Preplanned life!!! (two shots) – 1

Hi guys..this is tinker!actually I m new to this fan fiction world.and this is my first os..I am inspired by all of you..awesome stories I must say!!!and ha,plz do comment coz first os so a lil nervous..hehe natural na..

Ok let’s start
This os is from Swara’s pov
Swara-a cute sweet nerd,bookworm.loves dancing and gives more importance to self respect than love and happiness…egoistic but helpful.doesnt make someone her friend easily bt once made,never loss him/her.and has a secret crush over sanskar oops sanky…(u kno having a secret crush over someone is a very cute idiotic looks like a Disney movie..happy happy types?)
Sanky-a handsome dashing guy.swara’s bestie.
Laksh-a cute and sweet reserved kind of guy.secret crush over Swara!!(lol)
Ragini-a cute and beautiful loving and enjoys being with friends.secret crush-???(agge padho,phir Samaj mein ayega..hehe)
Part 1

Swara’s pov:
Wow..wat a feeling when you are peacefully enjoying your sleep.there are only three things I love in my life darling sweet beauty sleep..I wud kill the person who tries to disturb it and I mean it.. love my Disney movies…awww..happy endings..I love them
3:…..beep beep(oops msg)
Who the hell is disturbing my beauty sleep!!!!?’s a msg frm my “‘the third love thing”on my list..sanky..MY sanky!he never forgetsto wish me GM..awww so sweet.i kno I jst said ki I wud kill the person who disturbs my sleep,bt sanky is different..he is one among my three loves…soo..let’s see what he says…OMG!today is Valentine’s day andtoday he is going to propose someone in college..and I know that girl..any guesses?ITS ME!!!!I I knew he loves me bt is afraid to express his feelings that’s why he has texted me and told me to come early to college saying he needs my help…awww so sweet..nw the very very imp question..consider as if meri jindagi iss question pe depend karti ho and the question is….WHAT SHUD I WEAR?!!!!!OMG HE IS GOING TO PROPOSE ME,AND I DONT KNOW WHT TO WEAR TODAY..I WANT TO LOOK THE BEST..AAAAAA…GOD HELP ME!!!!

so guys that’s the first part of my os.its a two shot hw ws it..b Frank ok!!

So enjoy ur day..good wishes frm tinker and watch loads of Disney movies..that’s wat I do in my free tym…I love all type of movies bt suspense triller and Disney are my tell me about yours..

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  1. Soujanya


  2. I hope itz ragsan.. Sanskar may be propose ragini

  3. THANX soujanya…I’m happy that you liked it:)

  4. You are near to the story Sahan..let’s jst say I won’t disappoint you:)

    1. You are close Sanam…:)

    1. Tysm s…!!!

  5. Neera

    U r leaving me in suspense 🙁 …. but u r awesome dear 🙂

  6. Abdul hafiz(uma).


  7. Abirsha

    whether u have uploaded n fb or anyother…..i have a doubt that i read it somewhere…..sanky proposes ragini but sanky will suffer from illness so he will propose ragini just to make swara hate him….is that???

  8. Nice…..i think he ll propose ragini though he loves swara

  9. Awesome

  10. No Shan.i lyk sanskar a I won’t make him I’ enjoy the story guys..and your guesses are always welcomed:)

  11. Thank you vyshu..nice not correct:)

  12. Tysm Abdul Hafiz(uma):)

  13. Tysm neera…enjoy the story and what do you think what will happen next?actually I love to read ur wats your opinion..let me kno:)

  14. Nice..

  15. Arunika

    I guess Sanky is gonna propose Ragini!!!

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