“Her prince , His princess” five shots (FS) shot 2 by alia & dolly

FS shot – 2

Hey guys it’s alia back again …thanks for the beautiful commnets …I am happy you all liked the shot 1 …

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So here is the shot 2 ,

The next morning …

Pari comes to wake sanskar bit was shocked seeing the scene

(Sanskar without shirt , while swara hugging him and sleeping , even sanskar’s hand on her waist .)

Pari smiles ….she wakes up sanskar

Pari ; sanskar …sanskar

Sanskar wakes up and couldn’t move but still

Sanskar (smiling) : good morning Pari di

Pari : ya ya very good morning (teases)

Pari : don’t tell me u took your relationship ahead

Sanskar : what the (then he realises)

He sees swara sleeping hugging his bare chest …

Pari smiles ….sanskar looks at Pari

Sanskar ; no its not like that…di don’t think like that

Pari : I know ..I know I was just joking …anyways I am happy !! For u both

Sanskar smiles ..

Sanskar : swara …swara …wake up

Swara (sleeping) : sanskar don’t irritate me let me sleep

Saying this she hugs sanskar more tightly …

Pari was controlling her laughter …

Pari ; OK u wake your swara up we need freshen up …because just 1 hr is left to reach ..

Saying this pari leaves …sanskar was admiring swara ….

Sanskar : swara do u want your dad to see us

Swara gets up with a jerk and looks at sanskar

Swara : udff …u scared me to death

Sanskar ; what to do …u didn’t wake up …so

Swara ; did I slept with u … (shocked)

Sanskar : Swara there is another meaning for this !!! (Teases)

Swara ; shut up …OK I am going to change u na ….we should wear traditional dress while entering the kingdom

Sanskar ; ya ya …go and get ready !

Swara goes to her compartment …kavya was there getting dressed up in a simple chudidhar

Swara : u all bathed huh

Kavya ; ya ..now take this dress and go get ready !

Swara Nods and goes to bathroom (it was clean , don’t worry)

Swara was standing outside …adharsh comes out wearing sherwani …

Adharsh : you woke up so late huh !

Swara hits her head and goes inside ….

She was bathing ….sanskar was standing outside and knocking the door

Sanskar : Swara open the door

Swara (shocked) : sanskar can’t u see I am bathing now

Sanskar (teases) : it’s k swara …there is no rule that only one should bath …

Swara widens her eyes …

Sanskar : now open the door ….I am also getting late ..

Swara quickly baths and wears her grand salwar…..she opens the door sanskar comes in locks the door

Swara : what the hell are u doing ?

Sanskar goes forward …swara goes backward …

Swara ; sanskar … (angry)

Sanskar ; last night u did ..now I am doing ..so what

Swara : shut up that’s because I teased u

Sanskar keeps his hand on her side

Sanskar ; that’s what I am doing ..

Swara pushes him and goes out

There kavya , kavitha , pari and ragini were standing …

Swara comes out and was looking at them .

Kavitha ; what was going huh !! (Teases)

Pari : both are sleeping together ..now bathing together .. (teases)

Ragini jaws drop ….

Kavya : swara …what yaar….(teases)

Swara blushes and runs from there …trio laughs …while ragini stamps her foot and goes inside the washroom ….

Sanskar was with pant … (don’t think too much sissyy)

Sanskar covers his body with towel ..

Sanskar (shocked) : what are u doing here !!!

Ragini ; when swara is here nothing …but when I come ..u cover huh ..

Saying this she takes his towel …sanskar widens his eyes ..

Sanskar (shocked) : ahhh …ragini

Ragini : come sanskar let’s e joy now (seduce)

Sanskar closes his eyes and shouts …

Nikhil and adharsh comes …

Sanskar ; ahhh ..she is trying to rape me …

Nikhil ; what the hell ragini …won’t u let him bath ..

Ragini : bhai ..u stay away ..he is mine and only mine

Adharsh ; OK ol …he is yours ..now come out

Ragini smiles …she kisses sanskar cheeks and goes out …

Sanskar : seriously your sister is

Sanskar faints …Adharsh and Nikhil laughs …

After that swara dresses up ….with make up and jewellery ..

