“Her prince , His princess” five shots (FS) shot 4 by alia & dolly

FS – shot 4

Hey guys …it’s alia here …thanks for the beautiful comments …u all have gave …

So here is the shot ,

The next day

Everyone were relaxing In lounge

Suddenly a girl comes and hugs avni

Girl : hi …di

Avni also hugs her back …

Avni : aww ..mica at last u came to my wedding ..

(Yes the girl is mica avni’s sister )

Everyone looks at her

Mica : oh hi …I am mics avni’s younger sister ..I am staying in Mumbai

Suddenly she sees sanskar ….she goes to him and hugs him shocking everyone

Swara was eyeing her angrily

Sanskar : hey mica …u are bhabhi’s sister huh

Mica : haan sanky

Swara fumes in anger ….

Shravan ; but how do u both know each other …

Sanskar : vo …. during party we met and we became friend’s instantly …she was so cool ….

Swara gets more jealous …. everyone were enjoying seeing swara jealous ..

Mica ; sanky you are still handsome …very cute

Sanskar smiles ….swara leaves from there …

Laksh : abb tu gaya sanskar

Sanskar smiles and goes ..

Mica : who is she …

Nikhil ; she is swara …the princess of this kingdom and our sister

Mica : oh …but these many brothers for her

Kavya : except sanskar

Mica : why ?

Adharsh ; because she is sanskar lover ….going to be hubby

Mica was shocked ….everyone chuckles seeing her expressions

Sanskar goes towards swara who was in the balcony

Sanskar back hugs …swara takes his hand

Sanskar : oh my princess is angry

Swara (angry) : yes

Sanskar : but why …

Swara : you said u love me but it looks different

Sanskar smiles and turns her towards him …

Sanskar : swara a mother is always the first person who every human loves …I already said you are my mother right …

Swara smiles ….

Sanskar : at last I saw this smile from my princess …

Swara hugs him

Swara : I feel good now sanskar ..

Sanskar : you complete me swara

Swara : even u ….

Both hugs for a long time

Later that evening

The girls were sitting in a row ….while the mehandhi designers were applying mehandhi on their hands …

While the boys were sitting and talking on the opposite lounge

MD (mehandhi designers) I will address them as MD OK …

MD : ma’am what’s your husbands name

Avni (blushing) : shravan

MD smiles and writes shravan name on her hand ….

Kavya : for me you write swara because I don’t have anyone other than her … (tears)

Swara felt very bad …she goes and hugs Kavya ….Kavya cries ….swara consoles her

Swara : shhh baby …do u want to spoil your make up and make me cry …

Kavya nods no and smiles , swara also smiles ..

Swara ; never say u have no one …my family is yours ..my dad and mom are your mom and dad too …OK …

Kavya nds …

Everyone admirers their friendship …

Nikhil (diverts the topic) : oyyee senti wali mental

Kavya gives death glare to him …Ebryeone laughs ….

MD : ma’am who’s name should I apply

Pari : hmm rajat (teases)

Adharsh spits the juice which he was drinking …

All the boys laughs ….

Pari : write Adharsh name …

MD smiles and applies ..

MD : princess whose name should I write ..

Swara smiles … sanskar was eager he was looking at swara ….

Swara : hmm sanskar

MD ; nice name princess …

She applies Sanskar name in a very beautiful manner …swara smiles and looks at sanskar ….sanskar also smiles and gives her flying kiss

Swara blushes …

Kavitha : oh oh blushing huh ….swara

Swara blushes more ….

Ragini : mine should have sanskar’s name …

MD was about to apply suddenly laksh winks at Ragini…ragini blushes …

Ragini : OK right laksh name

Boys all tease laksh ..while girls tease ragini..

After everyone finishes applying mehandhi ….

MD : it’s said that the more the darker the mehandhi becomes ..it shows how much u love the partner name written in your hand

All the girls smile …

Shekar : now could we have dinner

All nods but then

Mishti : but we all have applied mehandhi na …then how will we eat .

