The Prince or My Lover……..{Episode-14~Party}

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{Sanskar’s P.O.V}
Swara….this very girl has made me go crazy……i donot know how exactly to name my relation with her…..we are not just friends…atleast not after not happened yesterday……..
{The kiss-Maxon’s P.O.V}

We were standing in the balcony……. warm angeles air …..was blowing with the scent of beautiful flowers from our garden….along with it swara’s hair was tickling my face……she was sooo close to me that….i could actually smell her….She has a fresh, wholesome fragrance that reminds me of my grandfather’s apple orchard. Closing my eyes, I inhale, committing her scent to memory. When I open them she’s staring at me, entreating me, her eyes on my mouth and thats when i lost my control….my eyes strayed to her lips….it looked so luscious in the moon light……my heart beat increased every pasing minute….and then i…..i…i kissed her….i couldn’t believe myself that i just did that…..she stepped back…..and i could my feel cheeks heating up…..i mumbled a sorry and turned away before she could question me further …..something unfurled deep inside me……it was the first time i had kissed someone ……. she did not say anything…..i was embarrassed…. i didnot know how the kiss was….

I was tensed to ask her….
And then….
I asked her….
She then came near me…..kept her tiny hand on my forehead…and asked me to erase that memory….i smiled and replied that we will never be able to change history…..and then suddenly…out of nowhere……she kissed me……i was baffled……i did not react but after sometime i guessed that she wanted some support….i went near her….snakked my arms around her teeny tiny waist….we were so close that…our nose tips touched……i ran my fingers over her cheek……it was so soft……i was afraid that i will leave some marks in her alabaster skin if i hold her tightly……….she was so fragile…..she looked like an angel on earth…..and then i kissed her ,again….she tasted of strawberries ….. maybe from the dessert she ate….her lips were as soft as rose petals….I was exited to have this moment with her….but deep down i was afraid too……
And again……
I was disturbed from my thoughts when….someone knocked my study’s door…i allowed the person in….he was the chief of armed forces….and we were discussing about the recent rebel attacks,trying to get a clue about their real intentions…..i tried to concentrate on the matter…..but failed miserably….all credit goes to miss.Swara Gadodia…..she’s the only person who is haunting my dream regularly…….how i hope that…..things that i dream….come true…

Whoa…what r u thinking Maxon…..get a hold of urself….
She sees u just as a frnd and nothing more……my inner self warned me…..but my heart kept on thinking about her , time and again….i played back the kiss in my mind….my inner self face palmed itself for my ridiculous thoughts…..but i did not care….i cannot understand my own feelings towards her…….i was utterly confused…..i needed a break from myself…..
I dismissed the officer and went to the garden to get some fresh air…..
I started moving here and there…..but again she came back to my mind……
“Oooh…Swara…what r u doing to me….i have never been this confused b4…..”

{Swara’s P.O.V}

In the dark of the theater, I tried to figure out what to do. Maxon had made it clear from the night I’d told him about Laksh that he hated anyone who would treat me with so little care. If I told Maxon that the man he’d just assigned to watch over me was that very person, would he punish him somehow? I wouldn’t put it past him. He’d invented an entire support system for the country based on my stories of being hungry.

So I couldn’t tell him. I wouldn’t tell him. Because as mad as I was, I loved Laksh. And I couldn’t bear him being hurt.

Then should I leave? The ambivalence pulled at my heart. I could escape Laksh, get away from his face—a face that would torture me every day when I saw it and knew it was no longer mine. But if I left, I’d have to leave Maxon, too. And Maxon was my closest friend, maybe even more. I couldn’t just go. Besides, how would I explain it without telling him Laksh was here?

And my family. Maybe the checks they got were smaller, but at least they were getting them. Ladoo had written saying that papa was promising our best Christmas ever this year, but I was sure that came with the stipulation that another Christmas might never be as good. If I left, who could say how much money my past fame would bring for my family? We had to save up as much as we could now.

“You didn’t like that one, did you?” Maxon asked nearly two hours later.


“The movie. You didn’t laugh or anything.”

