“Her prince , His princess” five shots (FS) shot 1 by alia & dolly

FS – shot 1
Hey guys …it’s alia with dolly here for my first FS ..
Thanks for the comments u all gave me in last episode …

First I wanted to make it two shot but then it was so lengthy that I had to make it 5 shot …hope u all like it

Belated happy new year guys …I pray to God that all your wishes come true and this year may be your best year ….

As today is my sister dolly birthday
Many many more happy returns of the day dear ….I am so lucky to get u as my sister

So now I want u your full support in this first shot !

Here u go guys ..

Introduction of characters

*Swara singhania : youngest daughter of king shekar and mishti singhania …yep she is a princess of XYZ kingdom ..she is very bubbly , very caring towards her brothers and most importantly friendly with all ….she is doing her MBA in Mumbai …living alone in a room with her friends .has a crush on one of her friend (boy) but is not sure about her feelings

*shekar singhania : king of XYZ kingdom …loves his sons and most importantly his daughter ….encase she is the only girl who his whole empire…never denies her wishes that’s y sent to Mumbai for her studies .

*mishti singhania : queen of the Empire …a loving mother but yet very strict too …doesn’t like liars ..a very good fighter ..does any thing for her kingdoms people …doesn’t like Swara studying in Mumbai but loves her like hell….

*Laksh singhania : second elder brother of Swara …a very loving one ..but a bit childish …loves everyone …loves to irritate her and tease her ….a flirter too even being a prince of the Empire .

*shravan singhania : eldest son and eldest brother of Swara …’s very strict man but loves his sister a lot can do anything for her ..loves his brother too …a very responsible prince .who is going to get engaged to princess of other kingdom

Sanskar maheshwari : son of a buiness man ..lost his mother when he was born ..didn’t get mother’s love …a total all time flirter…loves swara lot but didn’t confess knowing her status and standards .
He is the most handsome and hot popular guy of the collage ….all girls fall for him easily (he is also swara crush )

Dp : father of Sanskar …loves him like he’ll …will do anthng for him .but Sanskar doesn’t respect him that much and he doesn’t get that much time to spend with Sanskar .yet a caring and strict father .

So they are main characters …now supportive roles no description for them as the main

Adharsh : super senior of swara but still consider as his own sis ..loves her lot …a supportive brother

Pari : super senior of swara too ..bit a loving elder sis of swara ..loves her a lot and her friends

Nikhil : super senior of swara classmate of Adharsh and Pari …loves her a lot as a brother

Kavya : Swara’s soul partner ..never leaves her for a second …she is in same class of swara ….they are not less than sisters

Kavitha : Kavya sister …they are twins …she is also Swara’s crime partner …Nikhil and Kavitha are in relation .

Ragini : Swara’s best enemy but sister of Nikhil …Swara and Ragini always fight (eg.who is beautiful , who is popular and especially who is Sanskar’s favourite girl . A very attitude person

Satya : senior of swara but lives her like his sister …can do anything for her ..

So these are the character they are a big gang of swasan….everyone knows swara is a princess and they gave visited her kingdom numerous time ..

Even shekar , mishti , Laksh and shravan are very much lovable to them …they treat them like their own children’s

So hope everything is clear and let’s start the story

At collage

Swara comes to in sccoty (she likes to be simple)

She takes her scarf which wax covering her beautiful face. ..

All the boys who were busy with their girlfriends looks at her stunned

The girlfriends of them gets jealous and breaks up with them and leaves …swara laughs seeing this and goes inside

It was her first day in collage though !

Two boys and comes stands in front to her

Boy 1 : don’t u know u should respect seniors miss swara .

Swara smiling pulls his cheeks

Swara : aww Adharsh that’s for juniors but I am your sister na

Adharsh smiles and hugs her

Adharsh : welcome my cute sissy
Swara also hugs back …

Nikhil (pout) : aww u both are so bad ..u forgot me na …

While swara was going towards nikhil someone jumps and hugs him …though which he falls down

It was ragini ….swara and Adharsh laughs …

Nikhil : what’s wrong ragini ..
Ragini : bro I just hugged u …because I opened your arm for me na

Nikhil (innocently) : I opened for swara sister …

Ragini gives a angry glare and stands up …and looks at swara & Adharsh controlling their laughter

Ragini : whatever ..

