My prince charming (os)

Helloo my edkvians.why no posts .koi baat nhi mai hoon na.
I m going to write os.I m so happy with ur love on my previous os.thnku.
Now let’s begin.
Girl:uske baad na prince charming reach to Cinderella home where she was working.The both sisters try to put their foot in the shoe but failed.prince was seeing Cinderella working he asked her to put her foot and Cinderella foot was fitted in that shoe.prince got 2 know that she is the same girl and both of them get happily married.the end.ab khush hai dabbu.
Dabbu:sumo di bhut aachi story thi.
So that girl was our sumo.
Sumo:chl ab soh ja.
Dabbu goes to sleep.
Sumo:cindrella ko toh apna prince charming mil gya mujhe mera prince KB milega.
One boy:bhut jldi.
Another boy:kya jldi.
Boy:abhi bhut jldi FIFA 17 release hone wali hai.
Abhj:shravo uff u and ur FIFA.
(So here our hero enter shravan)
Shravo:yesss Maine book kr li game.
Abhi:ab soh ja nhi toh kl professor se dant padhegi .
both goes to sleep.
It was morning.
Sumo and shravo was in their colleloe library.they both don’t know each other.
Sumo was reDing the book and shravo was busy in phone playing FIFA .they were coming in opposite direction and clash.
Sumo was about to fall that shravo hold her from waist .they both share an eyelock.
Sumo:sorry I was busy in my books didn’t saw u.I didn’t did this intentionally by mistake.plz forgive me.
Shravo was still lost in her.
Sumo goes from there.
Shravo:yeh pehli cheej hai jo mujhe FIFA se zyada pasand aayi.
Both shravo and sumo was having free periods.they both went into canteen.
Shravo sees sumo.he thinks to go and talk with her.
Shravo finally goes.
Sumo remember him.
Sumo:I said na sorry.
Shravo:no I m sorry.
Sumo:no I.
Shravo:it was my mistake.
Sumo:no I was lost.
Shravo:OK we both r name is shravan and yours.
Sumo:hi I m suman u can call me sumo.
Shravo:OK u can call me shravo.
Sumo:hi shravo .
Sumo:OK bye my period.
She goes….
It was night and shravo was still in the thought of suman.
Shravo:beautiful eyes pretty smile marvellous hairs and sweet voice.every good quality
He has sumo dream.
It was morning .
Sumo was exercising where she founds shravan.
Sumo:u also love exercise.
Shravo:yess .
Sumo:so a fit man.
Shravo:sumo which kind of boy u love.
Sumo:kind hearted.
Sumo:I want my hero should propose me in different way.kl diwali hai excited.
Shravo:ab toh haan.
Next day.
Sumo was dressed as Indian beauty.
She gets a card of well wishes.then she gets cadbury.
Sumo was happy.
It was night.everywhere crackers were going on.
A boy wearing Indian style cloth comes.from his back anaar atisbazi was going.
(That boy was shravo)
He fires a rocket which in sky makes sign of I love u.
Sumo was very happy .she liked what shravo did.
She goes and hug shravo.
The end.
Do u like this?
Here I end my 9 os

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  1. 9 os , come on dude, keep it up
    loved this one too.
    actully i posted the the next epi of my ff yesterday itself, but i am not able to see it, what should i do? help me .
    and btw congratulations for 9 os
    love youuu

    1. shraman unique proposal was also too good

    2. Hey dear!
      Well, there are possibly two things which can happen:
      1) If you’ve posted 24 hours back, then it’s completely fine since updating can take from a couple of hours to 24 hours. Therefore, if you haven’t received any mail from TU about the rejection of your article, it’ll soon be posted.
      2) At times, quite rarely though (if all required information is not provided), articles are rejected. In such a case, you shall be receiving a mail from TU.
      Hope my advice could help you??

      1. thankyou so much anshita, hope it will get posted soon, actually the problem is i cannot see it in the main page but in my account its available.

      2. Well, the thing sure has been posted, but not on the EDKV page….
        Perhaps, it has gotten uploaded to some other page…
        Here’s the link to it:

        You can spread it for everyone to read it???

    3. Prettypreeti

      Mirru thnku first of all.
      Happy diwali secondly.
      And thirdly anshu has already helped u kabhi kabhi dheri ho jati hai don’t worry u can always contact tu.
      Now toh ur ff is posted that is too good.
      Love uuuuu

      1. your welcome

  2. Hey di!!!
    Oh my gaaawd! Back to back amazing OSs from your side! Muaaaaaahhh!?????
    This was sooooooooooooooooooooooo damn cute!!!?????
    ‘Yeh pehli cheez hai jo mujhe FIFA se zyaada pasand hai’ was soooo?????
    Loved each and every part of it!
    The best thing I like about your writings is the cuteness and the positivity???
    I’m waiting for moreeeee!????☺️☺️☺️???
    Love ya!????

