Do Premiyon Kee Durghatana (Episode 5)

The crash of two lovers- Yuvraaj and Suhani

Episode 5

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Decided to update this too x

Hope you all enjoy x



it was today I finally got to see you after the accident, you looked dead!
Your skin pale, your body lifeless, you breathing static. I couldn’t handle seeing you like this, I remained put staring at your beautiful chiselled face, and gently tamed your growing beard.

I just couldn’t deal with seeing you like this, my fingers were shaking, shuddering at the coldness radiating from your skin, everything I touched you I felt no spark, the one I always used to feel when you even just breathed in my direction…

I couldn’t keep my composure while looking into your soul, I couldn’t weeps echoed in the room, until Pratima Maa and Dadi came forcing to get up and leave, knowing your Dadi still blaming me for your accident…

I wished I could’ve stayed longer, but I was hurting both myself and you…”

| Yuvraaj PoV|

Was I in such a dismantled state that I broke an innocent girl’s heart?

Was I so emotionally attached to this Dadi of mine that she put the blame of this girl…

This girl who has made my mind spur of curiosity.

I can’t stop reading her pieces of work…

You can say I am falling for this mysterious beauty, and I don’t even know it…


Short I know, but I wanted to update before I start revising hard…

Hope you enjoyed the episode, I know it is dragging and this isn’t my best, but hopefully I made it up to you by writing a lengthy episode for Finding my Angel x
Love Aqsaah x




    |Registered Member

    How can such a short piece of work have the power to make me feel so much? We will never know…. but it did. This small epi managed to protray both the feeling of Suhani and Yuvraj PERFECTLY.

    • Aqsxxh



      Shreya I could say the exact same to you darling, you are an amazing writer do not let anyone tell you otherwise x
      Thank you x

  2. Radha

    Ofcourse its one of the best ffs u have written.simply suoerb.nfact we are much more excited than yuvi to meet his love.we really cant wait now.pls pls update nxt update asap.i luv u so much dear.this is different and heart touching.

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