Preplanned life!!! (two shots) – 2/1

Last second part..
Listening the voice,lucky immediately guessed who it was..after all it was the one who realised lucky that he loves swara!!!!
Lucky:RAGUUUU!!!!!(he immediately turned back and hugged the person..yes guys,that cute sweet angelic girl is ragini!!!)
Ragini:wow yaar someone is really very happy today..and don’t stare swara like this..otherwise she will fire a complaint against you(teasing tone)
Lucky(embarrassed):oye…waise looking beauttttiful today I must say!!kon hai with khush basin jiske liye itta sajji ho?!!(teasing tone)
Ragini(shy):u know him na..

Suddenly lucky gets a call and excuses himself
Meanwhile a girl comes and offers a rose to ragini..with a chit”OMG ALL GIRLS ARE JEALOUS TODAY COZ OF U..MISS.UNIQUE..”

rags is on cloud 9..she goes there..again a chit given by a girl and she gives a DUPATTA ragini”DO U REMEMBER OUR FIRST MEET(rags nods)U FOUGHT WITH ME COZ I MISTAKENLY KEPT FOOT ON UR DUPATTA AND IT TORED…OMG…I thought that will be my last day in this world..but it was ur mistake still I said sort.kitta attitude jyada tha tumne!!”rags pouts..there is sign which says”follow the arrows miss.unique..when she reaches the botanical garden of campus,she finds a cute small bush kept with a big letter ahead”REMEMBER ONCE IN BOTANY CLASS,U MISTAKENLY THREW THAT EARTHWORM ON ME ANDIRAN ALL OVER THE CLASS SHOUTING LIKE HELL…and u started laughing..I was hell angry and threw the fertilizer on smelled hell..after that u dint attended the class for a week.i must say I missed you a lot..

so this is a gift frm me..a cute plant,to remember our botany fight:)!!!””rags took the pot and again followed the arrows..nw the bio lab..a cute little heart shaped pendant..chit says””remember the day u arrived after botany fight,i said sorry after the biology u..offfff…itta attitude..gosh!!!and tumhari bhi galti thi ok…and we fought again..u said ki I don’t have a heart and I ma fightercook guy…I ws hell angry!!!bt nw really I don’t have a heart..coz it’s in ur hand(pendent thoda Chita hai,par mera heart badalel hai ok)””rags wears the pendant and touches the heart piece..ans smiles brightly…again she follows the arrow..

Scene shifts:
Swara ws looking for lucky as he has her assignment..suddenly she sees him sitting near the fountain and talking to himself..
She goes there..swara Pat’s Lucky’s shoulder..he turns and looks kinda nervous.
Lucky:swa. Swa..swara..tum haha
Swara:lucky.!!!aaj mein bahut happy aaj se I forgive u..!!!!
Lucky(confused):maine Kya kiya jiske liye tum mujhe forgive karogi?
Swara:offoo,u r snatching my first rank since two years!!!isnt it worth a sin?tumne ek secret batau?
Lucky(excited):Kya bolo na

Swara:I was jealous of u..par then I got to kno u.and u rnt that bad..sweet ho!!!
Lucky(happy):wow swara and meri tarif kar might b a dream..pinch me!
Swara pinches him hardly!!!
AAAAAA…!!!!ok it’s nt a dream!Tina what an kyu Mujhepe aaj as in forgive kyu kr rahi ho? u r my good frnd let me tell u a secret!(in low voice)today sanky is going to propose me!!!!! yipeeee!!!isnt it cool!!I m so happy..I love him a lot!!
Lucky is shocked as well as his heart is shattered into pieces..his swara loves someone..he was late..really very late to convey his feelings!!his heart was crying…
He faked a smile and said:wow swara..that’s amazing..(he was on the verge of tears)
Swara:he na!!!I m soo happy!!!u r the only person whom I told this.dont leak my secret ok
.waise aaj pure cllg ko pata chalanehi wala hai..!!!(shy)

Lucky:wow yaar..u call me lucky bt the real lucky person is sanky..coz u love him
Swara:so sweet of u..u r a really very nice frnd yaar..ok nw gtg..sanky called me in the garden(shy)..that’s the tym fr my proposal(awww)
Swara leaves..lucky is still recovering frm this trans..
Lucky(to himself:no lucky..don’t b weak..b happy for swara..I love u swara and will always love no matter u love me or no..!I will live whole life as ur frnd and try to give u happiness I promise..
Suddenly one student makes announcement in Mike that all the students are requested to gather near the ground..I m going to propose my plz co operate guys..and wish me luck!!!
Yessss the guy is sanky…finally the tym has arrived!!!!!

Precap:masti and golmaal!!

Hi guys..tinker here..sry yaar,i was going to end it today bt wanted to include some masti moments solo.i hope u understand..and next part will pakkkkkka be the last one..I promise:)
Have a good day!!!!

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  1. Nice feeling sad for Laksh

  2. Harshitha

    Nice one eagerly waiting for the next part ❤

  3. Soujanya

    I think sanky love ragini…..but swara doesnot know about it…….awesome epi…..

  4. I hope at the end sanky will love our shona

  5. Ohhhhu!!! !!! superb. Upload soon eagerly waiting for the next episode

  6. sanky loves ragini my guess, but gifts for ragini omg! awesome idea

  7. wow nice

  8. Deeksha

    Update soon…… Waiting for it……

  9. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Nice.Feeling sad for lucky,Awww

  10. Seems heart break for swalak

  11. please fast fast fast fast fast fast can’t wait please post today

  12. Abirsha

    whether its ragsan????oh no i thought it as swasan…..hope its swasan pls make it as swasan

  13. Neera

    Awesome epi ! Actually am feeling bad for laksh…n poor swara….. am a fan of swasan… but after reading this epi i want it to be swalak 🙂

  14. Poor lucky

  15. Akshata

    really feeling bad for laksh. is sanskar in love with ragini?
    i dont mind whether it is ragsan, swasan or swalak, i just want that their happiness with their true love.

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