All girls pouts ….

Sujatha : haan right !!

All the boys looks on puzzled ..

Swara goes to shravan

Swara : why don’t u boys all feed us …huh ??

All girls : yes you all should feed us today

The boys smiles ….

Shekar : OK my queens …

All the boys keeps the food in plates and stands …

Shravan goes and feeds swara instead of avni …this makes avni fume in anger …

All smiles seeing their bond

Swara : bhai…go make bhabhi eat ..

Shravan : after marriage ..she will be with me only …but u will go to Mumbai na (tears)

Swara also smiles with tears …

Everyone were admiring their bond

Laksh : ya so even I will feed my princess …

Swara smiles ….

They both swara sit in middle and feeds her ….

All smiles ….but avni and sujatha were jealous …

Mshti (tears) : see na Shekar how caring our children’s are …

Shekar hugs her

Nikhil ; OK OK now let everyone have food too ….

All agrees and feeds their respective partner …

Kavya (pouts) : who will feed me

Shravan : laksh u feed swara ….I will feed her ..

Kavya smiles ….shravan feeds her …shravan felt very happy while he was feeding kavya …even kavya was happy ….

Swara was seeing a different shravan …

Swara (whispers to kavya) : if this marriage breaks na …don’t worry …u will be his bride ..

Kavya hits her slightly

Avni fumes in anger ….she leaves from there ….

Sanskar comes and sits next to swara ….

Laksh ; abbay yaar …swara open your mouth properly I can’t keep food in your mouth …

Swara doesn’t …she teases him

Swara : bhai I guess one is waiting for u more then me

Laksh ; who …

Sanskar points towards ragini…laksh smiles ..

Swasan : oh oh ….love is in the air

Laksh hits them and goes towards her …

Swara looks at sanskar ….he takes the plate and feeds swara …

Sanskar ; already I am doing all the post rituals of dhamad

Swara smiles …and bites his finger

Sanskar : ouchhhh…..

Swara : hmm good na ….she laughs

Sanskar was just admiring her …

Sanskar : love u

Swara : love u too ….

Sanskar : next Will be our marriage too

Swara blushes …

Sanskar smiles

Both smiles and eats ….

Later that night

At swara room

Swara was reading a book , shravan comes in

Swara : hi bhai .. come in

Shravan (smiling) : so what are u reading

Swara ; twilight …

Shravan : love stories huh (teases)

Swara smiles

Shravan ; OK leave all that …. do u like avni

Swara : of course I love bhabhi …she is very beautiful , very caring and very helpful and perfect for u

Shravan smile and lays his head on her lap

Swara : what happened huh …

Shravan ; swara don’t go to Mumbai na …

Swara (pout) : but I want to study na

Shravan : but I will miss you so much …because u are my only sis …na …

Swara gets teary eyed …

Swara ; but …

Shravan ; plz ..even your friends …everyone can stay here

Swara smiles ..

Swara : OK I will ask them …

Shravan pecks her forehead …swara smiles ….

Shravan : you know what swara ..whenever I lay on your lap I feel like I am lying on mom’s lap

Swara ; is it …

Shravan nods ….

Just then laksh also comes …

Laksh ; bhai this is cheating …only you are enjoying swara’s lap ..

Shravan smiles ….and moves aside laksh also lays …swara smiles

Swara ; you know what I am the world’s luckiest girl to get u both

Laksh & shravan : even we are lucky to get u as our sister ..

Swara : awww ….

Laksh ; do u remember we trip used to sleep together all hugging abs cuddling …

Shravan : ya I remember …all that toys and all

Swara ; ya ….let’s sleep now …it’s late …bhai …tomorrow is marriage

Shravan smiles …

These trio sleeps together …swara in middle and shravan and laksh on either side ….

Everyone slept ….but avni and sujatha were discussing …

Avni : MA I hate this Swara ..I don’t want her in my life ..

Sujatha : but what can we do …

Avni : ma I will give such a punishment …that she can’t face anyone

Sujatha : what you are going to do ..

