Pride vs Prejudice (RagSan) – Prologue

Okay, I am not exactly back just yet, because I am only going to be able to start writing this from mid-June at best. But look out for the chapters then. This one has different names from Swaragini, but the leads are the same despite the different name. My friend was getting pissed that I was using the same Swaragini names, so am using this…but you will know who is who. All the first name initials of key characters in this one as same as swaragini. I will add a legend in next time though, try guess it this time ;). Hope you will still find it interesting….Azure

Rahul dumped the last of the bags on to the trolley and stood up straight, huffing from the effort. “What do you have in these? Stones? Weights?” he asked looking at Ria with wide eyes.

“No! I don’t have stones or weights in them!” Ria told him annoyed “Why don’t you just admit you are too weak to lift them!”

“I am not weak!” Rahul exclaimed affronted, his ego had clearly been hurt “You had to pay extra baggage at the airport! Even when we were flying first class!” he shot at her

Rahul. Rahul Shrestha was Ria’s best friend while they were studying together in New York for the past many years. He was smart, funny, caring lanky guy. That lanky bit was the one thing that annoyed him the most. It was a sore spot for him, especially after his last girlfriend Avni dumped him for a well build man who was all brawn and no brains.

“I am back home for good. Of course, I would have a lot of things to carry back home, after staying in New York for seven years” Ria tried to reason with him

“I am back home after that same period, but you don’t see me carrying so much luggage” Rahul countered “Why couldn’t you ship it through?”

“I did” Ria told him calmly, shaking her head, even as she started to move towards the green channel at the Mumbai airport

“And you still had so much?” Rahul asked her, not being one to give up, even as he followed behind with his own trolley

“There are some things that I couldn’t ship. They are fragile” Ria said “Can you give it up already?” she finally said annoyed as they passed through the customs.

“You girls are crazy” Rahul muttered under his breath

“So according to you, all girls are crazy and since I am a girl, I have to be crazy as well, correct?” Ria said, stopping midway and shooting him an annoyed glance

“No! Let me correct myself! You are the only one who is crazy!” Rahul told her “Why did you study management? You should have studied law and stayed in US for good!”

“How would I have annoyed you if I stayed there?” Ria asked with a shy smile, while pretending to bat her eyelids. She straightened, in just a minute, gracefully walking towards the exit before, glancing at him once and adding “Someone has to keep a pig like you in a straight line”

Rahul muttered something about ‘crazy best friends’ before rushing behind to catch up with her.

As Ria stepped out, she looked around at the crowd of people gathered outside the airport, waiting for their loved ones to exit the airport. She found her family, standing amongst them, and broke into a wide smile. She rushed towards them, pushing the baggage trolley faster, until she let go off it, when she reached closer to them.

“Ouch! Riyu!” She heard her brother exclaim in the background, but she ignored it as she hugged her father tightly.

“Papa!” she said beaming at her father as he let out a hearty laugh, hugging her back tightly.

“Hmph!” Her mother let out, with mock indignance “All the love for Papa, what about your Mom?”

“She knows how loves her more” her father shot at her mother, amused

“You mean pampers and spoils her” her mother said pointedly “When she gets married, you are going to be the one responsible for her problems!”

“Mom! I have just come home! No talk about marriage” she said with a pout “Papa!” she said looking up at him for support.

“Yes! No talk of marriage. Who needs marriage? No one has benefitted from it. Why are you asking my daughter to make the same mistake that I did?” he said mischievously

“You do realise your daughter wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t made that mistake” his wife reminded him pointedly, even as Ria hugged her

Her brother cleared this throat “Can we do this at home? We are at the airport in case all of you have forgotten? And I need to get back to office soon” he told them

“Bhai, you are going to office today?” Ria asked, making puppy eyes at him, even as she hugged him. Her brother Lav, was five years elder to her. Her mother had insisted, as she grew up, that she call him as ‘Bhai’ instead of by his name, a sign of respect for his age and their relation, she would tell Ria.

