PREQUEL: The Scream Of The Haunted Mask OS

It was a windy morning. I woke up to find my sister sleeping. I went to the bathroom and was taking a shower to relax myself and get rid of the morning laziness. The alarm started ringing. Ughhhh!!!!!! I hate that ringtone. I had to make my shower a quick one. I rushed out and went to the sleeping beauty. Wake up sleepy head was flashing I her mobile and that irritating sound!!! God, how could one sleep peacefully?? I just shook her asking her to wake up. She just mumbled. I then shouted in her ears. She woke up with a jerk. Half sleepy, eyes closed, scratching her head and yawning. PERFECT!!!!!! I grabbed my phone and took a shot of her position. I guess the sound of photo woke her up. She pleaded me to delete. But I being anika sharma, didn’t listen to her. I ran out the room with her chasing me. I went to the kitchen and saw my mom cooking food. I took shelter behind her. I immediately grabbed my phone and typed that if she complains anything to mom I will upload the picture in Facebook. Then I sent an attachment of the photo along. As she was about to complain, her phone pinged.

Even while chasing me she had time to grab her phone. After seeing the message she just grumbled and left that place. I followed her to the room, asking her teasingly, “Don’t you want the photo gauri darling???” She growled at me and started throwing pillows at me. After two days there is a party at my home with only me, my parents, gauri and our cute little puppy. I just loved these kind of parties. And it was masquerade party. I went to shopping for buying myself a mask and some stationery supplies for making one for our dog. I dragged gauri along with me who was still mad at me. I went to the mask shop and brought one weird looking mask. I loved it. After completing our shopping we headed back to our home. And the day I awaited came very quickly. I wore my best gown with minimal makeup and gauri YUCK!!!!! She was wearing Kurti top and jeans for a masquerade. Like seriously who has such bad fashion taste??? I ignored her and rushed down to the hall checking if all the work was done. And then down the stairs descended the most gorgeous couple. My mom and dad!!!

All arrived and the party started. I was so hungry so I ran to the snacks counter and sat there gobbling up few potato chips. I saw my mom, dad, gauri and our puppy fighting with each other using paper swords. It was really cute to see our puppy hitting dad on his leg with a paper sword in his mouth. I then went and wore my mask. Within seconds evil thoughts started flooding my mind. I grabbed the nearest knife and stabbed my mom, dad and our puppy. Before I could harm gauri I slit my wrist and passed out. When I woke up, I found myself in a hospital room. I looked at my nails which were slightly tinted with the blood of the persons closest to my heart. I could feel hotness on my cheeks. Gauri came in and saw me crying, she immediately came beside me and wiped my tears and consoled me. I hugged her.

After that I started having nightmares. The scenario where everybody were happy flashed in my mind and the next second I could see their dead bodies. Police closed our case as they thought I was a maniac blabbering though I said the truth. Gauri told me she threw the mask away. I eventually came out of this trauma, that once again that horrible mask came back in my life. As we entered the mansion paranormal activities started taking place and I knew it was because of the mask. And then I was kind of shocked that laura was the one behind the mask. After defeating her I fell to my knees knowing I was doomed as the mask could be removed only once and I did that before. Helplessness overcame me. Then came my saviours- The Children’s Souls, who helped me remove the mask. After all these incident, we SHARMA sisters got married. I got shivaay who was so loving and caring. My life was so perfect with my only wish that I never hear The Scream Of The Haunted Mask.

Guys I have finished. And please don’t ask me for an epilogue or sequel as of now cause I have another story taking rounds in my mind. So once I finish it I will try writing sequel.

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  1. Sreenandana.suresh

    superb….plz come with a ff…..

    1. Saasha123

      Thank you for reading this and I have posted the ff of this before it self. You could check my profile. TITLE: The Scream OF The Haunted Mansion.

      1. Sreenandana.suresh

        i already read it….i wish a part 2…..

  2. Rasika

    Nice ya.. Interesting

  3. Kanfi

    Ammmmaaazzinggg saasha…
    Will wait for next ff

    1. Saasha123

      Thank you and will inform you once I write the next ff.

  4. Angela

    Amazing i loved it waiting for your next ff

    1. Saasha123

      Thanks you. Will inform you once I write the sequel.

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear…

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