Finally they all reach shankarpur’s palace..ramnath,nirmala,ishwari welcomes them…sona,suman,pushkar touches their feet n takes blessing..
Ramnath:hey !!!bejoy…..come lets play the game of chess..
Nirmala(slowly):ram..give them some time to take rest..
Bejoy:ohh bhabhi..we all r well..ram lets play..
Ram n bejoy leave for game in club house..whole family continue formal welcoming and greets..
Asha:nirmala ji..we cant win from ramnathji and bejoy..they r best frnds..leave them alone…
Sona:ishwari aunty,nirmala aunty I’m very happy(loudly)u know dev & shravan r coming….
(ishwari n nirmala smiles and nods)
Hearing sona’s loud and excited voice sumo signals sona via her eyes to calm down…(control ur excitement)
Ishwari :come inside my princess..

Sumo(in a explaining tone while moving inside the palace):sona..dear sister try to control ur excitement..why u r taking their names continuously (kya kab se dev-shravan dev-shravan kar rahi ho)…give some respect they r prince.
Sona(cutely):and we r princess, right???
Sumo(in a serious tone):sonakshi..listen at least call them prince dev n prince shravan..tomorrow citizens of shankarpur will come on airport to wlc them and if u say “dev n shravan” loudly and ofcourse madly then wht will ppl think…pls sona ..
Sona:okay suman di…I will try(hahaa)
Sumo(angry and shows her,her enlarge eyes):sonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sona(sweetly):luv u suman di…
Suman n sona hugs….

Dev and shravan arrive n seeing dev,sona bumps into dev (in excitement ) and hugs him tightly..
(Sona notices shravan there leaving hug )
Sona:shravan don’t u think tht u r too tall I think (turns towards dev)London me sab ne stretch kar kar ke ese enta tall kardiya my eiffel tower (sona laughs showing her teeth)then sona also hugs dev and welcomes him
Nirmala(proudly):mera shravan hai he etna handsome(wht to do my shravan is sooooooooooo handsome.)…..
Sumo is standing behind preeti and riya,nikki(she wants to hide herself from shravan)shravan n dev takes blessing from elders by touching their feets….then preeti,riya,nikki comes forward to greet d-s revealing face of suman..shravan gets lost in suman’s beauty while meeting with family..
Dev:suman di…looking gorgeous..
Sona(proudly):whose di??its sonakshi’s di..
Dev:suman di look urself u r just fab. And see ur sister(in teasing tone)rabbit like…. wht to do mean by rabbit??haann..
(still shravan was staring sumo n now sumo too..sumo hugs dev)
Sumo:welcome dev.
Dev:thnks diii..and yaa hats off to u…
Sumo:but why??

Dev(seriously):still u r handling this rabbit(sonakshi),who’s very naughty n irritable(sona makes confused face but then she understands tht dev was kidding)how can u do this my sumo di???
Sumo(a slight smile came on her face):just follow one thought:” handle with care”wht do to blood sister hai ye tumhari rabbit meri..
Family laughs and sona runs behind dev…..
Sona:dev ke bachee I will not leave you..
Dev:phele pakad(touch )kar ke to dekha…
Sona stops and makes a artificial sad stops seeing her and comes near her to ask wht happened to her…then as sona feels dev coming near her..she turns back n holds him
they continue their funny masti..
shravan comes near sumo and sumo speaks out
suman:welcome back shravan
shravan:thanks yaar…and yes thnks for coming here…
sumo simles n they shake hands..
whole family reach to the palace of shankarpur..there ishwari welcome’s dev-shravan by doing their aarti on main gate and after tht they enters in palace..
riya:dev bhai, shravan bhai in today’s evening u both have to wear traditional gujarati dress..we had thrown a party on ur returning so…all the best…
shravan:but why traditional riya we can wear blazer..
nikki:ohh bhai…muje sab explain karna padega kya??…because it’s a gujarati theme party (remember our culture) which was managed by suman and its superior team(superior was a 5 hotel owned by suman bose)
Dev:means party was ekdum(fully) different
Sona(sweetly):not more than you..
Dev:hey rabbit wht do you mean by this now???
Ishwari:grows up girls n boys u r not teens now….

Sona:di how this orange dress will looks on me?
Sumo(seriously):sona u can’t control ur emotions right??
Sona(putting her dress in cupboard):di…
Sumo:I had warn u but u bump into dev and u both r playing running running at airport..seriously tell me how can u do this???haann
(sona shyly smiles remembering the scene of her n dev at airport…suman’s cell ring n suman picks it up and leave from sona’s room seeing sona smiling and yells that :”ye ladki ka kuch nahi ho sakta”….)
All guests and family members gathered by wearing traditional gujarati dress which was the theme of party…

Dress wore by suman:

Dress wore by sonakshi:

Dress wore by dev:

Dress wore by shravan:

Preeti ,riya,nikki,sona,shravan,pushkar are clicking selfies..ther preeti continues to narrate a horror story …and then suddenly riya screams..
Riya:ooooooooooo god save me!!……..stop it preeti di…
Shravan(slowly):dear sister preeti’s just telling a story
Preeti(laughs): eeeee..heeeeeee u courage less girl
Nikki:what riya di??koi etna dar(fear) ta hai kya???
Sona(proudly):yess……….see I didt afraid from any any any thing…

Suddenly a sound is heard “pachakkkk”(sound when someone bursts balloon very near to our ear)sona screams aloud suddenly whole hall was silent hearing this..…dev comes from back of sona and starts laughing on her..(yes dev had burst the balloon to scare sonakshi)…
Sona(angrily n cutely):dev I will not spare you..
Guests starts laughing and enjoying the gujarati theme party…..
Shravan:dev tune to sona ka sona(sleep) ki stole kar liya[ you had stolen the sleep of sona]…how can she will now sleep today??see the fear on her face
Dev smiles..shravan sees suman there coming but suman was trying to ignore shravan due to nervousness….

Precap: Party continues with fun…..suman’s reason of nervousness from shravan reveals…………..

Credit to: shaheerica

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