“Her prince , His princess” five shots (FS) shot 3 by alia & dolly

FS – shot 3

Hey guys…..it’s alia back again …thanks for the comments love u all loads ..

So here shot 3 ,

Shekar : good to see u back saadra (sahil , Aditya and rajat)

They all bends down and takes blessings …

Shekar ; khush raho !

They all smiles …Shekar leaves

Sanskar , nikhil and adharsh were fuming seeing saadra (sahil , Aditya and rajat)

Sahil : so swara when is your engagement with me ?

Sanskar was getting angry …

Swara (teases) : very soon …now come with me ..

Saying this he holds his hands and takes him with her…Sanskar faints

Rajat : pari meaning angel right (flirting)

Pari (smiling) : yes

Rajat ; it suits ..because u really look like an angel

Pari (smiling) : oh thank u handsome

Rajat smiles and offers his arm

Rajat (smiling) : shall we ?

Pari smiles and catches his arms and leaves ….while adharsh jaws drop

Nikhil who was witnessing this…knows next is kavitha so he goes to her …

Nikhil ; kavitha baby come let’s leave

Kavitha : but

Nikhil carries her in arms and leaves …everyone laughs …

Laksh comes to Sanskar

Laksh : competition is heavy bhai

Sanskar looks at him Laksh winks and leaves ….

Shravan : OK everyone practice …bye

Saying this he leaves ….

Kavya ; no this is going to be fun (teases sanskar)

Sanskar eyes her angrily …

At dance room

Swara , Kavya , kavitha and ragini were practicing

The boys were enjoying seeing this …while sanskar , adharsh and nikhil were busy plotting plan to destroy saadra (sahil , Aditya and rajat)

A maid comes

Maid : princess swara and sanskar plz come to check your trial …

Sanskar : trial ???

Swara : array tomorrow dress trial

Sanskar : oh …

Swasan leaves …..while everyone continues to practice …

There were many gowns (it’s sangeet)…..

Swara : i like the red one …no no pink ….hmm no gold

Sanskar comes to swara ..

Swara : u choosed

Sanskar : yes …

Swara : so fast ….

Sanskar : yes ..of course !!!

Swara pouts sanskar wanted to kiss the lips now …

Swara : OK help me in choosing

Sanskar in mind : mine is purple …so will choose purple for her also (the same dress in the cover pic of this shot )

(The same dress which swasan were wearing during ITA performance and the pic of this shot)

Sanskar : that purple gown is perfect

Swara : is it

Sanskar : don’t u trust …u will look an angel In it

Swara smiles …

Maid : plz wear and come we will take some photos

Swasan nods and goes to their took respectively ….

After some time …

Sanskar comes out first ….he was so dashing (same like the cover pic )

He was waiting for swara ….he then looks up …swara comes from the stairs …he was spellbounded the beauty ….she was so charming

Photographer : OK princess a single pic first .

Swara stand with purple and white flower bouquet in her hand and poses …

Photographer takes the pic while sanskar saves it as his phone’s lock screen wall paper …

Photographer : sanskar sir…a single pic

Sanskar nods and stands with one hand in pocket …

Photographer : now one photo together

Swara (confused) : but why together ?

Sanskar ; it’s OK come na

Swara stands front ….Sanskar back hugs her (hands on her waist) resting his chin on swara’s shoulder …and swara smiles ….pose

Shekar and mishti were smiling seeing this

Photographer : thank you princess

Swara nods and goes upstairs while sanskar also (opposite room)

Swara goes in and closes the door but sanskar keeps his leg in middle and comes in .

Swara widens her eyes …

Swara ; sanskar what are u doing ?

Sanskar : going to romance with my princess

Swara smiles and blushes

Sanskar : oh oh .m.swara already I have flattened now don’t

Swara goes and stands in the glass window panels …sanskar back hugs her and kisses her back neck .

