that u welcome me first..
Sona:first hi to hai….last hai..
Kamini makes a weird face seeing sonakshi….
Kamini:and suman tell more what’s going in your life??boyfriend???
Sona(slowly):why she’s interested in knowing about all’ s girlfriend’s and boyfriend..??
Suman(confusing look):bua ji..boyfriend and mine
There ishwari and nirmala comes and starts typical ladies talk with kamini…youngsters leaves them alone and continues enjoying party…….
Ramnath announces from stage………
Ramnath:Welcome ladies and gentleman ..this is ramnath..and as you already know my two young prince are back(shravan and dev smiles showing teeth)so I had thrown this party….please give a big round of applause and enjoy the party……
Suman comes on stage and announces….
Suman: Friends and uncleji’s and auntyji’s….i already know that you all aware of this but still I want to aware my further’s states friends which were gathered here…. Garba is a form of dance which was originated in the state of Gujarat in India. ..…….…Garba is performed in a circle. ..The rings of dancers revolve in cycles, The girls and the women wear Chaniya choli, a three-piece dress with a choli, which is an embroidered and colorful blouse, teamed with chaniya, which is the flared, skirt-like bottom, and dupatta, which is usually worn in the traditional Gujarati manner. ………….women adorn themselves with jhumkas (large earrings), necklaces, bindi, bajubandh, chudas and kangans, kamarbandh, payal, and mojiris…….. Boys and men wear kafni pyjamas with aGhagra – a short round kurta ……………
Sonakshi:so lets see dev…do you remember steps or forget???
Dev:I never forget my culture Miss.bose..
Both smiles..
Suman:please welcome Miss. Falguni Pathak…
All claps and welcomes her…and then Falguni pathak starts singing and muscians started playing beats….. and guests started garba-dandiya dance making a big circle(you can see it in film: Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela…song named: nagada sang dhol baje)
Party overs and guests are leaving…….someone from back comes near suman……
Guest:suman ji..
Suman turns back to see….
Sumo:Mr.Gujral….. (guest was Mr.gujral ,the owner of JEEVAN HOSPITAL..)
Mr.gujral:remember na suman ji you have to arrange a party for opening ceremony of my hospital..
Suman:yes….Mr.gujral and this suits on you(traditional dress)
Mr.gujral:ohhhhh yaaa…..thanks….but I also want a different concept (theme party)like this know na another hospital named JEEVAN DHARA was also opening in upcoming same week…so…
Suman:don’t worry Mr.gujral …..i hope yo have enjoyed this party…me and my superior’s (5 star hotel owned by suman) team will give there best for your party….
They shake hands…….

Precap: dev proposes Natasha…..nostalgia of youngsters……

Note: Guys I have also written a story (two shot )on devakshi named “THE GAME OF FATE”..if you still not read.. pls read it and comment there also if you like it…

Credit to: shaheerica

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