    1. Prettypreeti

      Anshu behen plz itni tareef mt kiya kr mai kisi din sach mei mar jaongi….
      Thnku for helping mirru .
      Uuuu rrrr dammnnnnnn cuteeee.
      The best thing I love about u sorry not u but about my anshu is everything.
      Love uuu.
      Itni greedy I will post.
      Take care

  3. wow too good I just love it.
    main do dino se bor ho gayi thi kuki kisi ne bhi post nai kiya tha. & now u post thanks yaar….
    it was awesome, lots of love & happy Choti diwali
    & ya Congress for your 9 os hope it will go up to 9000.

    1. Prettypreeti

      Hey rems can I call u please coz I luv to call every1 with nick name .
      Dekho meri os post hoyi bakhi kitni sari ho gyi no need to bore.
      Belated happy choti diwali belated happy diwali and today is vishakarama day holiday so happy vishkarama day and tomorrow is tikka (bhaiya dooj)so happy bhaiya doom in advance.
      Love u.
      9000 seriously no itni toh nhi but thnkuuu

  4. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey preeti!!!!
    Yar mind blowing wala awesome yar ??????????????????
    Fabulous one yar ..
    Yar tere pas mind nae OS MACHINE hy ???????
    Just tooo good yar ???
    Keep writing like this ..
    Take care ???

    1. Prettypreeti

      Nooo ab fati ab tareef nhi padh skti.
      Mere pass sirf washing machine hai no os..
      Chl Mere pass os machine hai tu tere pass emoji praising and cuteness machine hai no doubt.
      Love u

  5. nice one preeto

    1. Prettypreeti

      Aish my dear thnkuuu for reading and commenting.
      Love u dearrrrrr.
      Take care

  6. I was missing your back to back os.
    This was so cute. Loved it especially when he said “yeh pehli cheez hai jo mujhe FIFA se zyada pasand aaye”
    Keep writing such amazing os and please start a ff too 😀
    Love you ?

    1. Prettypreeti

      Zainu apii no need 2 miss.ohh thnkuuu u r much cute. I will post os more and about ff agar mujhe koi idea aaya so I will definitely post it.mai aapne dimaag ke ghoron ko bagga kr dekhongi.
      I love uuuu infinittyyy .
      Thnkuuuuuu .
      Love uuuu.
      Take care

  7. Ufaaq

    hey whats up puni
    that was ammmmmmmmaaaaazzzzzzziiiinnnnnnng
    congo for 9th os yar
    maine kabhi nae gene yar aj beth k ginyi hun
    love u

    1. Prettypreeti

      Uffu firstly mai toh amazing hon but my uffu more amaziiiiinnnnnggggg.
      Thnkuuuuuu for congrating.
      Party toh nhi mange gi na.
      Aaj gin kr bta tune bhi aache khase os likhe hai.
      I love all of them.
      Tu bhi aapna khayal rk.
      Loveeeeeeee uuuuu.
      Take careee

  8. Alina

    Hey preeti..first of all Happy Diwali dear!!
    U rocked Diwali k liye Diwali wala episode waaoooww…Loved it??
    Keep writing
    May God give u more n more ideas
    Love u

    1. Prettypreeti

      Aluuuu aaye kitna aacha dialogue mast hai yaar.
      Tune bhi diwali ka kitna jhakhas gift diya hai hm sbko.
      May god give me more idea but first give me chance to meet u all.
      Missing all.
      Love uuuuu

  9. Ariana

    Late Happy Diwali!!!! I hope u had a greeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttt one full of sweetness. Thanks for ur diwali gift. Surrreeeeee it brought happiness into my day. I just llllllllloooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeedddddddddd it. Such a cute was of proposal!!! I wish it gets to b my cuz’s love story as he is all over FIFA17. Anyways yaar I should give u tight hugggggggggggg…sooooooo many os(s) now a days! I’m simply turning crazy reading those. Though love story r “mehhh” to me still I enjoy these…… u rock..u r no less than a firework
    love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    take care
    post mooooooorrrrrrrrreeeeee

    1. Prettypreeti

      Cupppy so sweet comment mean diet cupcake ke baad bhi itni sweetness oh merit aru it just coz u all that I m writing these os.
      Chl tujhe Maine love stories pasand krvadi.
      I also wanna hug my aruu .
      Flying hug.
      U rock my senser girl.
      I m toooo happy reading ur comment….
      Love uuuuu
      Take care

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