Swara closes her eyes and feels butterflies in her stomach

Sanskar sides her hair to one side and kisses her neck…

Sanskar carries her to bed and places her ….swara looks at him

Sanskar comes on top of her and kisses her neck …their legs were interviewing each other …

Swara hands were caressing sanskar’s hair …

Sanskar removes one side start of that gown …swara smiles …

Sanskar kisses all over her neck and was about to open her upper layer gown

But there was a knock on the door …swasan comes to senses ….both were totally embarrassed ..swara immediately composes herself

Swara (avoiding eye contact) : hmm sanskar u go inside the dressing room …I will see who is in the door

Sanskar nods and goes inside the dressing room

Swara opens the door and gives a relief sign

Swara : what Tina (princess maid)

Tina : vo….princess here this already night ..u said na moon bath

Swara takes her away

Swara : tell silently

Tina : why

Swara ; no boys should hear na …what if they see us …know u inform all my friends

But naughty sanskar was hearing all this …

Sanskar ; oh oh moon bath …

Tina nods and leaves …swara goes in and locks the door ….

Swara : sanskar come out

Sanskar comes out

Swara (looking down in shy) : u can go now .

Sanskar was yet again memerised seeing her …..

Sanskar nods and goes out …swara locks the door

Swara : ufff ..this sanskar made me carve for him …..

Later that night ,

The girls were all near a beautiful pool of milk ….with rose petals in it.

The moonlight was showing shine to the milk …

There were 7 maids ….

Swara , kavya , kavitha , pari and ragini were in towel …

They all got into the milk ….the maids were throwing rose flower on them….

And adding rose essence ….

Kavya : omg it’s so nice and warm

Kavitha ; ya yaar …

Pari ; I think because of this moon bath only swara is white

Everyone smiles ….

Ragini : oh come on ….but it’s not that bad too …

They were all enjoying in water giggling and talking …

Nikhil , adharsh and sanskar comes and hides in the bushes ….

Sanskar ; see na how they are enjoying …

Adharsh : but isn’t it bad seeing them bathing …

Nikhil hits his head

Nikhil ; nothing will happen…they are our future wife ..not only this we will see their whole ….(lol)

Sanskar keeps his hand on nikhil mouth

Sanskar : nikhil …

Nikhil ; sorry sorry ..in a flow

Adharsh ; chiiiii .m.

Sanskar and nikhil signs impossible

Sanskar (advice) : listen adharsh only now we can enjoy after marriage children won’t Call them didi instead they will calls aunty…so when they are fresh we should enjoy na

Nikhil ; ya correct !!! Now after this we can’t catch them In hands also .

Adharsh : whatever …

Nikhil : first we need to call these maids outside

Sanskar ; I have a plan …


Later some time

The girls were having pedicure …

Ragini : can I have the pink color

Maid : oh yes ma’am ….

Kavya smiles

Swara : this color is nice na pari di

Pari : ya swara

Suddenly they hear a sound …

Swara : Tina mina go and check ..

They nods and leaves ….it has been quite a time they didn’t come back

Pari : what’s this they didn’t come back

Kavya : ahina (maid) u go and check

Kavitha : even salena (maid)

They both goes but didn’t come back

Rest 3 were left ..they also went in search

Ragini : what’s this no one came back …

Suddenly nikhil , sanskar and adharsh jumps inside the milk …

Shocking the girls ….they immediately covers them self with towels properly ….

Pari (angry) : what the he’ll …

Swara ; don’t u have manners (angry)

Kavitha : get out fast .. (angry)

Ragini (seduce) : oh sanskar baby come here na

All were giving her disgusting look

Kavya : get lost u three

Sanskar ; what yaar we thought to enjoy with u all …

Nikhil ; and to see your beautiful b..

The girls widen their eyes

Sanskar shuts nikhil’s mouth

The girls best nikhil …and all laughs

Pari : adharsh I thought u are sensible but even u

Adharsh gets nervous ..

Adharsh : voo…vo…

Sanskar : he will say only tomorrow

Everyone laughs ..

Kavya : yaar it’s late ….tomorrow is sangeet na come let’s go …

Kavitha ; ya otherwise we will have dark circle …

The boys gives impossible sign …

Nikhil goes back of kavitha ….while adharsh goes with pari …kavya and ragini leaves …

Swara was about to go from he milk …sanskar catches her hand and pulls her into the milk …

Both look at each other

Sanskar (moody) : the is rose petal ….the rose essence ..the moon light and your body is testing my hormones swara …oops princess

Swara ; shame less

Sanskar keeps his hands on her waist

Sanskar ; what to do ..when a beautiful girl is next to me ….I can’t

Swara : I know I am a beautiful …bit now that’s not going to happen

Sanskar *( teases) : what’s not going to happen

Swara : the thing which you are thinking …

Sanskar : Accha

Saying this he tries pull of the towel

Swara (widens her eyes) : sanskar idiot …leave the towel …stupid

Sanskar pulls her towards him

Sanskar : why are u shy …one or the other day I am going to see only na

Swara splashes milk on him

Swara : shut up (blushing)

Swara leaves from there …sanskar smiles ..