“Oh.” I tried to remember one little piece of information, a single scene that I could say I’d enjoyed. Nothing registered. “I think I’m just a little out of it today. Sorry you wasted your afternoon.”

“Nonsense.” Maxon waved away my lackluster attitude. “I just enjoy your company. Though perhaps you should take a nap before dinner. You’re looking a little pale.”

I nodded. I was considering going to my room and never coming back out.
IN THE END, I DECIDED against hiding in my room. Instead I chose the Women’s Room. Usually I darted in and out all day, visiting libraries, taking walks with Ragini, or even heading back upstairs to visit my maids. But now I was using the Women’s Room like a cave. No men, not even guards, were allowed inside without the queen’s express permission. It was perfect.

Well, it was perfect for three days. With this many girls, it was only a matter of time until someone had a birthday. Kriss’s was on Thursday. I guessed she’d mentioned it to Maxon—who seemed to never pass up an opportunity to give someone something—and the outcome was a mandatory party for all the Selected. As a result, Thursday was a mad rush of girls in and out of one another’s rooms, asking what they were wearing or guessing at how grand it would be.

It didn’t appear that gifts were required, but I figured I’d do something nice for her all the same.

On the day of the party, I donned one of my favorite day dresses and grabbed my violin. I crept down to the Great Room, looking around corners before I committed to walking on. Once I made it to the room, I did another sweep, surveying the guards who lined the walls. Mercifully, Laksh was nowhere to be seen, and I had to chuckle at the presence of so many men in uniform. Were they expecting a riot or something?

The Great Room was decorated beautifully. Special vases hung on the wall, displaying huge arrangements of yellow and white flowers, and similar bouquets sat in bowls around the room. Windows, stretches of wall, and pretty much anything that didn’t move was draped in garlands. A few small tables had been set out, and they were covered with bright linens. Little bits of glittering confetti sparkled on the table-tops. Ornate bows adorned the backs of chairs.

In one corner, a massive cake that matched the colors of the room waited to be cut. Next to it, a small table held a few gifts for the birthday girl.

A string quartet was set up against the wall, effectively making my attempt at a gift meaningless, and a photographer wandered the room, capturing moments for the public eye.

The mood in the room was playful. Tiny—who had so far only managed to get close to Ragini—was talking to Emmica and Jenna and looking more animated than I’d ever seen her. Ragini hovered near a window, looking like one of the many guards dotting the wall. She made no effort to leave her chosen spot but stopped anyone who passed by to chat. A group of Threes—Kayleigh, Elizabeth, and Emily—all turned and waved and smiled. I returned the gesture. Everyone seemed so friendly and happy today.

Except for Celeste and Bariel. Usually they were inseparable, but today they were on opposite ends of the room, with Bariel speaking to Samantha, and Celeste sitting alone at a table, clutching a crystal glass of deep red liquid. I’d obviously missed something between yesterday’s dinner and this afternoon.

I gripped my violin case again and walked toward the back of the room to see Ragini.

“Hi, Ragini. This is something, isn’t it?” I asked, setting down the violin.

“It sure is.” She hugged me. “I hear Maxon’s coming by later to wish Kriss a happy birthday in person. Isn’t that sweet? I’ll bet he has a present, too.”

Ragini,went on in her typical enthusiastic way. I still wondered what her secret was, but I trusted her enough to bring up the subject if she really needed to talk about it. We spoke of little nothings for a few minutes until we heard a general clamor at the front end of the room.

Ragini and I both turned, and while she remained calm, I was completely deflated.

Kriss’s dress choice had been incredibly strategic. Here we all were in day dresses—short, girlish things—and she was in a floor-length gown. But the length meant little. It was that her dress was a creamy, almost white color. Her hair was done up with a row of yellow jewels pinned into a line across the front in a very subtle resemblance to a crown. She looked mature, regal, bridal.

Even though I wasn’t entirely sure where my heart was, I felt a pang of jealousy. None of us would ever get a similar moment. No matter how many parties or dinners came and went, it would be rather pathetic to try to copy Kriss’s look. I saw Celeste’s hand—the one that wasn’t clutching her drink—ball into a fist.

