Preplanned life!!! (two shots) – last part

Today’s day was in my cllg gonna start frm tmrw so..
Anyways,lets start..
Here ragini nw reaches the garden following the arrows..the whole place is decorated with flowers and balloons and roses(all romantic things..nw ur job to imagine whatever u wanna add:)she is jst awestruck to see the decorations..suddenly someone Pat’s her shoulder and she immediately turns back..looks here and there bt no one!!!
Ragini:shouts)anyone there?I kno it’s u…!
Suddenly a voice comes”here look down miss.unique…kabhi kabhi niche bhi dekhtaa chahiye”
She smiles seeing sanky bend down on his knees!!
Yep it’s sanky!!!
Sanky:see ..I promised u some days ago I’ll propose u in a very grand way..jst wait and watch sweety!!!!
Suddenly whole cllg gathers there..and here our sanky starts the filmy lines”tum meri jindagi ho ragini u kno that..and I kno u too lyk me…so jyada attitude mat dikhau…and say yes..ok..and mein jyada nhi voluntary but dikhaunga””he signals someone and some boys brings a big frame in front of ragini in which various photos of ragini r there..eating ice cream,playing,jumpimg in rain,studying,getting angry,laughing on sanky fr that earthworm prank,fully drenched in fertilizer,etc…ragini is totally shocked!!!
Ragini:dont tell me u were following me without my notice?(she narrows her eyes)
Sanky(afraid):woh…let it be least u got to kno ki I m a good photographer apne kids ke bhi mein hi khicha Karunga…no..paise Bach jayenge(kanjoos!!!)
Ragini:oye pehele propose toh karo na jaldi..!!!(she is more excited than him)
Sanky:ok..baba I love u ragini!!!!will u spend all happy moments of ur life with me(points towards frame)
Ragini:let me think!!!??

Sanky: my knees are paining and u r taking tym to think..he cn u say no to such a cute and handsome hunk(proudly)
Ragini:u nd handsome?kabse?
Sanky(irritated):hamesha se..nw say yes or let me propose smone else..koi Jo ittaa tym na khati ho!!
He starts acting to get up when suddenly rags catches his hand and says:yes yes yes!!!!!
Sanky(happy bt dint show):mood change,i don’t want a attitude wali as my gf!!!
Ragini:as u wish(and starts acting to leave)
Sanky:oye oye joke tha baba…and u r only mine..!!!!
Ragini:I. Ws also joking!!!
Sanky:so miss.ragini,i LOVE U!WUD U B MINE?
Whole cllg cheers fr them..
everyone complements their couple..everyone is happy except three…
1.swara..her dreams shattered..she ws totally broken and ran frm there
2.lucky.he sw swara going back home…he ws sry fr her condition..he decided to cheer her up,as she needs a frnd nw..
3.who is this(any guesses)
Don’t guess’s Ramu !!cllg garden cleaner(?)arre obvio…he will have to clean all the balloons and flowers after everyone leaves!!after all this mess created by sanky needs cleaning na..hehe!!!

@swara’s house:
She is crying sitting on her bed..just then lucky arrives and tells hr mom that he came to give swara’s assignment…he goes in her room and sees hr crying..he tries consoling her..
Lucky:swara,dont worry..if ur love is true,he will come back..otherwise…may b he solved ragu truly..she also loves him..u will get smone better..
Suddenly swara thinks something and starts laughing…laksh is shocked!!(don’t worry pagal nhi hui)
Swara(while laughing):lucky sanky is doing all this to make me jealous..!!!don’t u see movies?he wants me to convey my love to him first..thats y..ohh..hw stupid of me,he loves me,he is just trying to annoy me..ok Mr.sanky,ill nt propose first..after all a girl never proposes first..I ll also make u jealous..let’s see..!!!
Lucky is shocked…I mean seriously..
Lucky(to himself):ohh swara don’t stay in ur fake story will I can’t say anything nw.otherwise truth will hurt u..u will understand with tym I guess…
Swara brings lucky frm his world and says…u will help me na lucky..plzzzzz
.without u I won’t b Able to make him jealous..wud u be my bf..I mean fake wala..plz plz plz!!!!
Lucky is double triple shocked!!
What?me nd ur bf?is that a dream?arre lucky just fake wala…may b this can help me to spend time with a frnd..ntg more..I jst want to see her happy
Thinking so,he agrees..swara in excitement hugs him..lucky is super happy nw…!!
After a lil chitchat and plan discussion he leaves.
Swara sits on her bed and thinks:let’s see sanky hw much jealous u will b tmrw..and lucky,he is soooo sweet..he easily agreed fr my sweet of him..
She sleeps thinking abt tmrw..