The next day !!!

The sangeet was in evening …but the palace was being decorated heavily ..because the whole population will be there ….today !!

Swasan gang wanted to explore the kingdom but swara was busy as she is princess she can’t go outside ..

So except swara everyone went ..

Swara was talking to the people ..who all are poor

Swara : don’t worry aunty ji …soon your son will get married …

Aunty : may your words come true

Swara smiles …

Tina (maid) : ma’am prince sahil is calling you to his room

Swara (confused) : is it ..didn’t he go with them?

Tina : no princess …he stayed back

Swara : OK u go …I will Come

Saying this swara excuses and goes to sahil room ….but his room was dark ….

Sahil closes the door without her notice

Swara : sahil are u there I can’t see anything …

Suddenly he pushes her in the bed and starts to kiss her neck wildly

Swara protests him and tries to push but he didn’t because he was strong enough and swara couldn’t see him (darkness)

sahil removes her top now she was in her br*

Swara was pleading to leave him…but he didn’t he was trying to removes her br*

But someone came in and switched on the light …(guys she was not raped …it has another meaning and thing )

It was swasan gang …they were shocked seeing them ….

All the boys except sanskar closes their eyes …

Kavya (shouts) : swaraaaaa

The girls goes and makes her wear her shirt ….

Swara was crying a lot …sanskar goes and punches sahil on his face …

Nikhil and adharsh were he’ll angry they all start beating him blue and black

Sanskar (blood shot eyes) : how dare u …..how dare u touch my swara …

Saying this he beats him more harsh …

Nikhil (angry) : who gave you the rights to touch my sister huh …

He kicks him very hard …

Adharsh (angry) : blo*dy cheap ….who are u to touch my sister …

They all were beating him….while the girls were consoling swara …but she faints

Pari : swaraaaaa (shouts)

Boys stop and looks at her …they all go towards her

Adharsh carries her to swara’s room

@swara room

They lock the door

Sanskar rubs her leg ……nikhil sprinkles water on her face …

Swara gets up …..with a jerk

Omg …. (it’s a dream) (he he he …)

The present ,

Swara gets up from her bed and drinks water she looks at the time it 12 at night

Swara : god …what a bad dream ..my cousin ……sahil…no its ….. (she was swearing highly )

She goes and knocks sanskar room door …

Sanskar who was in half sleep opens the door and was suprised seeing her at this time

Swara instantly hugs him tightly …sanskar was suprised he breaks the hug and cups her face

Sanskar : what happened Swara …are u alright (concenred)

Swara looks at him

Swara : ya ya ..I am alright had a bad dream …

Sanskar : oh ……

Swara : sanskar won’t u mind if I sleep with u ….

Sanskar was duper happy

Sanskar : of course Swara …

Swara smiles ….

They both sleep …sanskar on right side and Swara on left side …

Swara’s sleep was far away ….she couldn’t forget the dream at all … it was disturbing her …sanskar was looking at her …to lighten her mood

Sanskar pulls Swara in his embrace Swara widened her eyes …

Sanskar : what a life na Swara …sleeping with my wife before marriage

Swara hits his chest ….sanskar smiles …..

Swara : where did this wife word come from

Sanskar : you are already mine … so

Swara smiles ……

Sanskar : you know what swara ..after our marriage we will be like this….hugging each other while sleeping ….morning kiss , afternoon kiss and night full of ..ahem ahem

Swara blushes and smiles …

Swara : don’t keep your hopes Hugh Mr sanskar

Sanskar tightens his grip

Sanskar : I don’t have hope but the fact ….Mrs sanskar maheshwari

Swara smiles ….

She sleeps on his chest while sanskar hands were securing her indicating he is there for her all the time ….

Swara sleeps peacefully without any dreams …

The next day !!

Everyone gets ready for sight seeing the kingdom and swara was not allowed to go ….(some rules)

Swara was scared it was like same as her dream …

Kavya : bye swara …bye …

Swara nods with a fake smile….she sweats which was clearly seen …

Everyone leaves …Swara looks around ….she goes up to her room and stands in the balcony …

Suddenly someone back hugs her ..Swara was shocked ….

