“Her prince , His princess” five shots (FS) shot 5 by alia & dolly

FS – shot 5

Hey guys it’s alia …..thanks for the beautiful comments ….

So here is the last shot ….hope u all like it ..

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Here is the last shot ,

Everyone cries and was looking at swara

Avni was smiling and smirking….

Suddenly mica comes and shouts

Mica : how cheap you are di (angry)

Avni (shocked) : but what I did …

Mica ; now your truth is out maa come here

Avni was shocked and tensed …everyone looks at them

Sujatha : I am sorry to say but Avni was the one who tried to murder swara …(tears)

Shravan looks at Avni with blood shot eyes …

Avni : what the hell u all are lying (angry)

Mica : oh is it ….. how cruel you …for your happiness you tried to kill swara ….seriously (angry)

Avni (bursts out) : huh ….yes I tried to kill her .. because she was a obstacle in our life ….Shravan was concentrated towards her ….he was always with her ….then didn’t think about me …so I killed her …

Shravan angrily goes towards Avni and strangles her neck

Avni : ahhh ahhh

Shravan : how dare u ….u blood cheap ….girl ….u killed my sister my only sister ….how ….

The boys drags him and Avni pushes him

Sanskar who was seeing this goes to Avni and slaps her …

Sanskar (cries) : can u give my swara back ….can u give her back to me ….can u

Saying this he again slaps her …..

Everyone tries to control him

Shravan (shouts) : leave him …let him ….continue what he is doing ..

Sanskar slaps her repeatedly

Avni (angry) : ahhh ….stop it …no one can stop me …. it’s no use …she us already death …

Nikhil , adharsh and laksh laughs ….everyone were shocked …

Sanskar (angry) : why are there laughing ….

They trio move aside and found swara standing …..

All were taken back …….all were shocked ..

Swara goes towards Shravan

Swara : bhai do u think …I will leave u all so soon

Shravan was still on shock , he didn’t reply …

Swara goes and hugs sanskar

Swara (cries) : sanskar do u think I will leave u ….u promised u that I will be forever right …then I won’t leave u soon

Sanskar sees her and cries …

Everyone were shocked ….kavya , kavitha and ragini were extremely shocked ..

Avni (shocked) : how …how u are alive how

Nikhil (laughs) : do u think we will let our sister die so soon

Laksh ; the flashback is still not over …


While sujatha and mica were discussing this …..

Adharsh and Nikhil passed by that time …mica also listens this

Mica : Nikhil bhai …take Video

Nikhil nods and takes their conversation video ….

Then these trio went to swara room but found the trio sleeping …but Laksh woke up ….

Adharsh signals Laksh to wake swara also

Then these people discussed and found the solution …that drama to make her spit out the truth ..

Flashback ends

Adharsh : do u think…that easily you will escape …I had a doubt on u from the first day itself ..

Avni looks at all

Swara : I am sorry to all …I know u all must be horrified …but this was necessary ….if I would have said this to everyone ….then somehow the matter would have come out to Avni …that’s y

Shravan hugs swara and cries

Shravan (cries) : you know how shocked I was….. my whole world turned upside down ….swara …never do this mmm

Swara : I am sorry bhai ….I am sorry

Kavya , kavitha hugs her and cries

Kavya ; I thought I lost my soul mate and everything turned upside down …. (cries)

Kavitha : ya mee too when we saw your death body … (cries)

Swara (sad) : i am sorry dear …I didn’t mean to hurt u both

Saying this she moves towards avni

Swara : bhabhi I still respect u ….I k ow u did this because of the love towards my brother ..that’s not wrong …. but ya …u should have said me .. I would have backed off and let shravan bhai be with u

Actually (tears) only once in year we meet and sometimes we don’t meet also because of my collage and works ….so that’s y he spent time with me …. I am sorry on behalf of him

Everyone were watching swara …with a thoughtful thought

Swara ; I don’t know but now I leave it shravan bhai … because he should decide which type of wife he wants …

Saying this …she goes and stands with kavya and kavitha …

Laksh looks at shravan …Shravan goes towards swara ….swara looks at him but then turns to kavya ..

Shravan ; kavya will you marry me ?

Kavya was super shocked….while swara was smiling …everyone were shocked

Avni comes to shravan

Avni (angry) : what the hell shravan …you can’t do this to me ..

