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Lets start…….
Ambavati’s palace garden was shown…..then a white horse running and suman was riding……she stops as she saw her sister sonakshi coming in garden and sumo goes near her and come down …..a maid named “kichu” came towards them with glass of bitter gourd’s juice…..sona takes glasses and offers to sumo..
Sona: di(gives glass to sumo)
Sumo: come on sona………bitter gourd….u know na its bitter yaar..
Sona(explains):di don’t behave like kid…u know the why u r too fit and after all I’m a nutritionist ……………
Sumo gives up and takes glass from sona with smile and they start normal walking in garden..
Sumo:No one can win from sona..
Sona:yessss………..behen kiski hun????
They both continue their laughing and came near breakfast table…….
Asha mades breakfast from servant ,comes and orders to serve food….
Asha: good morning girls…
Sona & sumo (together):good morning maa
Asha: where’s pushkar???

Sona(nervously):maa u know na he’s a lawyeri think he’s tired so..o..
Asha:in making exuses u both r..
Suddenly from back pushkar comes and hugs sona&sumo..
Pushkar:I’m need to lie more di’s
All laughs and asha asks pusher to sit n have breakfast…there bejoy comes n joins them…
Bejoy:family tomorrow dev&shravan r returning from London after 7 yrs n we r invited to welcome them on airport
Sona(excitedly n loudly):devvv..
Bejoy:yes my shona..n for tht we need to go shankarpur’s palace…
Asha:and guys guess wht also a party was thrown in tommorow’s evening
Sona:party wow!!!!!!
Sumo(politely):so maa…papa..whn we leave for shankarpur..
Sona:wht whn,we r leaving right lets go ahead….
(sona is in full excitement to meet dev and shravan but here sumo is little nervous..)
All servants r moving here and there n doing their work..
Nirmala:come on…bahadur(servant’s name)dev n shravan loves light colour and thiscurtain..go n chng it..
Nirmala(to herself):tomorrow my 2 prince r coming n see the condition of one cares
(nirmala collides wid ishwari)

Ishwari:bhabhi aap..wht r u saying to urself???all right??
Nirmala:ishwari wht to do?tomorrow (ishwari stops her)
Ishwari(wid a smile on face):bhabhi don’t worry about tomorrow .all will be fine and suman n sona r coming just now I received call from ashaji…this 2 girls can handle everything and dev n shravan r sons of this palace..they r not guest..they r coming in their home …relaxxxx bhabhi….
Nirmala:ur right where there’s sona n suman nothing to worry..
On the way to ambavati to shankarpur in car(pushkar,sumo,sona,r in same car)
Pushkar:finally shravnbhai’s coming (sumo smiles)
Sona(sadly):in this yrswe never meet ,never talk..we even not see each othr..we all r stuck with books to this extent…
Sumo:it was necessary sona…education is I right??
Sona(happily):yaa di ur right..
Pushkar:wht??wht r u both talking about??
Sumo:ntng pushkar leave it..
Pushkar:no tell me..
Sona:okay.i will tell u..
(pushkar gets happy)

Sona:but later not now
(pushkar makes a sad face)
Sona &sumo laugh seeing his face n ltr all three gets stuck in own’s cell..

Precap: arrival of dev-shravan n first meet of them wid sona-sumo..and theme party

Credit to: shaheerica

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  10. Hello everyone…thanks a lot for liking….and I’m so sorry for super vala late …..actually im not getting much time to type that’s why…..but I have made a whole draft…believe me…..I will try to post every next parts in gap of 4 to 6 days……

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