Saying this she goes in , trio laughs
Soon everyone joins them .

But our Sanskar enters with a stunt with his bike

Swaragini both get lost in him ..while others smiles and giggles seeing them

Sanskar opens his helmet and goes to them .with a devilish smile (aww vk >3>3)

Kavya : jaan close your mouth flies with go inside

Swara comes to senses everyone laughs …

Sanskar : hey dudes

Saying this he hugs the boys…while Swaragini were lost in him

Ragini goes and hugs him seducing

Ragini (seduce) : hey baby …looking very hot today (she was seeing swara and smirking)

Sanskar also looks at swara …but she was standing unaffected

Swara (blank) : if your seduce is over can we head to class at least

Saying this she leaves

Ragini breaks the hug and pats herself

Ragini : good job ragini ..everyone knows swara is jealous of u

Saying this she goes others side

Nikhil : array Sanskar …see na this swara ….why don’t u stop ragini

Sanskar : as if I am hugging her ..she is like a glue

Adharsh : now we don’t know u should convince my sissy swara OK

Kavya & Kavitha : haan sanky

Sanskar (signs) : like every time u all are her side na

Everyone : yes of course

But one from behind : no no ..I am my brother’s side

Everyone looks back and finds Pari
Adharsh was lost In her smile

Pari comes and side hugs Sanskar

Pari : why are u all scolding my brother huh

Sanskar : see for me my di is there

Everyone makes faces …

Pari : leave all that as usual u would have been close to ragini and my sissy would have got jealous …right !

Sanskar nods with impossible sign on his face .

Everyone laughs ..and heads to classes .

Swara gets a call from …she gets happy seeing the ID

She picks up the Call

Swara : hey dad ..sorry your majesty

Shekar laughs .

Shekar : yes my princess how are u

Swara : all fine dad ..how are u mom shravan bhai ..and that devil

Shekar (laughs) : all fine ….how are my children’s there

Swara : haan …ha…all fine dad ..nut y u called me

Shekar : actually I have fixed shravan marriage date …

Swara (happy) : wow ..seriously when

Shekar : next week

Swara : oh …

Shekar : so u and all my children’s come here by tomorrow

Swara ; haan OK dad ..

Shekar ; is Pari there ..

Swara : Pari di dad

Pari takes the call and talks

Pari : hi dad (they all address him as dad)

Shekar : haan my eldest daughter how are u

Pari ; all fine dad …how are u ..hoe is maa

Shekar ; fine beta …I just called u to inform that we have fixed shravan marriage next week

Pari ; what bhai’s marriage !!!!

Shekar : haan beta….so I want u all to come by tomorrow .

Pari : sure dad

While she was talking everyone of her gang comes and talks with him on the phone

Swara was looking at then with open mouth ..after sll finish talking

Swara : u people have just finished my phone balance

Everyone looks with pout face .

Sanskar : dad is so cool …he said he brought many sherwani for us

Adharsh : very good na…being a king he is so humble

Swara ; enough enough ..OK

Ragini : but dad said he will Send car today ..

Pari : guys car is very boring yaar

Nikhil : hmm ya Pari is correct

Kavya : what about train …it will be good ns

Kavitha : ya ya train

Swara : OK then done .

Nikhil books the tickets and they all get ready in their respective rooms

Ragini room
Ragini : this dress is good …it will easily seduce Sanskar …

Saying this she cleans her whole wardrobe …and packs it

Ragini : all fine …but now what will I wear ….need to go shopping fast ..

Saying this she leaves to shopping (dramebazz))

Swara room
Swara ; will take only small bag because there all my dresses are there na …

Kavitha : ya ya …swara look at this dress wear it now

Swara : uff this dress it’s so short na

Kavya : don’t u want to beat ragini ..i am sure she would have packed the whole cupboard

Trio laughs ….

At railway station

Sanskar : what yaar these girls also na

Nikhil pats his shoulder

Nikhil : I know u are waiting to see swara control ! (Teases)

Adharsh laughs

Sanskar keeps his hands on his shoulder

Sanskar : u are convincing me or u bro …u also want to see kavitha right (teases)

Adharsh and Sanskar laughs ..Nikhil blushes ..

By that time , ragini comes …she was wearing red one piece strapless dress ….

