My Prince Charming In Disguise (Prologue)

Hello everyone.. my new story “My Prince charming in disguise” is something that’s not related or same like show. Its completely my own fiction.
I’m a craziest, funniest and shameless fan for my darling baby Omkara Singh Oberoi, whatever I think, write and do is JUST FOR HIM.
But this time, for a change, I chose Gauri over my baby, and u would’ve guessed y I chose her from the Heading itself.
Whatever it is.. I just do it for my Omkara.
So here goes a small introduction about Gauri and her present life. Most dialogues will be her POV and pls adjust if I forget to mention her POV.

Many would’ve evidenced an airport scenario at least once or else in any movies. There will be many eyes and hearts that shed tears more than any marriage venue before parting ways.
Its not just a place where tears flow for parting/ missing their loved ones, also where their new phase of life starts. People who leave their loved one’s not just go with heavy heart of missing them, They have lots of dreams in their eyes to be achieved (Studies and career), or they go for better future (Career), or to start something new in their life (Career or newlyweds).
There will be some reason or spark in those faces.. In that huge crowd, where a girl is seen hugging her parents, siblings and her grandpa in airport, who is ready to board the plane. She has been caressed by everyone present there and she assures them in return.
But her eyes have no reason or spark in it. In fact, those eyes don’t even have soul in it. She too looked very weak and soulless person who is trying to escape that fake smile from her lips. It is clearly visible that she is not ready to enjoy that moment.
Anyone can understand that she is not happy at the moment they see her.
What happened to her, that stole her beautiful smile from that flawless face?
What is bothering her, that her eyes got banned from flowing emotions.
What made her heart to experience unbearable pain, that she is not even able to control her pain that gets visible to others?
And most importantly, Where is she going in this state?
What is her destination?
Who is she?
Are u guys interested with this story line? If so, pls do VOTE and comment, follow me for further updates.
Love u guys.. Take care 🙂 🙂

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