The President daughter fell in love (Episode 2)

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Episode 2

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I climbed downstairs towards the main entrance which was decorated with white colored curtains hanging from one end of the gate to another having a bunch of purple orchards on each of the hanging curtain , the decoration was simple and sweet . we didn’t use real flowers because my dad did not like to pluck the flowers so did i . at least somewhere my thoughts marched my dad’s thoughts . my thoughts were disturbed by the honk of the car , i turned my head towards the sound and i could see a brand new red audi A6 standing just at the entrance and a black car standing behind it consisting of 7 bodyguards with even had guns how can i forget i can not go out without bodyguards , forgetting everything i made a move towards the car and i quickly sat on the passenger seat and tied the seat belt . hi mahi i exclaimed . you are late as always she told me in a rude tone so shall we proceed i have only 4 hours renaming said i gazing at her she was wearing a cute pink color dress up till her knees which showed her perfect body with was paired with brown heels she had light makeup on her face , a light pink color lipstick and a black color eyeliner which was used to outlined her eyes and emphasis it . yes sure she said putting the accelerated at rushing the car outside the gate in full speed i think she wanted to avoid the media who are sitting out there waiting for a news , i closed my eyes and clutched my dress out of fear you can open our eyes nothing will happen to you as you know i am expert at driving she said emphasizing the word expert . i opened my eyes a once and glared at her expert and you never . don’t you remember last time we went out in your car we ended up hurting ourselves , i had got a hand sprain and you to sprained your right hand and plus you damaged the car to the bumper was totally crashed … said i but i was cut by her talks where do you want me to take you she said changing the topic me, i want to go away from those guards which are staking us everywhere however that certainly cant happen so you can take me to joseph’s boutique and then we can go to the mall to have a meal said i and she nodded her head after 10 mins of traveling with me humming songs and mahi focused on the road reached the destination we got down the car and entered the store. After a lot of trails i selected one . It was a white color one shoulder backless evening gown which had a floral print ( the pic is uploaded below ) i paid the bill by the debit card given by my mom we exited the shop along with the bodyguards , we sat in the car and headed towards the car to buy matching heels and accessories and off course to have a meal . we parked the car and headed inside the mall . all people were staring at us and some ever wanting to take selfies with me luckily i was prevented by the guards . i don’t understand why they want a picture with me ,my dad is a president and not me any which ways i entered a stored full of foot wares by guards emptied the store for it to be safe for me to get in , i feel sad for those people who ever in . after an hour i was done with shopping my shoes and accessories and headed towards the cafeteria of the mall i had a burger and coke . i looked at my watching it is already 4:40 i have to go home and get ready . i stuffed in the food unlike mahi who was was peacefully eating her food , i waved my hands making her come back to her senses look i have to get ready so be quick said me and she nodded her head and we left towards the car . It was nearly a 10 mins drive to my house .

As soon as I reached my house , I got down the car and headed towards my room . I placed the the packet of the dress on the bed i headed towards my bathroom to refresh myself . My bathroom was quite big around 10 people cold fit in at a time . The bathroom had an earthy feel. The walls were large format tiles of white honed travertine and the floor was made of dull brown tiles. The vanities were of a dark wood and the counters were a brilliant white quartz. There was a bath and also a huge walk in shower with two shower heads. The fury towels were placed in the corner . After half an hour I am out wearing a white knee leggy bathrobe with a tight knot tied near my belly region . There were three people standing near the dressing room . They were probably sent by my mom to help me dress faster . At times my mom is very understanding and helpful . I walked towards them and greeted them

Girl1 – hi my name is Alice and will be dressing you today ( I just nodded my head with a bright smile )
I sat on the black chair which was placed right in the front of the mirror . After several hair and make up trails I was done with my make up and hair . I had felt my hair open with equal petting on both the sides of my head . They had set the hair with gel so that my hair style does not mess up . I had applied a thick layer of black eye liner on my eyelid and kajal on the lower part of the eye , this enhanced the glow of my face . I had put scarlet red lipstick and a lip gloss on to give it a shiny touch . I wore the dress and the hells and headed towards the ball room which was in the north wing in the basement . As soon as I opened the door I could see a bunch of guards standing in a row with their guns pointing towards the ceiling , ready to fire . I walked towards the ball room with few guards behind me marching left right . I greeted every one on my way “good evening ” in my way I met uncle Robert . He is a guard but for me he is a friend , he use take care of me since childhood now that he got a promotion he guards dad .
Robert – hi twinki you are looking gorgeous today he said having a bright on his face
twinkle – thanks said I having a bright smile on my face
Robert – you know u made my day with your precious smile
He said and I was smiling at his words . Both of us bid bye to each other and headed
Towards our destination . The ball room was beautifully decorated starting from the stirs . The stairs . The stairs had a red blood colored thick carpet placed on it and had a combination of violet and white color flowers on the thin rod . The flowers added a texture to it . I walked down stairs holding the side rod and felling the flowers texture just then the host announced
Host – here comes the presidents daughter , twinkle .
As soon as the host announced this all the people present there just eyed me and I just smiled at them the ball room was beautifully decorated with red curtains covering the window panels
And white flowers randomly placed on it . I made my way towards the bar counter and ordered. For an apple juice . I was just talking to the person sitting beside me when the waiter accidentally dropped the glass of apple juice on a persons hand who was sitting on the right hand side of me . I quickly ended the conversation and headed towards him
T- may I help u
M- yes sure . Cold u pls show me the way towards the washroom
I took him to my room and showed him the way towards the washroom . I was just waiting for him to come so that I could apologize to him for the mistake the waiter had made to avoid a disturbance in the party . I heard the door open and I turned my back towards the wall
T- I am sorry
M – it’s ok
I turned my self and walked towards him , I didn’t see his face because he was. Busying adjusting his shirt .
T – if u are done than should we go down I said and he looked up
T – how do u know . My name
K – who does not know your firstly u are the presidents daughter and
That’s enough to get u fame on top of that u play tennis and won so may medals and u are also one of the most success business owner . How do u do so many things at once
I just gave a smile and asked him to come with me . I was walking ahead and he was behind me . When I heard no foot steps apart from mine I turned around and to my amaze he was there in my room itself and looking at a photograph. I walked towards him to check what he is doing
T – how dare u touch my belongings I said detaching the photograph from his hand and places it back on the table and sat on the bed
M- pls don’t cry , I am sorry . I didn’t mean to hurt you
You can share your felling a with me . My mother also said when u share your feelings with someone you fell better . As a friend you can share your feeling wth me .
T – when did we became friends
K – if not then then we can beCame friends now
Hi my name is kunj he said forwarding his had accepting a hand shake . I shook my hand with his and said friends
T – she is my mother , she died when I was just 8 years I said crying vigorously.
Kunj sat down and hugged me . It was a long one until I stopped crying
K- feeling better he said and I nodded my head …..

To be continued

Precap : twinj romantic Dance

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