She was looking an princess..

Swara packs all her things and was sitting ….putting her veil (it’s tradition)

Kavya ; we should also wear

All the girls wear it ….and comes to nikhil compartment !

Nikhil : who is kavitha here ?

Four girls giggles …

Sanskar thinks to tease swara

Adharsh : so let’s have a game …Sanskar first your chance identify who is swara ?

Sanskar smirks and goes near ragini who was next to swara ..

Sanskar catches ragini’s hand
Sanskar ; see her hand is so white in color …her eyes ahhh …what a beauty … (teases swara)

Swara eyes him angrily ….Pari , kavya and kavitha giggles …

Ragini seduces sanskar by touching his hand ..

Swara beats Sanskar with her hands

Everyone laughs …while ragini fumes in anger …

Swara ; idiot …

Sanskar : oyyeee why are u jealous huh …

Swara : I am not jealous

Everyone : ohhh …ohhh

Swara closes her face with her hands …and goes to her compartment

Everyone laughs …

Soon they all arrive at the station

Everyone gets down and was shocked seeing the whole population there at station ….standing with garland

Laksh and shravan were present

Swara goes to Laksh …Laksh open his arms he thinks swara was going to hug him …but she goes to shravan and hugs him….

Laksh fumes …while everyone laughs

Swara : shravan bhai …I am sorry happy seeing u …

Shravan (smiling) : even me shona how are u

Swara : I am fine bhai how are u …

Shravan : I am all fine

They both break the hug ..

Swara : I can see the glow in your face …of marriage prince shravan

Shravan smiles and slightly hits her head .

Everyone stands admiring them …

Then shravan looks at all and goes to them greeting

While laksh was eyeing swara …swara also eyes him ..

Laksh : won’t u ..

Saying this he opens his hand ..swara jumps on his hands ..

He carries her in bridal style (brother yaar)

Swara : I missed u so much lucky bro

Laksh : me too shona …


Shravan : I am so happy that you all came to my marriage

Pari : how would we not come for our brother’s marriage

Shravan : huh pari …any good news (winking at adharsh)

Adharsh and pari blushes …

Sanskar : bhai what to do ….no one accepting the feelings …

Shravan : look who is saying it huh playboy…first did you say to my sister about your feelings …

Sanskar scratches his forehead …everyone laughs

Ragini : that’s because he loves me bhai …that’s y …

Shravan (acts) : ya ya …

Everyone chuckles

Shravan : so nikhil when will u call me for your engagement

Nikhil : very soon bhai …

Kavitha blushes …everyone claps

Adharsh : where is swara and lucky (lucky is same age of adharsh)

They all turn and find swara and laksh arguing …they go to them

Laksh ; hey everyone …how are u dude …

Saying this he gives side hug to sanskar , adharsh and nikhil

Swara was eyeing laksh angrily …

Shravan ; actually we have called the people for your welcome

Everyone except swara was suprised

Three men’s of the kingdom comes and make’s the boys wear garland …while some girls come and make the girls wear a tiara on the girls head …

While swara was given the real tiara

Everyone claps …

Swara : is rajat , sahil , uttara , aditya came also

Laksh ; of course

Everyone : who are they

Swara : my cousins

Everyone : oh ….

Saying this all leaves in carriages to the palace … (kingdom right )

Swara : wow bro everything have changed …na

Laksh ; u came after a decade right

Swara hits his stomach .

All laughs …

Sanskar : so bhai …who is the bride ..we didn’t see the pic

Shravan : she is avni from our neighboring kingdom …

Pari ; is she cute

Swara ; ya actually I know her very well….she is my di…actually I call her …

Kavitha : oh …so no problem na

Shravan : ya ya …

Nikhil : I guess we have reached the palace …

Everyone gets down ……laksh keeps his leg swara trips but shravan catches her and gives gate to laksh …

But even pari keeps her leg …laksh falls on ragini ….

Ragini blushes ..

Ragini (in mind) : what a handsome prince …

Everyone laughs ….swara makes faces to laksh .