Trio boys jaws fell down not because of her dress …

Rewind ..
Ragini comes with 5 big trolley bags
(He he)

Ragini comes to them
Ragini (seduce) : close your mouth everyone …I know I am s*xy

Adharsh : don’t u think it’s too much for 1 week ..

Ragini : come on dude don’t joke ..it’s jot even enough for 1 day .

Nikhil and sanskar signs impossible
Ragini goes to sanskar …takes his hand on keeps on his waist .

Adharsh : why don’t u change your sister huh

Nikhil ; are u serious !

Adharsh winks.

Sanskar : what yaar ragini not again …you are beautiful now leave me na plz …

Ragini : come on sanskar ..you are only mine …then why will I leave

Swara , Kavya and kavitha sees this
Kavya : this ragini (angry)

Saying this she goes forward but swara stops her

Swara (smirks) : don’t worry I Wilks how my acting skills now .

Swara goes forward….she was wearing pink skirt short one and white sleeve less top with pink jacket ….she was like an angel

Sanskar looks at her and smiles ..swara goes a little forward and then acts like slipping off

Swara (acts) : omg ….someone save me

Sanskar who sees this jerks and goes to help swara …

Ragini falls down …and looks at swara angrily …

Sanskar catches swara …holding her waist

Kavitha and Kavya gives hifi … and laughs looking ragini ….

Nikhil and Adharsh were looking at the scene going on

Sanskar makes swara stand in place

Swara : thank u sanskar ..
Saying this she hugs him …Sanskar also hugs her back

Swara makes faces to ragini …ragini gives her a death glare .

Both breaks the hug and looks at the person standing

Pari : if your both romance is over ..can we head to the train at least

Swasan gets shy and leaves in opposite side.

All board the train and sits in one compartment

Nikhil ; hello guys I have booked separate separate compartments .why all in one huh ?

Kavya : array nikhil we will go why do u want to throw us out immediately

Swara : that’s because he wants to romance with kavitha na (teases)

Nikhil and kavitha blushes ..everyone laughs …

Sanskar : OK guys let’s go to our own compartments …why to disturb the love birds huh !

Pari : ya ya right …

Saying this all leaves in a line to their compartments ..

But destiny / me made his own plans …

Swasan compartments were opposite to each other ..

Swasan were trying to open that time a men came and he wants to go other side …as there were no place …

Sanskar kept his hand on the wall behind swara ….and went to close to her …

The men went behind sanskar ..now both swasan are close to each other ..feeling each other’s breathe ..

Ragini who was seeing this all goes to them and separates them

Swara looks at her angrily
Ragini turn to sanskar

Ragini : sanskar my compartment keys I have lost ..can I share your compartment …

Sanskar (hesitates) : sure

Swara looks at him angrily …sankar signs *sorry*

Swara goes inside her compartments ….

Swara was so tired …she just falls asleep after going in …

It was night

Everyone were present in adharsh compartment except swara

Kavitha : where is swara huh ?

Nikhil ; she didn’t come …OK let me go and check …Pari u plz take the order …of food ..the pantry is asking

Sanskar : array if u are heavy work ..u be here ..I will go and call swara .

Nikhil wad about to say a word
Kavitha stamps her leg on him

Nikhil : ahh…hmm…ya u …go

Sanskar smiles and goes

Nikhil ; what the he’ll kavitha

Pari : aaray budhu let them spend some time na

Ragini : what spend time (angry)

Adharsh changes the topic

Adharsh : what to u want to eat day fast yaar …

Ragini forgets , all signs relief

Sanskar goes to swara compartment….he knocks the door but she didn’t open

So he goes inside and finds her sleeping like an angel ….Sanskar sits down beside her and admirers her …

Sanskar caresses her hair …swara smiles in sleeping …Sanskar was just looking into her …

Sanskar : swara …..swara

Swara (sleeping) : kavya let me sleep for sometime na

Sanskar : it’s not kavya but me sanskar

Swara (sleeping) : u know I love sanskar …that’s y u are speaking in his tone …that I wake up na

Omg ! Swara just confessed ….

She woke up with a jerk and looks
But to her suprise no one was there ..swara gives a relief sign

Sanskar was standing outside the compartment and was dancing in joy …he was so happy that even swara loves him …

Swara suddenly opens the door and he falls on her …

Sanskar top of swara …both were looking into each other’s eyes .