She turns and then gives a relief sign….

It was of course sanskar

Sanskar : missed me na baby

Swara smiles …

Sanskar : you know how can I go when u are here ?

Swara : don’t u want to see the kingdom

Sanskar : I would like to see …but baby without u I am nothing na

Swara smiles ….Swara turns towards the balcony again , sanskar back hugs her tightly and kisses her neck …

Swara : y do u love me so much sanskar

Sanskar (smiling) : because you are princess …

Swara (smiling) : in which angle u see me …and what kind of a wife I am to you ..

Sanskar (tears & smile) : you are my mother swara ….I want to cherish all the love and care moments with u ….Swara ….

Swara was so touched and she could easily see he is carving for the mother’s love ….

Swara hugs him tightly making him know she is there for him ….

Sanskar also hugs her tightly …

They break the hug and looks into each other …

They hear a sound from downstairs …Shekar and mishti were calling them…

Swasan goes down …

Shekar : look at the wall

Swasan looks at the main wall where there were photos of their families ..but the highlight was swasan back hug photo a big frame in the middle ..

Swasan were awestruck seeing it

Swara : dad ….mom ..it’s so …beautiful

Sanskar : haan dad …mom

Shekar : I am glad you liked it ….

Mishti : even nikhil and others photo will be added soon …

Sanskar : awww …

Shekar : so is our side ready ..because ladkewalo should win in jugalbanthi between ladkewalo aur ladkewalo

Sanskar : don’t worry dad we are very strong …

Mishti ; haan …that’s all OK but take care OK

Swasan nods ….Shekar and mishti leaves ….

Later that evening ….

Everyone were getting ready for the function ….

The whole people of the kingdom was there present in the grand hall

Brides family arrives ….and they all sit in the grand lounge …(which was in middle)

Sanskar , nikhil , adharsh , pari , kavitha , kavya , ragini and saadra (sahil , Aditya and rajat) were present .

Honour of guest : it’s our honour to announce our prince of this kingdom is going to get a new princess to our empire …

Everyone claps

Honour of guest : let’s welcome our prince and princess …

They look towards the stairs

Laksh on left side , middle swara and shravan on right side …

Both were holding swara’s hand ….and decending the stairs

This irked the bride and bride’s family ..

Ram (bride father) : girls should be men’s slaves …and they are not treated equal but this is different …here

Sujatha (bride mother) : haan …this is not right , avni after marriage warn her …OK

Avni (smirks) : of course mom …

Trio smiles ….

Shravan and avni were made to sit together both were smiling seeing each other …

Swara comes to them

Swara (smiling) : hi bhabhi I am swara … your sister in law …

Avni (fake smile) : hi ….

Shravan : she is my one and only sweet sister …no one can take her place …

Swara : aww …

Both hugs ….avni gets angry …

Avni (fake smile) : nice …

Swara smiles and leaves ….swara was wearing purple gown and sanskar was wearing the purple suit …only !!

Sanskar goes towards swara

Sanskar : you are looking very beautiful swara …

Swara : thank you ..even you are not less handsome …

Sanskar smiles and stands beside her …

Sujatha : array yaar …what’s this touching touching ….chiiiii …being a princess she is not sensible …

Mishti comes to them

Mishti : avni is looking very beautiful Sujatha ji

Sujatha : oh thank u ji…..I know u all are very lucky having my daughter

Mishti feels something but smiles

Mishti : of course ji …

Sujatha smiles

Kavya comes to stage with kavitha

Kavya : now it’s finally time for us to enjoy the night with music and dance ….

Kavitha ; yes …so let’s start the dance …first …

Saying this the screen of the stage closes …

All the girls stands while swara in middle ….


Munda thoda.. offbeat hai
Par kudiya de naal.. bohat sweet hai (×2)

Swara goes towards shravan and avni

Dhongi sa ye bada dheeth hai
Viral hogya ye Tweet

Par phool wool karne mein cool
Tu badi tezz katari hai
Shagan teri ki, lagan teri ki
Humne kardi taiyari hai

Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke
Aaj hil-dul ke
Le saare ke saare

The girls dance surrounding shravan

Then it continues and the song finishes ….

Naazdekiyan plays …

All the couples stand in a circle

Laksh was with swara
Kavitha with sanskar
Pari with nikhil
Kavya with adharsh
Ragini with sahil
Shravan with avni

They all were standing in circle so that everyone gets chance to dance with them

Laksh was dancing with swara all smiling ….but swara was looking at sanskar and dancing ….