They all head inside …and finds shekar and mishti standing ..

Everyone goes to them and takes blessings …

Shekar ; stay blessed children’s (smiling)

Mishti : ahh …aha….why uncle …huh

Everyone goes to her and hugs her …

Mishti smiles and blesses them all

Mishti : I guess u all are very tired …u all go and freshen up and come for our grand lunch ..

Everyone nods

Shekar : ramu take them to their rooms …

Ramu comes and takes them to their room while swara has her own room ….

Sanskar has got the room opposite to swara …hehe (my plan)

While everyone got their own room too ….

Swara steps in her room and gets tears seeing her memories ….

It was not a room but a beautiful grand house it was so big and spacious with all the luxuries

Nikhil : yeh room ya palace itna bada yeh yaar

Saying this he lays on the king sized bed ….

Everyone becomes comfortable with their room …

Swara gets readied up while the princess maid also comes …

Swara : Tina and mina how are u both

Tina and mina : all fine princess…how are u …

Swara ; I am all fine

Tina and mina : we missed u so much princess

Swara : me too ….

They smile

Swara : Accha OK in night I need moon bath OK …

Tina : of course ….all the maids are waiting to see u .

Swara smiles …..

Later that afternoon

Everyone were present in the huge dinning table of 50 persons sitting area …with all types of cuisine

Shekar on the head men place…sanskar was sitting between swara and ragini

Adharsh pari were sitting together , kavya and kavitha with nikhil …

Shravan and laksh with mishti…

Shekar ; cheers everyone …

Saying this all keep the glass of wine together and makes cheers …

Mishti ; so how is studies going everyone

Nikhil : all good MA ….instead it’s so enjoyable too …

Shekar : huh …that’s good to hear…so nikhil beta when is your engament say na we should make arrangement for that also …right

Nikhil : u know papa and MA …I am so blessed to have u both …even though I am orphan …u both treat me as your own son …thanks swara …thanks for entering my life …as sister …now I got a beautiful sister , brothers and parents …

Everyone gets emotional

Sanskar (tears) : even me ma….I never saw my mother’s face and my dad he doesn’t even care about me ….because of u both….I am so blessed ..otherwise even I am a orphan only

Shekar and mishti feels bad ..

Shekar : never say u both are orphans OK …don’t u consider us as your parents ..u are already our children’s …you are our family …

Nikhil and sanskar smiles …swara and everyone felt bad …

To change the mood

Laksh : who all r ready for horse ride

Everyone : mee…

Shekar and mishti smiles …

Shravan : OK dheena (worker) make 7 horses ready ..

Dheena : ji sahib …

Everyone smiles .

Swara was eating with her spoon ..suddenly sanskar holded her right hand …swara widens her eyes

Swara (whispers) : what the he’ll are u doing …anyone sees us …

Sanskar (smirks) : I don’t care

Swara (whispers) : sanskar I want to eat …

Sanskar (smirks) : eat in another hand na …

Swara gives a fake angry look and takes the spoon in left hand to eat ..which was difficult for her

Shravan notices this

Shravan : swara what are u doing ..u are right handed right .

Everyone looks at her

Sanskar (innocently) : haan u are right …handed ..know

Swara gives a angry look to sanskar ..he chuckles

Mishti ; answer swara

Swara : vo …mom as a princess I should know everything right ..so this also

Everyone smiles and starts to eat ..

Laksh and shravan looks at each other …then bends down to check …they chuckles seeing sanskar holding swara’s hand …

They both wink at sanskar …sanskar smiles …everyone sees this and understands (except mishti and shekar)

After finishing lunch everyone goes to garden …it had all types of flowers and it was vast …

Swara meets all the maids and greets them …while many people see her and greets …she was busy

All were busy talking with each other …

Sanskar goes to swara and stands beside her .

Lady : princess he is so handsome …nice choice of selection of your prince Huh

Swara widens her eyes ..while sanskar was happy listening it …

Everyone were greeting her …sanskar suddenly pinches her belly and runs

Swara : ahhh …idiot … (saying this she runs behind him)

Everyone laughs seeing them….sanskar goes and also help from laksh ..

