Pride vs Prejudice (Ragsan) – Chapter 10 by Azure


Azure here with the next chapter in the story. Back after a long time. Do let me know if you want me to continue this one.

Ria Khanna – Ragini
Shiv Kapoor – Sanskar
Lav Khanna – Laksh
Shikha Lav Khanna – Swara
Sharad Khanna – Shekhar
Jaya Khanna – Janki
Deepak Kapoor – DP
Aarti Kapoor – AP
Arun Kapoor – Adarsh
Preeti Kapoor – Parineeta


“Yes, Mom! I will call you as soon as I reach Pedhe. Don’t worry” Ria whispered in to her phone, moving as far as she could from Shiv who was sitting at the other side of the rear seat.

“Love you too!” she whispered quickly before cutting the phone.

She quickly glanced at Shiv from the corner of her eye. She wanted to make sure that he hadn’t heard her private conversation. But she saw him trying hard to hold his laughter. Great! The jerk had heard it and now was enjoying at her expense, she thought, gritting her teeth.

“Can I put on some music?” the driver Kailash asked them, looking at them through the rear view mirror.

She nodded gently, before focusing on the scenery outside the car.

Shiv for his part had just finished reading a message from Arvind. He couldn’t believe how much his friend had gone crazy when he mentioned that he was stuck with know-it-all Khanna. He couldn’t help smile.

“Sahib?” Kailash called out to him, to get his view “Can I put on some music?”

“Huh?” Shiv said, being pulled out of his reverie “Okay” he said with a shrug of his shoulder.

Kailash put on his CD, which turned out to be an old song “Tum toh thehere pardesi”

Shiv widened his eyes listening to the song before bursting into laughter “Wah (Wow)! What a choice of song!” he said in jest

“You like the song?” Kailash asked enthusiastically “I will increase the volume” he said and did just that

“What?” Ria was left wondering as Kailash started blaring the horrible song on high volume

Shiv patted his back in encouragement.

Ria closed her ears, trying to cut off some of the volume that was now hurting her ear drums.

“Bajao! Bajao!” (Play it, Play it) Shiv told Kailash, seeing Ria’s state.

Ria looked at him annoyed and angry “You!” she shot at him “Band karo yeh!” (Stop this now) she ordered Kailash

“Chaalu rakho!” (Keep it on) Shiv ordered Kailash

“Shut it now!” Ria spat at Shiv

“Nopes! Not happening!” Shiv said casually, leaning back into his seat

“Kailash! Shut it now!” Ria literally screamed now

Kailash got a bit worried and shut the song

“Hello! Why did you shut it? Did I ask you to?” Shiv asked Kailash “Turn it back on”

“If you turn it on, I will break your music system” Ria warned him

“I will buy you a new better one” Shiv said firmly, looking more at her than Kailash

Ria narrowed her eyes at Shiv, before turning to look at Kailash “I will break you and your taxi”

“That hawaldar should have put you behind bars! You are the violent one!” Shiv shot at her, still looking amused at the reaction he was getting from her

“I swear you will be my first victim, if you don’t butt out and stop annoying me” Ria warned him.

“What are you planning to do to me?” he asked, pretending to be scared “Oh god, please save me” he said, smirking in the end

“You! I will show you what I can do!” Ria shot at him, before taking the pepper spray from her bag.

Ria pointed it at Shiv almost ready to spray him

“What the hell?” Shiv blurted, his eyes widening at her actions.

Shiv quickly held her hand, to stop her from spraying it on him. Ria was strong, for a girl, he had to admit. Though he wasn’t trying to use too much force. He really didn’t want to hurt her. It was one this to annoy her in jest and quite another to hurt her in reality.

Ria, on the other hand, was really angry. She was determined to teach this idiot a lesson he would remember.

“Ma’am, what are you doing?” Kailash asked worried.

In their back and forth, the spray got pressed and Kailash ended up being the hapless victim of their actions.

“Argggh” He screamed, holding his eyes.

It was a miracle that he somehow hit the break and clutch while his eyes were burning and stopped the car. Shiv for his part, acted really quickly, and pulled the handbrake and the same time.

There was silence in the car for a long time. That is silence from Ria and Shiv. Poor Kailash was screaming because of burning eyes.

After a few minutes, Shiv calmed down a bit, and stepped out of the car. He picked up a bottle of water and helped Kailash out too

“Wash your eyes with water, you will feel better” he told Kailash, as Shiv led him away

Ria followed. She was feeling guilty for hurting Kailash in her tiff with Shiv.

“I am really sorry, Bhaiya” she told him softly

“Wow! Hurt him first and then say sorry” Shiv shot at her

“Stay out of this. I am not talking to you” Ria retorted

“Hello! I was the one you were trying to hurt. I have every right to butt in” Shiv told her

“You were the reason why I had to take the pepper spray out in the first place! You were the one harassing me.” Ria informed him, with annoyance

“Did I touch you? Did I look at you wrong way? Then what the hell are you talking about” Shiv said raising his eyebrow

“You know what you were doing! You put that awful song on high volume just to bother me” Ria yelled at him

“How do you know I didn’t like the song?” Shiv asked with a smirk

“Please, no one in their right mind can like that song” Ria stated “Of course, since you are not in your right mind, you could have liked it. I accept it now”

“What the hell! You are the only mental case here” Shiv said feeling annoyed now.

Ria was about to reply back to his comment when they heard the car start. They both looked at the car, to see Kailash turning around and making to drive away

“What are you doing?” Ria yelled at Kailash

“I cannot drive you anymore” Kailash yelled back, from within the car

“Have you gone mad? Look let’s talk sensibly here” Shiv said trying to make sense with him

“I cannot take any more of this” Kailash said almost apologetically

Shiv tried to run towards the car “Look, I will pay you more”

“No money is worth risking my life” Kailash yelled, starting the car and driving away from them slowly

“My bag!” Ria called out, running behind the car, remembering that her luggage was still inside the car. She had just gotten out of the car with her handbag

“I will give it to Girish” Kailash yelled, before driving off.

Ria and Shiv had tried running behind the car, for a bit, but finally gave up. They stood there, seeing the car go out of their vision.

Shiv sighed. “Are you happy now?” he asked angrily, looking at Ria

“Excuse me! You are the one responsible for this!” Ria shot at him “I am stranded in the middle on nowhere! Thanks to you!”

“You are a jinx! Every time you come in front of me, something has to get messed up” Shiv told her bluntly

“Right back at you! Nothing has been going right, since I saw you” Ria told him

“Wow! Do you have amnesia or something? You are the one who caused this situation today” Shiv told her shaking his head

“Just stay away from me and everything will be fine!” Ria warned him. She started walking away from him “Don’t follow me now! I want at least 6 feet distance from you”

“With pleasure! I have no intention of following you” Shiv yelled back at her as she walked away “And 6 feet isn’t enough to keep your jinx away from me. Make that 12 feet!”

“Idiot!” Ria muttered to herself as she walked away

“Crazy lady Dracula!” Shiv muttered walking in opposite direction to put some distance between them.
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