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GENRE: Romance/ Comedy


That envelope contained the open flight ticket I had bought for her, along with my address, key and UK phone number. I know right? Seriously what was I thinking… She will never understand the gesture… She might on the contrary think I’m showing off… Ugh really this is the stupid girly novel she used to love all over again… That stupid ‘Pride and Prejudice’… Seriously Jane Austen knew girl’s mentality so well and that even after centuries they behave the same damn way… Arrgh!

My flight is taking off now and as the flight is steadily climbing up in altitude so are my hopes which are plunging to death swiftly in the inverse direction…



It’s been 2 weeks since I have come back to London now. After 3 months of being surrounded by my near and dear ones, this house seems suffocating… It’s 6 Am now and I have no intention whatsoever to get up and get going for the day… I miss everything Indian now… I wonder if anybody misses me there… Papa might and I guess even Pushkar would too… they were the 2 people who were the most sad when I left… Hmm anyway somebody would be happy at their good riddance… She didn’t even call or text me after that day, not even a goodbye’ message… Does she really hate me?

What if I didn’t explicitly tell her that she was always and would always be the only one for me, can’t she read my eyes? I know she can because I have read her eyes from time to time and have seen my emotions reflecting in her dark shiny crystal pools… She truly has the most beautiful eyes… Sigh… Anyway I digress, what I meant is I’m sure she knows I love her and I have an inkling she does too, but is too proud to accept it and this time I’m not going to be the one who is saying it first because seriously I can’t bear another love letter which goes unread and uncared for…

*Bang!* *Clang!*

Err what’s that noise? Hmm looks like some burglar has come in… Seriously I don’t even feel like confronting him, let him take what he wants… I just want to lie in bed and forget the world exists and a stupid girl called Sumo exists in it! Huh but wait, what’s that smell? Coffee? Really? I mean OK I have seen in poor made slapstick comedies that the thief comes and steals food rather than any other valuable, but this is the first time I’m hearing of a thief breaking in and making fresh coffee before doing their routine! This is heights!

And since my curiosity to meet such a unique thief has gotten over my fugue, I’m going to check out on that person… Let’s see what’s cooking… both literally and figuratively that is… Hmm…



Me: Aaah! Uff uff! God mera haath jal gaya tumhari coffee se!

Person: God mein dar gayi! Koi aise peeche se aake daratha hai kya?! OK Accha teek hai, running water mein haath rako ab. And saying so she catches my hands and leads me to the tap.

Me: Waise tum yahan kya kar rahi ho? Ya tum sach mein yahan nahi ho aur mein koi bayanak sapna dekh raha hun?!

Person said “haha very funny” and hit sore hands!

Person: Hmmpf mein tume milne ke liye raat ki flight pakad ke aayi hun aur tum mujhe nightmare bula rahe ho?! Khadoos kahika!

I laugh at her adorable self-righteous indignation and even cuter pout because of course only Sumo could have a serious fight with me and then show up in my London house after 3 weeks and without even giving me any sort of info and right away start making coffee even before meeting me! Gosh I love this silly girl!

But since it all didn’t seem any bit ridiculous to her and she thought I was the one who was mad I simply said, “Acha acha sorry baba!” For laughing at this ridiculous situation!

Sumo then finally smiled too. A moment goes by and the whole situation becomes charged. The hand she held loosens and just when she decides to withdraw her hand, I catch hers. I look into her eyes and our eyes lock like they are always meant to… I really can’t believe she is here… I wasn’t kidding when I asked her whether she really was here, because seriously it looks like my most beautiful dream come true right now! I mean I have the woman of my dreams in front of me, in my house standing casually, making herself coffee and scolding me like she always does… My heart is getting overwhelmed… Like this house feels like a home now… Like she was the missing part it always moaned for… Like it always belonged to her, just like I belong to her and she to me.

Her eyes convey myriad feeling with those unblinking stares and soulful silent whispers… It speaks the language of her soul and they mirror mine… Her lashes flutter and so does my heart in response. My eyes involuntarily shift to her trembling lips and as if she read mine her’s shift to mine too. I move forward as if she is bewitching me and she instinctively moves back… And I bend forward trying to capture those delicate rose petals, she gives a shout breaking the moment! Ouch!