Shravan (smirks) : it’s my life and my choice …excuse me

Avni was shocked ..now everyone smiles …

Swara signals kavya to say yes

Kavya : but what about maa papa will they accept me

Suddenly shekar and mishti comes in

Shekar (smiling): of course beta

Shravan (shocked) : papa maa u here

Mishti : we were also the part of the plan shravan

Shravan signs …

Mishti (disgusted look) : avni I never thought that u would even try to kill my daughter huh

Shekar : if anything would have happened to swara …. u will dead body now …(angry)

Avni was scared now

Shravan ; before I say something avni leave …even u both (sujatha and mica)

Swara cuts : mica u stay here …you are brides sister now ..

Mica smiles … and nods ..

Sujatha takes avni from there ….

Kavitha : kavya u always say na u don’t have anyone …

Sanskar ; now u have the whole kingdom ….

Shravan smiles ….kavya also smiles

Shravan ; you know why I chopped u because ….I can see the way I care for swara …I don’t want a good wife …but a good bhabhi and mother to my sister and brother …that’s it …and u are perfect for it

Kavya smiles …swara hugs her

Swara ; so u became my bhabhi ..na kavya ..

Kavya hugs her and kisses her cheeks ….

Mishti ; OK then ….we have lots if work …tomorrow ….so everyone sleep …now

Everyone nods and leaves to their respective room ..

Swara goes and hugs nikhil and adharsh .m

Swara (sobs) : thanks bro’s I don’t know I will be Alive now if u both didn’t save me means …

Adharsh and nikhil hugs her …

Ad & nik : you are our sis …na it’s our duty to save u dear …

Swara hugs then tightly …

Adharsh ; OK now stop crying and sleep OK ..

Nikhil ; haan otherwise ragini will win you with her beauty …

Swara smiles …

They leave …she turns and finds sanskar standing …

She goes to him …

Swara (sad) : sanskar I know I did wrong …I should have said

Sanskar (cuts) : swara you know what happened to me after seeing you in that state , I was about die ..

Swara goes and presses her lips on his….shocking sanskar …but then responds her ….

Both were getting wild with each other’s feeling ….

After some time they break

Swara ; never say that …me and u are made for ever long ….no one can separate us ….u also promised me that u won’t leave me ….

Sanskar looks at her and then hugs her …

Sanskar ; never ever show me these tricks ….

Swara : OK …

Sanskar breaks the hug

Sanskar ; OK now sleep

Saying this he leaves … but swara holds his hand …

Swara ; when did I sleep without u

Sanskar smiles ….both goes to bed and lays ..

Swara lays on sanskar chest …while sanskar had wrapped his arms around her ….

They slept peacefully without anyone’s black eye …

The next day , the most awaited day

The girls were busy selecting jewellery …

While others were busy In seeing decorations …

Swara : that one is nice na kavya oops bhabhi …

Kavya hits her …

Kavya ; whatever u like choose for me

Swara ; but this is your marriage u should look stunning right ….

Kavya : haan haan …

Mishti : it’s haldi now …everyone go get ready

Everyone smiles and leaves

Sanskar : swara wear that yellow lehenga which I gifted u

Swara smiled and nods ..

@swara room

Swara was getting ready …she was with blouse and down choli part ..she still didn’t wear the pallu

Swara : ahhh this earing ..where did it go

Suddenly Sanskar opens the door .. swara shouts and takes her shawl and wraps around herself

Sanskar ; ufff …I am sorry

Swara : OK now go out ….

Sanskar smirks and goes towards her

Swara (tensed) : Sanskar what are u doing ..go back

Sanskar : why are u scared swara …. it is useful for future u know

Swara beats him with her hands ….through which her shawl falls down

Sanskar starts to feel his desire overcoming him ..

Her cleavage was clearly shown ..and her waist was also …

Swara : Sanskar now go out …

Sanskar pins her to wall ….swara was looking at him …

Sanskar slowly slides his hand into her waist …swara breathes heavily

Sanskar feels happy that he has some in fact on her

He tightens his grip on her waist .. swara closes her eyes …Sanskar smiles and kisses her necks …

Swara enjoys it ….her hand trails around his hairs …

Sanskar looks at her and tucks her hair strands behind her ears

Sanskar goes down and kisses her waist … Sanskar feels butterflies her stomach

Suddenly there was a knock in door … Sanskar backs off ….