“I really have a lot of work to get through” he told her sincerely “But I will spend time with you as soon as I am home. Mom, Papa and Shikha can keep you company till then” he said, still holding her in a side hug

She wasn’t happy about it, but she nodded.

That was when her eyes fell on Shikha, her sister-in-law and Lav’s wife. She was standing quietly behind her mother. Ria gave her a pleasant smile and walked over hugging her “Bhabhi, how are you?” she asked Shikha as she pulled back. That title, again was on her mom’s insistence. She hadn’t fought that one, even though she could have. Shikha had once been her friend, after all. One of her best friends, in fact.

But everything changed when Shikha had took ‘his’ side instead of Ria’s. They just drifted apart after and today, she was just Ria’s sister-in-law. Nothing more.

Ria felt her nostrils flare up a bit, as that slight reference to ‘him’. Of course, she would never acknowledge ‘him’ beyond that. And there was no way in hell, she was going to say ‘his’ name and spoil her happy mood.

Some of the greatest heroes in the world have nemesis. Luke Skywalker had Darth Vader. Harry Potter had Voldemort, the one everyone referred to as ‘You-know-who’. Ria had ‘him’. The one who she had christened as ‘He-who-should-not-have-existed-in-the-first-place’. True, it was way too long! And it wasn’t really catchy! If Ria wanted, she could have come up with a wittier title. She was smart enough to! But there was no way Ria was going to spend any time thinking about ‘him’, let along a title for ‘him’.

So for the foreseeable future, he would remain ‘He-who-should-not-have-existed-in-the-first-place’ – locked away in a box, hopefully gathering dust somewhere in the dark, soon to be forgotten, unless he poked her again. Then she would make sure he stopped existing for good! No nemesis! No title!

“Are you okay?” Shikha asked her, drawing her out of her thoughts

“Oh yes! Never been better!” Ria said with a bright smile, leaving behind the undesirable thoughts, as looked at her happy family and headed towards the car with them.


See you in a couple of weeks…….

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  1. wow i’m feeling like i’m the happiest person in the world because my favourite azure appe came back with another ff that too Reagan my all time favourite like azure appe my all time favorite writter bt soon my happiness got end when i read u will start writing from June…now how can i wait that much long plz appe try to come soon..I’m egarly waiting for this ff n take care of urself if u r well then i can enjoy the ff right sorry I’m getting little selfish bt what can i do…waiting for the next update that all i can do bt will wait that’s for sure

    1. Thanks so much dear 🙂 Have some work assignments before that ….but let’s see. Thanks for waiting

  2. Ria is referred to ragini.
    Lav seems to be as laksh.}——-husband
    Shikha points to be swara.}—–and wife
    Ragini and laksh to be siblings.
    The person – he who should have not existed in the first place is ………. sanskar.

    Am i right????????????

    As you said see the initials.

    But couldn’t come up with rahul . It may be rajat who may turn up as a villain obsessed with ria i.e. ragini

    1. You hit bulls eye ….Rahul is a new character ….no Rajat in this one 🙂

  3. Oho my di is back with a bang! I am having a feeling that this story is going to be add to my fav ff list! I am so glad you are back! When i was reading your litle intro and i saw azure i was so happy! I was literally jumping! Your wallpaper(ragsan pic) is amazing! Di i am hopping i will read the 1st episode on the 16th june! (Hahah my birthday??) btw speaking of birthday, when is your birthday di? Di i love you!? You are the best? you know when you replie to my comments its like you know me and understand me? Ria is ragini and “he who should not have existed in the 1st place is sanskar”??? Di what do you thing about me, like how i am like (example: shy types etc…) oups i forgot to ask in excitement of your new story! How are you di? All is going well? Di pls tell me something about you! For example your likes,dislikes,fav food etc.. take care di! Big big big hugs and lots of love! Always smile and be happy! Love you?!
    Your litle sis Anamica?