I get worried and ask her “what happened?” in a concerned voice. She just looked down, I follow her line of vision and see that her dress was soaked with the remainder of that now not so piping hot coffee! Huh! Tell me about it! That stupid manhoos coffee had to ruin our perfect moment! Arrgh!

She blushes too, thinking how she had over-reacted as it wasn’t even that hot and blushed a deeper crimson wondering what would have followed if she hadn’t interrupted. As if she read her mind… I smirk knowing exactly what she is thinking. I give her a small wink and she blushes even more! I laugh at her teasingly because who would have thought my Sumo who could beat any guy to a smooth pulp would blush at the thought of kissing me! Oh God I just want to kiss her hard! But a gentleman that I am, I gently directed her towards the guest room so that she could freshen up and change. See ain’t I a saint?!

After an hour or so, I was met with a delightful sight in front of me- My darling in a cool blue top and casual grey lounge pants with her glorious black hair dripping wet. My heart just skipped a beat… Yeah I know you might be thinking what big deal, that is just an ordinary outfit, but hey my dearest Sumo can rock any ordinary outfit any blo*dy day, OK?! Hmmpf!

Well by the way I made her fresh piping hot coffee with crispy golden buttered toast and a perfect fluffy omelette to top it! I knew she likes them; she always used to eat those when she used to come home when we were kids. And actually those were the first things I learnt when I learned cooking. OK I know I was angry at her that time, but hey anger doesn’t diminish love does it? I still remember all her favourite things and all the things she hates, just like I stupidly remembered those words which she said many years ago and insulted her. Sigh… If only I was a little patient and she wasn’t so proud, we could have had 10 more years of togetherness… But like they say, hindsight is 20/20. All that remains are if only’s…

Anyway leaving aside those morose thoughts, let me tell you guys that as expected she loved the spread in front of her and told me that they all looked divine and delicious. I said that I hope that included a certain hot lawyer in his PJs. And my dear as usual said, “wishful thinking” But hey I did catch her checking me out when she thought I wasn’t looking so I guess my wish just came true! *hi-five*

She gave me a grateful look before she plunged into the delicious feast and I in turn was feasting my eyes on the way my darling devoured the food I had so lovingly prepared for her… I had a lot of things he wanted to ask her, but before I began, I first needed to send a silent thank you to God for making this divine sight my reality.

Then just as I was about to open my mouth to interrogate her, she as usual jumped the gun and said some incoherent stuff which sounded to me like, “timh nehh aarh nnarh tiaahh “. So I, the ever patient Shravan who has years of practise dealing with her particular brand of madness patiently said,” Sumo please pehle khalo, fir mujhe batao. Waise bhi mujhe Greek aur Latin poore tareeke se nahi aata.”

Then I heard her mumbling, “Nerd kahaika, iska matlab isse Greek aur Latin bhi thoda thoda aata hai! Hmmpf Show off!” which of course made me smile widely.

She then swallowed her food completely and said, ” Main keh rahi thi ki Tumne mujhe time nahi diya” On my bewildered look she explained,” Uss din jab tum mujhe ticket de ke gaye, tumne mujhe pack karne ka aur permission maangne ka time hi nahi diya! After another gulp of her favourite coffee, she continued, ” Main tumhari tarah ek Jodi jeans aur 3 t-shirt pehenke nahi ghoomti samjhe?! Mujhe apne saare kapade pack karne me hi ek din lag jaathe hain!”

I smirked,”tumhe kapde le ke aane ki kya zaroorat thi?” On her death glare I winked and said teasingly, ” mera matlab, yahan pe bhi kapade milthe hain…” For which she just continued glaring at me and said, ” Aur nanajee ka permission? Woh bhi yahan tumahari London ki bazaar mein miltha hai kya, huh?! Aur waise bhi Sumo ka awesome style ka yahan iss London ko kya pata? Yahan tho saare fate adhe adhoore kapade milthe honge! Aur mein tumahri purani girlfriends ki tarah nahi hun samjhe, ki nangoo-pangoo ghoomu, hmmpf!”

And I just cracked up on hearing that! I knew she was trying to bait me by talking about ex-girlfriends, that cheeky lil devil! But hey I’m no less of a devil myself and no I ain’t falling into that well laid trap my dear, I’m an awesome lawyer for a reason after all and told her so! She just muttered something under her breath which I could guess must be something about me being a show-off and all. My sweet lil Sumo is so predictable! Anyway I can’t just tell her that of course there were few girls in my life but nobody came anywhere near this locked heart of mine whose key I had lost to a adorably petite bully a very very long time ago, now can I?!