“She looks really pretty,”Ragini commented wistfully.

“Better than pretty,” I replied.

The party continued on, and Marlee and I mostly crowd-watched. Surprisingly—and suspiciously—Celeste clung to Kriss, talking up a storm as Kriss circled the room, thanking everyone for coming, even though we really had no choice.

Eventually she made it to the back corner where Ragini and I were standing, soaking up the warm sun from the windows. Ragini, true to form, threw her arms around Kriss.

“Happy birthday!” she squealed.

“Thank you!” Kriss replied, returning Ragini’s affection and enthusiasm.

“So you’re nineteen today, right?” Ragini asked.

“Yes. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate. I’m so glad they’re taking pictures. My mother will love this! Even though we do pretty well, we’ve never had money to have something like this. It’s so beautiful!” she gushed.

Kriss was a Three. There weren’t nearly as many limits to her life as mine, but I’d imagine anything close to this scale would be hard to justify.

“It is impressive,” Celeste commented. “For my birthday last year, I had a black and white party. Any trace of color, and you weren’t even allowed in the door.”

“Wow,” Ragini whispered, obvious envy in the tiny word.

“It was fantastic. Gourmet food, dramatic lighting, and the music! Well, we flew in Tessa Tamble. You’ve heard of her?”

It was impossible not to know Tessa Tamble. She had at least a dozen hit songs. Sometimes we saw videos of hers on TV, though that was frowned on by Mom. She thought we were infinitely more talented than anyone like Tessa, and it irked her to no end that she had fame and money when we didn’t for doing essentially the same thing.

“She’s my favorite!” Kriss exclaimed.

“Well, Tessa’s a dear friend of the family, so she came in and did a concert for my party. I mean, we couldn’t have a bunch of dreary Fives sucking all the life out of the room.”

Ragini gave me a quick sideways glance. I could tell she was feeling embarrassed for me.

“Oops,” Celeste added, looking at me. “I forgot. I meant no offense.”

The sticky sweetness of her voice was infuriating. Once again I was tempted to hit her…. Better not to push it.

“None taken,” I replied, as composed as I possibly could. “Exactly what do you do as a Two, Celeste? I mean, I’ve never heard your music on the radio.”

“I model,” she answered in a tone that implied I should have known that. “Haven’t you seen my ads?”

“Can’t say I have.”

“Oh, well, you are a Five. I guess you can’t afford the magazines anyway.”

It hurt because it was true.Ladoo loved to sneak peeks at magazines when we managed to go by a store, but there was absolutely no reason for us to buy them.

Kriss, taking on the role of host again, switched directions.

“You know, America, I’ve been meaning to ask what your focus was as a Five.”


“You should play for us sometime!”

I sighed. “Actually, I brought my violin to play for you today. I thought it would make a nice gift, but you’ve already got a quartet, so I figured—”

“Oh, play for us!” Ragini begged.

“Please, America, it’s my birthday!” Kriss echoed.

“But they’ve already given you a—” It didn’t matter how I protested. Kriss and Ragini had already shushed the quartet and made everyone come to the back of the room. Some girls fanned their dresses out and sat on the floor, while others pulled a few chairs toward the corner. Kriss stood in the middle of the crowd, clutching her hands with excitement, as Celeste stood by, holding the crystal glass she had yet to take a sip from.

As the girls settled themselves, I prepped the violin. The quartet of young men who had been playing walked over to support me, and the few waitstaff who had been buzzing about the room became still.

I took a deep breath and brought the violin to my chin. “For you,” I said, looking at Kriss.

I let the bow hover above the strings for a moment, closed my eyes, and then let the music come.

For a while, there was no wicked Celeste, no Laksh lurking in the palace, no rebels trying to invade. There wasn’t anything but one perfect note stringing itself to the next in such a way they seemed afraid they might get lost in time without one another. But they did hold together, and as they floated on, this gift that was meant to be something for Kriss became something for me.

I might be a Five, but I wasn’t worthless.