Swara takes her pallu and wears it properly …

She goes and opens the door …. she finds laksh standing

Swara : laksh bhai … anything u need

Laksh ; haan (looks at Sanskar) vaise what is this idiot doing here

Swara looks at Sanskar ..

Swara (tensed) : huh …vo ….vo..vo…he , he is just helping me to find my earings

Laksh (teases) ; oh really ….but his looks make me feel sometime else ..

Swara stamps Sanskar’s foot ….Sanskar looks at swara

Sanskar : huh lucky ..she was asking help from me

Laksh ; OK and ya ….everything us ready ..they are calling down for haldi

Swara : haan OK we will come

Swara turns …laksh smiles and leaves …

Swara pushes Sanskar out of the room

Sanskar : swara task was incomplete (teases)

Swara blushes ..

Swara : only after u mark me as yours

Saying this she closes the door , Sanskar smiles …. and leaves

There at downstairs …

Kavya and shravan were sitting and elders are applying haldi on them

Kavitha : swara go na … it’s your turn now …

Swara nods and goes to them and applies haldi …

Swara (smiling): be smiling and happy as always ….

Kavya takes some haldi and applies on her ….

Kavya : yours is also not so far (pointing Sanskar)

Sanskar smiles

Shravan : haan haan swara…. don’t worry your marriage will be the best ..

Swara ; haan will see…now concentrate on yours …

Shravan and Kavya smiles ….

Later that night …

Swara , Kavitha , ragini and pari were making Kavya ready

Kavya : awe enough yaar …

Pari ; marriage is only one time na …so no problem …

Girls all laugh …

Swara : vaise bhabhi you are looking very beautiful

Kavya : don’t call me bhabhi…swara ….

Swara : but it’s tradition OK

Kavya smiles …

Ragini : OK OK enough of talking …let’s get ready also …

Kavitha ; haan …

Just then the boys enters ..

Nikhil ; oh oh Kavya looking like an total joker ..

Kavya makes faces….

Kavya : shut up Mr Donkey this make up was done by your lover only …

Adharsh ; only because of these girls …u look like an joker …

Adharsh and Nikhil laughs ….Giles gives them death glare

Sanskar enter …Kavya goes to him

Kavya ; Sanskar see na they are teasing me …. am I looking like joker

Sanskar ; no Kavya …you are not

Kavya smiles …

Sanskar takes a joker nose and keeps it on kavya’s nose ..

Sanskar : now u look like an actual joker ….

The boys laugh …..

Kavya : so mean …huh ..

They all laughs and gets ready

Now they are in Mandap

Shravan was memerised seeing Kavya ….

Kavya sits next to him ….shravan was smiling like an idiot ..

Priest : groom sister plz tie their cloth (I don’t know about these marriages and all )

Swara goes and ties their cloth together ….

Swara (whispers) : bhai save some smile for after marriage

Shravan hits her playfully kavya smiles

Soon shravan ties mangalsutra on her neck and fills vermillion on her hairline

They have marked each other as theirs

Everyone showers with flowers and they take their seven vows ….holding each other hands

Soon the marriage comes to an halt …

Swara hugs shravan and kavya

Swara ; I am so so happy today …

Kavya : even me I got my soul mate as my sister in law …

Swara smiles …

Shravan : even me swara ….

Swara smiles …

Shekar : OK now shravan go to your room ….kavya will Come

Nikhil (teases) : wow …shravan bhai …today ahem …ahem …

Shravan blushes …..

Adharsh : I guess soon we will hear a crying sound in this house of a baby …

Everyone smiles …kavya and shravan blushes

Sanskar : array yaar enough ..let them …have some privacy ….

Everyone nods .

All leave to their respective rooms

At balcony ..

Sanskar back hugs swara

Swara ; today I am complete ….my family is complete …

Sanskar : yes swara …I know …

Swara turns towards him

Swara ; now I am this much happy because you are with me … and will be with me forever ….

Sanskar holds her hands …and kisses them …

Sanskar : of course princess … you are my princess

Swara kisses his hand

Swara ; and you are sweet prince .

They both hug each other ..

Precap : epilogue

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