She then continued,” Main nah do din aise sad sad ghoomthi rahi tumhare jaane ke baad toh nanajee ko kuch doubt ho gaya I guess. Unhone kaha ki main kahin bahar ghoomke ke aaun. Aur mein over-excitement mein keh diya ki mein London ghoomke aati hun ye samjhe bina ki woh mujhe Dilli mein kahin bahar ghoomke aane ke liye keh rahe the! Aur kya fir sab log zor se has pade!” She pouted so adorably!I just wanted to pull her cheeks!

But then I imagined my over-excited Sumo and nanaji’s conversation and what would have been the reaction on everyone’s face that day and laughter just burst out of me!

Sumo : ” haan haan has lo mujhpe, tumhe toh koi problem nahi nah, sirf ticket dedo aur uske saath ghar ka pata aur key ek white envelope me de ke yahan bhag ke aa jao… Un sab ko kya shamjathi mein?!”

I was now highly amused and was trying unsuccessfully to hide my laughter, ” Phir? Kya tum London bhag ke aayi ho kya? How exciting!”

Sumo again glared at me and said, ” hehe very funny! Mr. Shravan Malhotra tumhara sense of humour ka jawab nahi! Hummpf! Anyways nahi, main yahan bakaayda permission le ke aayi hun aur woh bhi sirf nanaji se nahi, papa se bhi.” Saying so she blushed in the end.

I didn’t get the reason she was blushing until I rewinded what she said… “papa” Oh my God does that mean she took permission from my dad? And does that mean my dad knows about our relationship and even gave his approval to it? I turned to look at her in a daze not able to believe my good luck! But one look at her happy blushing face confirmed that what I thought was cent percent right! Her face looked like an over-ripe tomato ready for picking and I said the same to her and received a beating to my chest, which I bore laughingly. I told her that I knew it was just the beginning! After all I’m stuck with a Sumo wrestler for the rest of my life now, am I not?!

Anyway I had a surprise for her too which I was too afraid to place in that white envelope that day… And no it is no diamond ring… It is more precious than that and no not because of its cost but because of the nature of the treasure it contains within it… A treasure of her precious childhood memories… I had bought her parent’s house from Khosla before I left India. I had fully intended to tell her that truth but I had been a lit too heartbroken then to tell her directly knowing she would just misunderstand me even further. When I bought it I didn’t think of anything except her happiness and that it would be a great tragedy if that Khosla ka ghosla tried to modify even an inch of that treasure trove of her memories… Till today morning I had no idea how I would pass it on to her, but now I know what I would gift her on our wedding day…

Meanwhile I came to know from Sumo that in India, dad and nanaji had been over the moon when they had seen the tickets and key in that white envelope. They both could not have thought of better match for their son and grand-daughter respectively. So they had happily given permission to Suman to go and surprise that idiot of his son/ surrogate grand-son, Shravan out of his wits. They had told her to go and bring that buddhu’ along with her in 3-4 days by which time they would have made arrangements for their engagement and wedding, which by consensus everybody agreed should be held within a day’s difference only and not more as they said in unison, “chat mangni pat vyaah” and laughed. And I couldn’t be more grateful that we were born in such loving families. Seriously thank you so much God! Love you!

Now after the breakfast we decided to lounge in front of the TV. At first both were sitting formally on the both ends of the couch which then gradually resulted in both of us gravitating closer to each other and finally resulted in the current position – both of us curled up innocently on the sofa happily dreaming away of a blissful life together… Pure bliss!

And finally all I can say is that I love my life because it loves the angle 360 a lil too much…Because if it didn’t like it, then two lost souls which were made for each other wouldn’t have circled back to each other… wouldn’t have found their true home… a home which we found in each other’s arms forever… Kyonki kehthe hain nah…hamesha milthe hain woh, jho bane ek duje ke vaaste.


Never an end, just a perfect beginning…


AN: Hope u guys liked this last part… I’m sorry if it didn’t meet up to ur expectations… 🙂 Feel free to tell me what u think either way. 🙂

-Luv Niki

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