I played the song—as familiar as my father’s voice or the smell of my room—for a few brief, beautiful moments, and then let it come to its unavoidable end. I gave the bow one last sweep across the strings and lifted it into the air.

I turned to find Kriss, hoping she’d enjoyed her gift, but I didn’t even see her face. Behind the crowd of girls, Maxon had walked in. He was in a gray suit with a box under his arm for Kriss. The girls were kindly applauding, but I couldn’t register the sound. All I saw was that Maxon wore a handsome, awestruck expression, which slowly turned into a smile, a smile for no one but me.

“Your Majesty,” I said with a curtsy.

The other girls all clambered to their feet to greet Maxon. In the midst of this, I heard a shocked squeal.

“Oh, no! Kriss, I’m so sorry.”

A few girls had gasped in the same direction, and as Kriss turned my way I saw why. Her beautiful dress was stained down the front from Celeste’s punch. It looked like Kriss had been stabbed.

“I’m sorry, I just turned too fast. I didn’t mean to, Kriss. Let me help you.” To the average person, Celeste’s tone probably sounded sincere, but I could see through it.

Kriss covered her mouth as she started to cry, then ran from the room, which ended the party. To his credit, Maxon went after her, though I really wished he had stayed.

Celeste was pleading her case to anyone who would listen, saying it was a complete accident. Tuesday was nodding, saying she saw the whole thing, but there were so many rolling eyes and sagging shoulders from the rest that her support was pointless. I quietly put my violin away and went to leave.

Ragini grabbed my arm. “Someone should do something about her.”

If Celeste could move someone as lovely as Anna to violence, or think it was acceptable to try and take the dress off my back, or make someone as good as Marlee come close to anger, then she really was too much for the Selection.

I had to get that girl out of the palace.
“I’M TELLING YOU, MAXON, IT wasn’t an accident.” We were in the garden again, passing time until the Report. It had taken me a whole day to get a chance to speak with him.

“But she looked mortified, and she was so apologetic,” he countered. “How could it not have been an accident?”

I sighed. “I’m telling you. I see Celeste every day, and that was her sneaky way of ruining Kriss’s moment in the spotlight. She’s so competitive.”

“Well, if she was trying to take my attention from Kriss, she failed. I spent nearly an hour with the girl. Rather pleasant time I had, too.”

I didn’t want to hear about that. I knew that there was something small and tenuous between us, and I didn’t want to deal with anything that might change it. Not until I knew how I felt about it myself.

“Then what about Anna?” I asked.


“Anna Farmer? She hit Celeste, and you kicked her out, remember? I know Anna had to have been provoked.”

“Did you hear Celeste say something?” He sounded skeptical.

“Well … no. But I knew Anna, and I know Celeste. I’m telling you, Anna was not the type of person to head straight to violence. Celeste must have said something heartless to her for her to have reacted that way.”

“Swara, I’m aware that you spend more time with the girls than I do, but how well can you really know them? You like to hide in your room or the libraries. I daresay you’re more familiar with your maids’ personalities than any of the Selected.”

He was probably right, but I wouldn’t back down. “That’s not fair. I was right about Ragini, wasn’t I? Don’t you think she’s nice?”

He made a face. “Yes … she is nice, I suppose.”

“Then why won’t you believe me when I say that what Celeste did was a calculated move?”

“Swara, it’s not that I think you’re lying. I’m sure, to you, it seemed that way. But Celeste was sorry. And she’s been nothing but gracious with me.”

“I’ll bet she has,” I muttered under my breath.

“That’s enough,” Maxon said with a sigh. “I don’t want to talk about the others right now.”

“She tried to take my dress, Maxon,” I complained.

“I said I don’t want to talk about her,” he said fiercely.

That was all I was going to take. I huffed and lifted my arms in the air just to drop them with a thud against my legs. I was so frustrated I wanted to scream.

“If you’re going to act this way, I’m going to find someone who does want my company.” He walked off.

“Hey!” I called.

