Preplanned life!!! (two shots) – 2


Second part.
Swara’s pov(standing in front of mirror):awww..hw pretty I look..thank God I have a red dress..sanky loves red..and this cute white brooch of pearls..beautiful…my Di gifted me..I love pearls that y I choose this pearl jewellery’s so awesome and magnificent..!!!!swara,be ready..ur love is gonna propose you..don’t b afraid..Camon..let’s practise…(sees in the mirror)I love you too r my soul..nhhhhhi that’s filmy ..ohh gosh help me!!!!
Laksh’s house
Laksh’s pov:
The day has arrived.i m going to tell you my feelings fr u swara.i fell for you on the very first day of college..ur talks..ur anger on me(coz I m 1st ranker and you competitors na)bt at the same time ur caring behaviour.u r driving me crazy..ooooooo gosh help me..all the best laksh ops lucky..(smiles)that’s what swara calls me..I hate it when smone calls me lucky and nt it sounds magical frm swara’s mouth..I love you SWARA.I LOVEEE YOU!!!!!
Swara’s pov:
Wow..the campus in damn energetic today..ppl proposing and offering sweet..
Wait a min,am I looking weird?then y is that ranker lucky staring he is looking dashimg..oye swara,concentrate on your prince charming..where is he but?I ll call….
Aaaaa aaaaa!!!!

Swara(shocked):idiot dumbo mad stupid..hw cud u sanky !!!
Yeppp it’s sanky wid a red over coat and white shirt and blue jeans..
Sanky:ahhhaaahahahahah..miss swara the great was afraid..omg..I shud have recorded this ..(he notices her looks and dress)
Wooow someone is looking gorgeous today!!
Swara(looks here and there)who?
Sanky:ohho..a darpok girl standing in front me!
Swara:oh it’s me..awww tq…wait a min,u called me darpok(angry)
Sanky:hehe..ok let it b me in arranging this roses for my love..
Swara:(in mind)acha bachu,mujhe propose Karne wala nd mujhise decoration karawa raha
Swara:who is that girl?(excited)
Sanky:you know her very well..she is…
Swara:noooooooooo..don’t spoil the surprise!!!!
Sanky(confused):MATLAB..?ok let it be come with me
Swara:no,actually gotcha go to laksh
Sanky:aaj kal jyada laksh laksh nhi ho raha apka(teasing tone)
Swara:arre he has my assignment book
Sanky:ok baba..u meet me within half hour in the campus garden ok
Swara(wow garden mein propose nt bad)ok done
Sanky leaves..swara starts jumping in excitement when laksh passes by and is lost in her…
Laksh:ohh she is soo cute!!!

Someone taps his shoulder from behind and says yes she is and lucky turns to see who it is…

Credit to: Tinker

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