The Prince or My Lover…………{episode-1}

Hi…..guys….this is Natasha back again wit my first epi……sry 4 the late update but tu site didnot accept any articles 4 a couple of days… i was not able to post this chappy…..sry guys…….srsly…..i did not think i will get such an overwhelming response from u guys……….i am elated….i have replied to all ur comments…….pls do read it……….tk u sooooo much 4 supporting me……..i’m not an experienced writer…… my writing skills r not tat gud and ya, there may be many grammatical errors….pls bear wit me….and also crct me……..sry again 4that……….and pls…….do comment…….ur comments r very important 4 me……….its a morale booster for me…….pls comment……ok……enough of my bak baks and on to the epi………..another short remainder guys……….in this ff all the four main characters of swaragini will be present in this story…..and all the characters will have a main role to play…..and…….abt the pairs………..i’ll reveal in the nxt epi for sure……….ok… last…..happy reading guys???
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{swara’s p.o.v}
WHEN WE GOT THE LETTER in the post, my mother was ecstatic. She had already decided that all our problems were solved, gone forever.The big hitch in her brilliant plan was me.
I didn’t think I was a particularly disobedient daughter but this was where I drew the line.
I didn’t want to be royalty. And I didn’t want to be a One. I didn’t even want to try.
I hid in my room, the only place to avoid the chattering of our full house, trying to come up with an argument that would sway her. So far, I had a solid collection of my honest opinions. I didn’t think there was a single one she would listen to.

I couldn’t avoid her much longer. It was approaching dinnertime, and as the oldest child in the house, cooking duties fell on me. I pulled myself out of bed and walked into the snake pit.Speaking abt my mom,she has an indian origin.Her grt grt grt grt grt grt grand father migrated to illéa,then called as America frm India.They were well off then but now all tks to the castes 4 our suffering.I know our suffering is not worse than sixes or sevens,but we donot enjoy the comfortable lyf which my mom’s ancestors had.We r now entertainers,who earn money by entertaining the 1s or 2s.We do things lyk singing, painting ,sculpting and many more.I know there is no use complaining but….I came back frm my trail of thoughts wen i heard my mom shouting at my sis.
I was standing at the end of stairs,near the living room.I did not know how i came here,i must have been so immersed in my thoughts that,i did not even realise that i was walking,again i heard my mom shout.This was my cue to go into the kitchen.
I went into the kitchen,building walls around my heart as i entered,so that i will not be convinced to participate in the idiotic selection by my mom’s emotional talk.
As i entered the kitchen…..i got an angry glare frm my mom but no words.
We did a silent dance through the kitchen and dining room as we prepared chicken, pasta, and apple slices, and set the table for six. If I glanced up from a task, she’d fix me with a fierce look as if she could shame me into wanting the same things she did.She tried that every so often. Like if I didn’t want to take on a particular job because I knew the family hosting us was unnecessarily rude Or if she wanted me to do a massive cleaning when we couldn’t afford to have a Six come and help.
Sometimes it works,Sometimes it didn’t. And this was one area where I was unswayable.
She couldn’t stand it when I was stubborn. But I got that from her, so she shouldn’t have been surprised. This wasn’t just about me, though. Mom had been tense lately.The summer was ending, and soon we’d be faced with cold And worry.
As entertainers we didnot have job year around.It was only in summer the people of illéa threw parties,so naturally we ended up having almost no job in winter.
I was startled from my thoughts wen Mom set down the pitcher of tea in the center of the table with an angry thud.
“Would it kill you to fill out the form ?” she said, no longer able to contain herself. “The Selection could be a wonderful opportunity for you, for all of us.”
I sighed aloud, thinking that filling out that form might actually be something close to death.
It was no secret that the rebels—the underground colonies that hated Illéa, our large and comparatively young country—made their attacks on the palace both violent and frequent. We’d seen them in action in Carolina before.One of the magistrates’ houses was burned to the ground, and a handful of Twos had their cars vandalized. There was even a magnificent jailbreak once, but considering they only released a teenage girl who’d managed to get herself pregnant and a Seven who was a father to nine, I couldn’t help thinking they were in the right that time.
But beyond the potential danger.I felt like it would hurt my heart to even consider the Selection. I couldn’t help smiling as I thought about all the reasons I had to stay exactly where I was.
“These last few years have been very hard on your father,” she hissed. “If you have any compassion at all, you might think of him.”
Dad. Yeah. I really did want to help Dad,Dad is really really sweet and agrees to watever decision i take,my mom and dad have characters that are so different that most of the tym i fell lyk both of them r poles apart.But 1 thing i am not sure is that how did my mom and dad ended up luving each other,dad was a native of this country and my mom was an immigrant an indian by origin. i have heard many of them say that”luv makes u blind” maybe its true.
i get my fair complexion and startling blue eyes frm my father and the dark long dark chocolate brown curls frm my mother. i ended up getting 2 names America singer as known by all in corolina,my home province but my second name is known only to my family and our close knit grp of frns.My second name was my mother’s choice of name,the name which she loves.Swara gadodia.
sharmishta gadodia was my mothers maiden name,which was changed to Magda singer wen she got married to my dad.i am called as Shona by my mommy.only my mom is allowed to call me by that name not even my dad is allowed.i am called cutely as Ames by all the other family members.
My big bro,known as alden singer for the outer world and Abisheik gadodia for family and very close frnds.Fondly called as abhi by all of us.He is my dads look alike wit those blue eyes ,fiery red hair and fair complexion.