Laksh (teases) : madam ji ….u will get to dance with him ….don’t worry

Swara hits him…Laksh smile

Sanskar was also looking at swara

Kavitha : sanskar stop staring her what will others think ..she is all yours only na

Sanskar blushes …

They change the partner ….now sahil was dancing with swara …swara felt uneasy ….

Sahil was touching her waist and his body to her

Sanskar could see it clearly in her expression ….

They change partner …

Now swara was with nikhil

Nikhil : so sad na ..u didn’t get sanskar

Swara : it’s OK bhai ..I got u na …

Nikhil smiles …

They change partner …it was sanskar’s turn but shravan comes and dances with swara smirking

Swara smiles and dances with him ….sanskar also smiles …

Shravan : not so soon sanskar … (smirks)

Sanskar smiles …..

They change partner …now it’s sanskar turn but adharsh comes and dances with swara ….

Sanskar was hell confused ….swara smiles ….

Yet again …the pair changed sanskar holds swara’s hand but laksh come and dances with sanskar (lol)

While shravan dances with swara ….now swara came to knew they all are teasing sanskar …but she didn’t say anything …..

Finally it had come to an end …sanskar was upset as he couldn’t dance with swara ..

Everyone claps …avni was feeling angry seeing shravan always with swara …she felt jealous and her hatred increases towards swara …

Atlast everyone except swasan had an couple dance ….

Sanskar was really upset regarding it …the boys were teasing sanskar a lot …

Swara notices this ….after a long time performances ..the day comes to an end

Shekar comes to stage : hope everyone enjoyed the show ….we welcome u all tomorrow for the mehandhi function …plz do come and shower your blessings ..

Everyone blesses the bride and groom ….and leaves ..

Later that night ….

Sanskar was standing in his balcony …

Sanskar : ma u used to say whenever I call u …u will there next minute right … (thinks)

Sanskar : ma

There was tap on his shoulder ..sanskar was suprised he turns and finds swara smiling brightly at him ..

Sanskar in mind : I know mom u are in the shape of swara ….

Swara : sad na …

Sanskar : nope

Swara : oh is it ..the all my arrangements is waste na …

Sanskar (shocked) : arrangements ??

Swara : vo nothing ….u are not sad so why

Saying this turns to leave but sanskar pulls her towards him and she hits his well builded chest

Sanskar : Mrs maheshwari…don’t waste my time

Swara smiles and takes him to the garden ….

It was beautifully arranged with lights and flowers ….

Sanskar was happy seeing it ….

Swara lends her hand

Swara : will u dance with me …

Sanskar smiles and keeps his hand on hers

Janam Janam plays (I don’t think I need to describe …because I am sure u all have already watched the magical performance in ITA )

Swara : I love u sanskar

Sanskar : mee too Mrs maheshwari …

Swara smiles …they both hug ….

Sanskar cups her face ….swara closes her eyes giving green signal

Sanskar presses his lips on her rosy soft lips ….

First It was a slow lip lock …..while the hunger for each other grew wilder and wilder ….they wanted to show how much they love each other …

Sanskar bit her lower lip due to which she gasps in pain ..with this sanskar enters his tongue into her mouth ….

He roams her whole mouth ….while swara was giving him equal challenge ….

After a long kiss ..they break and breath heavily …

Swara was too shy to face him …sanskar pecks her forehead …

Sanskar ; thanks for coming into my life princess

Swara : even I should say u that prince

Both smiles ….sanskar carries swara in arms …in a bridal style

Swara looks at him smiling …sanskar takes her to his room …where they sleep together every day !!!

Sujatha and avni sees this ..

Sujatha : such a character less girl

Avni (angry) : mom u saw na hoe many boys she danced with…

Sujatha : don’t worry avni such a week after that she will go back to Mumbai and you can enjoy ….

Avni smiles ….

Both smirks ….

Thank you for reading plz comment and enjoy the further parts ….

Dipti I am glad you find the title interesting and I am sure there is no one more beautiful than u ..even Aishwarya is out in front of u ….?

Everyone can also chat with us and we can know each other …

If u have any questions …u can ask us and we are ready to answer …

No problem if it’s personal or about anything

Me and dolly are waiting for the questions …hope u all ask

Next shot tomorrow ….be tuned ??

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