Swara : hmm sanskar why are u crushing my tiny body

Sanskar (fake angry) : u are tiny huh

Swara : then am I fat (questions)

Sanskar : of course ..

Saying this he gets up and runs ..swara chases him …

Their gang looks at them …running inside the train …and laughs

Nikhil was going to give his menu to the pantry

Sanskar hides behind him
Sanskar : save me ….save me nikhil …this Billy will eat me alive

Nikhil ; what the

Swara was searching for sanskar and comes to nikhil and finds sanskar behind nikhil

Swara : nikhil bro move …

Nikhil moves but sankar also stands behind him …

Swara : sanskar ..idiot come in front

She tries to catch him but sanskar doesn’t come instead he rotates nikhil in this process …

Everyone were enjoying it …

Nikhil : array yaar ..everyone is hungry now leave …me

Saying this he goes …Sanskar was standing pleading swara to leave …

Swara goes forward he moves back ward ..

Swara wad about to beat him….Sanskar pinches her belly and leaves ..

Swara : ahh…idiot I hate u …. (running her belly)

Sanskar : but this idiot loves u

Saying this he runs away …swara was happy yet angry with him .

They all sit and eat talking and cracking jokes …

The train stops in a station ….so everyone gets down to freshen up

Kavitha : nikhil I need water bottle . Will u come with me to buy

Nikhil (smiling) ; haan …haan …

Swara goes out to wash her face , her pure white milk face …

A boy was staring her lustfully he orders his men’s to go and grab her to him …

His men’s go toward her …but sanskar comes and stands in between

Men : oyye hero move aside …or else

Sanskar (smirks) : or else ..what will u do ….huh …what will u

Men : I will kill u and go …u can’t do anything …what will u do

Sanskar (smirks) : should I tell u or show u (prabhu deva dialogue in ABCD 2)

Sanskar beats them blue and black without noise …

Our swara was still washing face without knowing sanskar was fighting behind …

After beating all of them …Sanskar goes to swara

Sanskar : swara it’s late let’s go inside …the train

Swara ; haan …but wait I hate u …hm

Saying this she leaves …Sanskar stands there smiling seeing her childish nature .

The train moves

It was night and all were sleeping except swara

Swara goes and stands near the door enjoying the cold breeze …

Suddenly some on shouts : bhooo!!!

Swara jerks and looks at the person laughing …

Swara beats him with her hands
Swara : idiot …u are such a duffer

She beats him more ….Sanskar catches her hand on back hugs her

Swara smiles but acts to be angry

Swara : duffer take your hand back

Sanskar : no I won’t princess….

Swara smiles and feels comfy in hands …like an husbands hands ..

Sanskar : u felt bad in your belly na

Swara : haan still it’s paining because of u only

Sanskar (smirks) ; then let me cure it

Swara (confused) : how …

Sanskar again pinches her belly and leaves

Swara (angry) : I hate u a lot…u stupid kahika

Sanskar laughs ….swara get an idea

Swara goes to his compartment and locks the door

Sanskar looks at her confused

Swara removes her jacket …Sanskar was shocked ..

Sanskar : what are u doing swara ?

Swara (lovingly) : how handsome u are na …

Sanskar (shocked) : swara ..

Swara removes his shirt….he was now bare body ….

Sanskar widens his eyes …and covers his body with his hands

Swara (lovingly) : come na sanskar let’s enjoy….

She goes more closer to him …

Sanskar closes his eyes : mommy !!

Swara looks at him and laughs …now sanskar understood her plan …

Sanskar pulls her and both falls on the (sleeper couch) sanskar top of swara …

Both looks into each other …Sanskar goes down and kisses the area where he pinched ..

Swara closes her eyes due to shy..he then comes to her face

Sanskar (teases) : don’t expect more swara

Swara opens her eyes and hits him
Sanskar holds he hands

Sanskar : ahh ….swara it’s paining yaar ..

Swara : I don’t care …be used it will be useful In future (smiling)

Sanskar also smiles ….swara sleeps on his shoulder …while sanskar tightly hugs her and sleeps

End of shot 1

Hope u all like ….shot 2 tomorrow

Comment plz ….don’t ignore ..comment even if it’s bad …silent readers …break your silence

Thanks for reading

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