My lil sissy,known as May singer by the outer world and swastika gadodia for all my family members , frns and ladoo for me.she is just my opposite in looks.she got the fiery red hair from my father and sea green orbs from mom.
My lil brother known as adam singer by outer world.and aadhik gadodia for all my family member,frnds and aadhi for me.He has inherited the dark brown chocolaty hair and the sea green eyes of my mom.
My dad my favourite person in this whole world.i can not explain my bond between me and my father.its totally different frm all the other bonds which i share wit my family members.He is called as Christopher singer by the outer world but i call him papa.i dont know y but i prefer calling my dad as papa.
This is my lovely family wit its very unique six members.
Back in reality,My mom continued grumbling.
But i kept on thinking abt our lives.
Things had been strained around here for far too long. I wondered if papa would see this as a way back to normal, if any amount of money could make things better.
It wasn’t that our situation was so precarious that we were living in fear of survival or anything. We weren’t destitute. But I guess we weren’t that far off either.Our caste was just three away from the bottom. We were artists. And artists and classical musicians were only three steps up from dirt. Literally. Our money was stretched as tight as a high wire, and our income was highly dependent on the changing seasons.
I remembered reading in a timeworn history book that all the major holidays used to be cramped into the winter months. Something called Halloween followed by Thanksgiving, then Christmas and New Year’s. All back to back.
Christmas was still the same. It’s not like you could change the birth date of a deity. But when Illéa made the massive peace treaty with China, the New Year came in January or February, depending on the moon. All the individual celebrations of thankfulness and independence from our part of the world were now simply the Grateful Feast. That came in the summer. It was a time to celebrate the forming of Illéa, to rejoice in the fact that we were still here.I didn’t know what Halloween was. It never resurfaced.
So at least three times a year, the whole family would be fully employed. Papa and ladoo would make their art, and patrons would purchase them as gifts. Mumma and I would perform at parties—me singing and her on piano—not turning down a single job if we could manage it. When I was younger, performing in front of an audience terrified me. But now I just tried to equate myself to background music. That’s what we were in the eyes of our employers: meant to be heard and not seen.
Aadhi hadn’t found his talent yet. But he is only seven. He still has time.
Soon the leaves would change, and our tiny world would be unsteady again. Five mouths but only four workers. No guarantees of employment until Christmastime.
When I thought of it that way, the Selection seemed like a rope, something sure I could grab onto. That stupid letter could lift me out of the darkness, and I could pull my family along with me,but the prblm is that i just need the money which is given as a stipend to me if i get selected for the selection and not the prince.Cause i donot luv him but luv some other person.Thinking about him made me smile a lil…….my luv the only prsn who owns my heart…………he maybe an six but i dont care all i need is him…..he is………??????
Precap: Entry of a new character……probably swara’s luver???
Will swara enter the selection bcoz of her family’s state?????? or is there any other reason behind it??????if she enters the selection wat will happen to her love story????atlast the question is who will be her true soul mate?????? For whom will she bcom the better half of their souls…….will it be The Prince or Her Lover???????
To know more stay tuned………
Sry……guys….i know i bored u with this epi….but this was necessary for the story………i’m sooooo sry for the long update forgive me if u can……pls…pls… comment…….i know u guys want me to introduce all the other characters……..i will surely do it in the nxt chappy…..its 1:00 in the morng now……i didnot realise the tym till i finished typing this……i’m sleepy now……so bye guys…….but pls…..comment……luv ya???…..
Song dedication :Love story by Taylor swift.?????

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  3. Hey this is the story of selection ri8? So I think
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    Laksh-Aspen(her lover)
    Sanskar-Prince Maxon(whom she ll get married to in the end)
    Ragini-only Swara’s sister,no main role
    I think this is the course your story ll follow,so i think you can reveal the pairs as it won’t give false hope to people that they ll see their fav

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