“No!” He turned back on me and spoke more forcefully than I’d ever imagined he could. “You forget yourself, Lady America. It would do you well to remember that I am the crown prince of Illéa. For all intents and purposes, I am lord and master of this country, and I’ll be damned if you think you can treat me like this in my own home. You don’t have to agree with my decisions, but you will abide by them.”

He turned and left, either not seeing or caring that I had tears in my eyes.

I didn’t look his way through dinner, but it was difficult to do during the Report. I caught him looking at me twice, and both times he tugged his ear. I didn’t return the action. I didn’t want to talk to him right now. I could only assume I’d be scolded more anyway, and I didn’t need that.

I walked up to my room afterward so upset with Maxon I couldn’t think clearly. Why wouldn’t he listen to me? Did he think I was a liar? Even worse, did he think Celeste was above lying?

Maybe Maxon was just a typical guy, and Celeste was a beautiful girl, and in the end that would be what won out. For all his talk about wanting a soul mate, maybe all he wanted was a bedmate.

And if that was the kind of person he was, why was I even bothering with this? Stupid, stupid, stupid! I kissed him! I told him I’d be patient! And for what? I just—

I turned the corner to my room, and there was Laksh, waiting outside my door. All my rage melted away into a strange uncertainty. Guards, as a rule, kept their eyes forward and stayed at attention, but he was looking at me with an unreadable expression.

“Lady America,” he whispered.

“Officer Leger.”

Though it wasn’t his job, he leaned over to open my door for me. I walked past slowly. As much as I’d tried to keep Maxon out of my head and my heart, I just wanted him to be with me in that moment. As I passed, I heard Laksh inhale just next to my hair. It gave me a chill.

He fixed me with another stare and slowly closed the door.

Sleep was pointless. I tossed for hours as thoughts of Maxon’s stupidity and Laksh’s closeness battled in my head. I didn’t know what to do about anything. My reflections were so consuming, I didn’t even realize that I’d been mulling them over until well past two in the morning.

I sighed. My maids were going to have to work extra hard to make me look good tomorrow.

Suddenly I saw a light from the hallway. So quietly it felt like I was dreaming it, Laksh cracked open the door, walked in, and shut it behind him.

“Laksh, what are you doing?” I whispered as he crossed the room. “You’ll be in so much trouble if you’re caught in here!”

He continued to walk silently.


He stopped in front of my bed and quietly laid the staff he was holding on the ground. “Do you love him?”

I looked into Laksh’s deep eyes, barely visible in the dark. For a split second, I didn’t know what to say.

And before i could complete my sentence,he ripped back my blankets in a move both graceful and violent. I protested. His hand was behind my head, pushing my face to his,and kissed me…..hard.I pushed him,he looked bewildered. Pachaak … Pachaak …. Pachaak….i slapped him thrice….he looked flabbergasted and every bad thing in the world fell into place. All those slaps were for his betrayal, for breaking my trust, for breaking me, i knew i’ll start to cry miserably in a few moments and i didnot want him to see that i was broken but rather i wanted him to see a strong women,i did not want him to know that i was broken into million pieces and that i had lost my trust on true love….wanting to keep him at distance.I pushed him….pushed him out of the door…..Slammed the door shut…..

he was stronger than he used to be. but every move, every touch was unfamiliar and very uncomfortable. My thoughts were scattered….i rolled into a ball on the floor…hugging myself….crying my heart out…..all the frustrarion of the day…the events and all the crying had made me tired…..i closed my eyes….i just wanted to just vanish into thin air…..wanted to be in a place were no one will find me…….sleep was far away from me……. my tears dried….. as far as I knew Laksh had another girlfriend, that Maxon and I had some sort of feelings for each other—but I couldn’t care. I was so angry with Maxon,for not trusting me…..trusting me on Celeste problem…..the truth was…. I was angry with Maxon, angry with Celeste, even angry with Laksh. Hell, I was angry with Illéa,angry on my fate……angry with everything….
Precap : Truth out….
Sry………sry……sry….late update…….. pls forgive me naa…pls……bashers are welcome…..waiting eagerly for ur chappals,rotten tomatoes,eggs,stones and etc…….

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