Avni smirks and says the plan ….which is muted …

Sujatha : but avni ..this is bad (tensed)

Avni ; I don’t care maaa…

Sujatha wasn’t convinced and was shocked seeing avni like this….

The next day …

All were busy preparing for the marriage which is tomorrow …

Avni wakes up and finds her mehandhi didn’t get red color

Avni (shocked) : what’s this

Sujthaa sees this

Sujatha : what’s this avni

Avni : mom I don’t care …I don’t believe in this shit

Sujatha looks on

Avni goes to swara’s room

Swara : hi bhabhi

Avni (fake smile) : hey swara

Swara (smiling) : hi bhabhi ….anything u want ??

Avni : vo actually I have to take some things from store room …will u come with me

Swara (smiling) : sure bhabhi

Avni smiles evilly …Swara turns and wears her shawl ..but Avni closes her mouth and stabs her with knife

It all happened in a nick of time Swara couldn’t protest ….

Avni gives chloroform and some other medicines to make her forget the memory ….

Avni takes the knife with her and leaves …

Swara tries to shout and go out but her legs didn’t support her ….

She fainted on her bed ….all areas full of blood ….

That afternoon …

Everyone were in dining hall

Shravan : where is swara ?

Avni (covers) : vo …she went to her friend’s house …

Sanskar in mind : but she didn’t inform me

Shekar : oh it’s OK …we will have lunch …

Avni gives a relief sign …Adharsh notices this … but doesn’t understand

After everyone finishes lunch …

Mishti : avni beta take good rest ..tomorrow is marriage right

Avni smiles …she looks at shravan ..but he was in his own thinking ….

Adharsh and pari goes to garden

Adharsh ; I didn’t feel good when avni said about swara

Pari ; cme on adharsh … nothing is In this …just leave it …

Adharsh nods .. but he was Unconvinced …

Sanskar goes towards his room , he looks at swara’s door …

He opens the door ???????????

But there was no one …*how*

Sanskar signs and leaves ….

(Flasbck – avni transferred the body to dressing room)

Later that night …

All the elders have went to another kingdom for function …only the youngsters were there

Sanskar was feeling bad …

Shravan : I feel something bad is gonna happen

Laksh : bhai come on ….don’t be negative OK ..

Shravan nods …

Suddenly they hear a shout from upstairs


They all went up …..and went to swara’s room ….

They went inside the dressing room

And was horrified seeing the scene

Kavya was holding swara in her lap and the place was full of blood ..

Shravan and laksh goes and picks her up

Shravan (cries) : swara ….swara ….what happened swara….u can’t leave me

Saying this he picks her up and keeps her on the bed

Laksh ; call the doctor … (shouts)

Nikhil and adharsh calls the doctor

Sanskar was still sitting in the dressing room ….staring the blood place .

The doctor comes ….and checks swara pulse

Doctor ; I am sorry ….she is no more

Everyone’s heart busted out …..the couldn’t believe …

Shravan moved back …the one whom he talked yesterday … who was happy for him yesterday is dead !

Kavya (cries) : Swaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….

Everyone burst out crying ….adharsh and nikhil ….cries holding swara’s hand …

Kavitha was all numb …while first time ragini cries a lot ….

Ragini : swara u …u can’t leave me …u can’t leave me …. (she cries)

All looks at her but no one was In the mood to talk ….

All cries ….while sanskar was still sitting in the dressing room seeing the blood ….

He didn’t cry or didn’t do …but just numb ….

Shravan was standing looking at swara …

Shravan remembers all his moments with his only sister ….

Avni who was seeing this was all smirking

Avni : that’s it …now one is shravan’s prior …. that’s me ….

Prexap : last shot …

Hope u all like it ….plz comment ..it’s a hard work of 2 hours for one shot …

Rests depends on u ..guys
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I will update my ff”s only today and tomorrow …as our holidays are over we (dolly and me) are having exams so we won’t update any ff …

We will start updating from April / may

Hope u all understand us ..

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