Next day:
Swara waits outside Lucky’s house in mrng..lucky is surprised to see her there…on asking,she says:arre buddhuu,jealous karwana I’ll come wid u to cllg..he agrees and they leave fr cllg on his bike..

Everyone is shocked to see swara being so close to lucky especially sanky.ragsthought that lucky proposed swara yesterday and she agreed..she ws happy fr lucky..
Swara ws continuously ignoring sanky..
Ragsan and swalak ordered food when rags congratulated lucky..sanky also got to kno that frm rags and ws angry onswara ..coz he ws her frnd and she dint even told ws happy for swara..on the other hand,swara was confused y rags ws congratulating lucky,bt ignored (she dint kno ki lucky ws going to propose her)
After some tym sanky started talking normally wid swara which irked her

Swara’s pov:
Y isn’t he jealous..may b I’m nt acting well..I ws trying to show sanky that me nd lucky are really very close bt…..sanky was busy with rags and ws staring rags continuously while she ws blushing..offffff….it going to be more difficult than I kuch nhi…pyaar ke liye mein kuch bhi Karungi!!!!

after some days:
Swra:I LOVE YOU!!!!
lucky:I LOVE YOU TOO SWARA ..!!!
swara’s pov..
Yessss..I proposed Tue this very short span of tym,his care,love,frndship and purity made me fall for him…what I felt fr sanky was just this feeling fr laksh is pure love..totally different
Before some days I saw kavita flirting with that tym I dint understood y I ws uncomfortable with it..then rags made me realize..yes,she got to kno that it was a she reacted very peacefully and told me that laksh ws going to propose me on Valentine’s day!!!!I don’t kno y bt I was happy…itta happy jitna sanky propose Karne wala yeh some bhi nhi hui thi..!!!then I realized I deeply have fallen fr him!!!! Ooooooo wat a feeling that then I got to kno ki kavita is going to propose laksh..MY LAKSH!!!HW DARE SHE?!?!and I just ran and told him”I LOVE U!!””
To my utter disbelief,he also accepted my proposal..I kno it was a short one,bt hamesha proposals fairy tale type grand nhi hote!
My lucky loves me and I love him..that’s what matters for me!!!!and nw we are sitting in a ice cream parlor with celebration of our new relation…rags is feeding ice cream to sanky,instead of feeding I must say she is painting his face with ice he is annoyed and shouting..they are perfect for each other…cute couple!!!
And my lucky…where is he???
Ohh,there he is..sitting with kavita..wait a min..KAVITA!!!!
I will just be back guys…need to teach that kavita a lesson..and lucky hw cud he..I won’t talk to him..let’s see hw he convinces me (smirked)bt I fully trust I kno that kavita is trying to flirt with him and he won’t give a damn…awwwww..
At last jst wanna say ki never get confused between attraction and true love.
Just live ur life to the fullest and one day u will surely meet “the one”made just for u..if he/she is made for u,he/she won’t leave u..don’t waste tym behind the one who is not urs..



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  3. loved it, ragsan convey their love in unique way, awesome yar

    please write ragsan ff/os

    1. Awesome

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    Gud one……

  5. Akshata

    wow! i like everything, its just unique story. love the way san proposed rag and this the best part.
    lucky’s care and love towards swara is just awesome. ragini’s cool and understanding nature. everything is just perfect. and how can i forgot swara’s funny pow.

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