Sanskar : bhai ..bhai ….she is gonna kill me

Laksh ; swara what’s this

Swara : you know what he did

Laksh ; what he did …

Sanskar (teases) : say na swara what I did

Swara realises …

Swara (angry) : nothing …

Laksh ; then y are u chasing him

Swara get angry and pushes laksh in the pond

Laksh (angry) : ayyye ….swara …

Saying this laksh holds swara’s leg and pulls her ..but sanskar catches her her arms and doesn’t leave her

Everyone laughs seeing this …

Laksh ; sanskar leave her

Sanskar : laksh leave her to me

Swara (angry) : array idiots ..leave me u both …

Saying this swara hits sanskar stomach and leaves …

Everyone laughs ….

Kavya : swara u know about moon bath

Swara : haan why ..

Kavitha ; u know what they say if we take moon bath …we will have clear white skin like u

Swara smiles : I know u both like so I have already arranged for all our girls ..

Kavitha and kavya hugs her : love u

Swara : love u too

Nikhil and adharsh were smoking seeing this …pari comes

Adharsh starts to feel nervous

Nikhil signals him to talk …

Adharsh : hi….hi ….pari (nervous)

Pari : hi adharsh…why are u so nervous

Nikhil ; that’s because he is so madly deeply in love with u ..

Adharsh was shocked while pari blushes …nikhil runs from there

Adharsh smiles seeing pari smiling .

Later shravan comes with the horses

Shravan : it’s better two in one ..horse ok

Everyone nods …

Kavya : I am afraid of horses I am not coming ….

Shravan : OK then …

Kavitha and nikhil sits in one horse

Adharsh and pari sits in one horse

Laksh sits : which beauty wants to sit with this prince charming ..huh

Swara goes to him

Laksh ; I said beauty ..

Swara beats him ..everyone laughs

Ragini smiles and sits with him ..laksh winks at sanskar smiles

Shravan (whispers) : enjoy sanskar

Sanskar again smiles

Shravan : oh swara I guess u and sanskar has to sit ….

Swara : why bhai can’t I come with u

Shravan (nervous) : hmm…gmm…I have work so ..

Nikhil ; swara it’s OK sit with him ..he is not gonna eat u

Swara didn’t reply

Adharsh : come yaar swara …don’t u want to enjoy

Everyone : plz swara …

Swara gives up and sits with sanskar …sanskar back of swara

Shravan : so get ready everyone and u can go now …it’s a race

Everyone makes their horse move
Swara was a expect in this …she was handling the horse …

Sanskar rests his chin on swara’s shoulder …and keeps his hand on her waist .

Swara ; sanskar …what the hell are u doing huh …

Sanskar : romancing with my princess …

Swara (smiling) : but for your kind info we r in a race …

Sanskar : u are there na ..I have full faith on u

Swara smiles and signs

Laksh who was also a expect was close to swara …

Swalak both gives a evil look to each other and speeds the horse up

Ragini (cheers) : laksh …laksh ….


Sanskar (cheers) : swara ….swara ..

Both of them eyes angrily…while everyone stops and looks at them

Laksh : I won’t let u win swara…(smirks)

Swara : neither me (smirks)

Ragini keeps her hand on laksh …laksh looses his control and slows up …with this chance swara speeds up and wins the race …

Everyone cheers for swara …laksh as still In ragini’s world …everyone laughs at him

Later than night

Shekar ; so from tomorrow everyone practice for sangeet function .m.ok …it’s in 3 days …

Everyone Nods….by that time sahil , rajat , uttara and aditya make an entry (cousins)

Sahil hugs swara tightly ….swara also hugs sahil back

This irks sanskar ….nikhil and adharsh were laughing seeing him

Rajat and aditya goes to pari and kavitha respectively

Rajat : hey beautiful princess….who are u …

Pari smiles

Aditya : hey princess …. I have fallen in the beauty of yours

Kavitha smiles

This irked nikhil and adharsh …sanskar joins them

Precap : mission jealousy

Hope u all like it plz more comments next part tomorrow itself ..or else …after an century

Thanks for reading

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