    1. I will write a proper reply soon as I am in front of comp…big hug for now

    2. 🙂 🙂 yes sweety i am back…..but not properly yet….in a couple of weeks time. thanks for liking the wallpaper dear. haha….may be you might it read it then. lets see. 🙂 i remember ur bday. mine is on 8th oct. you guess both ragini and sanskar right 😉 i think u are enthusiastic and full of energy. and you must be very talkative in school…. 😉 i am good…all well. how r u? i am not much of a foodie. i am one of those who eats to live. hahaha… big big hugs dear

      1. hahah di you guess it right i am very very talkative! sometimes my parents ask if my mouth pain haha! yup i am full of energie and i am enthusiastic! i love to have fun, to play! and mostly i love playing with kids hahah even i am a kid! di i am a bigggg foodie i love food i love eating! btw di how did you guess that i will be someone very talkative and all hein? your happy birthday already pass!!! offo i din’t even say happy birthday!!! its ok now i will say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIDI!! i know its very late but its ok na i didn’t know na so, sorry! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DI!!!!! i hope you will get all the happiness all the success! i wish you will get a wonderfull husband and a beautiful family! stay happy! always smile! i wish you get all the happiness and the love in the world di! love you! take care di! lots of love love and hugs! bye di! oho i forget! i am fine di!

      2. Thanks dear….and I am psychic …kidding…..I guess based on ur chats. Love u and take care dear ….

  4. Yeaah…..back with a bang!!!!!!!!! Loved it…cant wait fr nxt update

    1. Thanks so much dear 🙂

  5. OMG! New story!!!! *jumps as if has gotten a chocolate* 🙂 😀 . Awesome prologue! Give me your braindi! Thodi si khulke to dekhu hai kya isme!!! Love the prologue. Keep writing.

    Lekin bohut bada na in saafi hui hai hamare sath. Aap do hafte bad aogi!!! Not fair!! Huh! Tab tak ke liye sad sad 🙂 and hugs n kisses for you. How are you? ♥

    1. Thanks so much dear….big hugs to you too…..i am okay…/ busy with some assignments hence quick reply only right now

  6. Wow ur back. Superb can’t wait

    1. Thanks dear

  7. Akka u r back…eventhough u did nt mentioned ur name in title I found out easily..guess hw???ur dp…itz unique…I thought it must b urs nd opened nd ya I’m right itz urs…I was v v v happy…but aft reading tat u ill post in mid june my happiness s gone…but itz k ill wait u take ur time…prologue s v interesting…tc akka…

    1. I did try to include the name dear…. Tu team took it off. Glad u could still recognise it 🙂

  8. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) You need to rock the world!!

    OMG I can’t wait for this!! By looking at the DP I knew it was you :)) Welcome back!! I really can’t wait and good luck with everything Hun~Nusz

    1. Thanks so might dear

  9. Ooo great u r back… nd awesome

    1. Thanks dear

  10. Ooooo welcome back azure…. Eager to know about the new story.. 🙂 Ragsan.. 🙂

    1. Thanks dear

  11. Awesome 🙂 i didnt knew you would come up this fast i am so happy 😀 but why names are changed and who is rahul refers ? :-/ is it ranveer ? i hope so prologue was superb 🙂 nice name for sanky 😛 waiting for 1st chapter

    1. Name change because my friends are angry with me for using swaragini names in all my stories. They have warned they will not read them. So for that changed it …Rahul is new character like Ranveer but not Ranveer. Lol glad u liked sanky’s name

  12. Yipeee!!! Someone pls pinch me…m I dreaming!? Nope:):):)
    Just too much excited about ur new story *Happy dinchak jumping dance*…oh no!!! fell down…Ouch!!!

    Coming to suspense….
    Ria: Ragini
    Lav: Laksh
    Shikha: Swara
    He-who-should-not-have-existed-in-the-first-place: Sanskar
    But who is Rahul???
    Is it a loooovvveee story or there is more to it??? Seriously can’t wait but ur starting in mid-June is kinda advantageous to me as I’ll be halfway through my exams….he he he, I know m being selfish but what to do??? Also it ll be a b’day treat for me…guess karo when is my birthday?
    (hint: it comes after mid-june…some days gap)…When is ur B’day di??? Do u arrange party on that day???

    I have gone crazy it seems…so ta-ta for now as the mental asylum people are after me;););)
    Tkcr and have a great day…Lots of love and hugs:):):)

    1. Bull eye on guesses. I will write a proper reply once in front of comp

    2. haha…so happy u are excited….it is a loveeeeee and HATEEEeeee story…lol……good i would have missed ur comments otherwise. bday…hmmm 18th? mine is 8th oct. i don’t arrange any party. just spend time with family. ….mental asylum people with get an intelligent patient then….not just crazy one…lol….tc…lots of love

      1. Oh no!!! wrong answer di….My b’day is on 22nd June:):):)
        Same pinch…even I too don’t party!!!
        LOL…u think m not crazy…ask my friends they ll surely change ur thinking about me…if it would have been in their hands then they would have surely sent me to asylum by now…and u know what else they call me- the master of cracking worst PJs in the whole world!!!

      2. Haha…..pj master huh.. I need to hear some of them to believe it

  13. Omg can’t wait for it. I was soo haapy seeing ur post. This is the perfect start of the day. It was awesome. Can’t wait for next update. Will miss u n ur updates. Come back soon. Loads of love n hugs.

    1. Thanks dear

  14. Awesome

    1. Thanks dear

  15. use serial names dear,

    1. Some of my friends are angry with me using only swaragini names… Have to change it or also keep them happy sometime

  16. Awesome

    1. Thanks dear

  17. Yipee!! you are starting another ff on Ragsan. I am SO HAPPY that my favourite azure is back with another awesome ff!! Reveal the real names of the characters soon

    1. Thanks dear. Will reveal soon… Though many guessed correct

  18. Yipeeee…. My Di is back!!!! Hey …..u know Di I read ur story now only….I was really worried that my bro has put wrong patterns a lot of time… So my phone has gone off..I couldn’t onit again…so I reset my phone as its the only way… All my Google accounts sab kuch sarvanash…..hangouts I was trying to open but I couldn’t open it…then I didn’t open hangouts as it s till June 3 so I didn’t…. But ur ff made me smile again… I m shouting like a mad….

    Awesome story Di….I m guessing something…. I don’t know its right or not…

    Ria is Ragini

    Lav is laksh

    Shikha is swara

    Who is sanky….mera sanky ko gaya…. He is kidnapped ???? police complaint karvayiye di???

    Who is rahul???

    Waiting for next part take ur own time Di….love u loads…. Big big hugs to u di☺☺

    1. hey sweety….i am not exactly back yet….haha..but will be soon. good ur phone is working now…i was wondering where u were….you guess most right……sanky is there in the epi…think think think….even if his name is not mentioned 😉 ;)…rahul is a new character completely….like ranveer and ashu were in red string … u too! lots of hugs!!

  19. Wow Di you are back I am so happy but equally sad because I won’t be able to read and ff after 13th June….because I am going out of my home town for further studies but I am happy because whenever I will come to my house I will read all your part’s together….. And Di my 10th result is going to come in few days so I am very nervous

    I think ria is ragini, lav is laksh,Shikha swara and “he who should not have existed” is sanskaar

    1. Thanks so much dear….yup posted new story…but will be sometime before u post next….will miss ur comments while u r away….but best luck with studies and do well……and bullseye with the guesses …big hug n lots of love

    2. Best luck with ur results dear……take care….and don’t worry…all will be ok

      1. Thank you Di for your wishes….. I will miss you and your updates

  20. Hey you started a new one …G8 may I know you watt pad name 🙂 love you

    1. My wattpad is is foresight_azure

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