Do Premiyon Kee Durghatana (Episode-1)

Do Premiyon Kee Durghatana

The crash of two lovers- Yuvraaj and Suhani


Episode 1 | Yuvraaj

My eyes- almost glued together- as I struggle to tear them apart. They want to shoot open- but cant due to the residue formed. Eventually I feel my hazel eye resurface into the real world behind my lids as I slowly start to get a glimpse of the outside world after my slumber- my refreshing slumber. My body feels at peace- although my left arm slightly paining- I feel new-born. I haven’t felt like this since as long as I can remem-


My head swung back and forth like a pigeon looking for bread crumbs- my eyes darting around me as if I have lost something. I finally realise my location as I see the many contraptions clinging onto my skin. A bland room and the continuous beeping noises also a sudden rush of nurses- (nurses!) coming into the room smiles plastered on their faces. Their eyes sparkling as they rest their gaze at my confused gaze- Heh I guess I haven’t lost my charm after whatever happened…

“Mr Birla! Finally, we thought we had to withdrawal your medication- it has been over a year!” one of the nurses managed to squeak out- hopping from side to side in complete glee.

Over a year, since what? Since I was sleeping? What?

“Yes- sir, it is a miracle! All your family’s prayers have worked! Especially that girl’s” She managed to say without the tears choking her windpipes- I also notice the hiss in her voice after girl’s- who is that girl?

Oh I did I say that out loud? I see the nurses heads whipped at each other cocked to the side as they give glares- I looked at them puzzled- what is happening? Why am I in a stupid hospital?!

Suddenly the door reopens and the doctor comes in- finally, someone who is serious and wouldn’t stare at me like I am some candy- even though I am single- I think…

“Ah, Mr Birla- sir, I am afraid that you have to stay here for at least a month maximum as we have to monitor you- as your body condition is still unstable. After the incident- which I guarantee you won’t remember- you won’t be able to do anything until your body has readjusted. Just know Mr Birla you’re a fortunate one… Very lucky- the only condition you have been left with is temporary memory loss and a broken arm- which has eased over the year of being in a coma.” the doctor finally concluded before talking to the three nurses- who started out my drips before turning on their heel- flashing me a smile and left.

What. Temporary memory loss?
I reach over to the glass of water on the small tea table- next to me and a paper mountain fall to the marble floor.

I am even more perplexed than ever- as I reach towards the first paper envelope on the table that is still put. Why would someone ever leave me letters? I don’t recall having a girlfriend- let alone crush…

As I finally grasp the envelope, my eyes scan the words:
“1st Day- Mere Sadu Kumar | What is happening?”

I giggle- what a stupid nickname! Is it someone related to me- do I have a small cousin who wrote this to me?

I tear open the envelope and pull out the neatly folded paper inside. I flick it open to see the most beautiful handwriting known to men. The cursive lettering, all joint and readable- it was a blessing to the eye. It was art.

I start to read the words out loud- a girly voice echoing in my head- straining my neurons. I can’t. I put the letter back down- maybe next time I will read the artwork- right now I need to ponder on what is happening to me.

However, before my mind could churn- my eyes took charge and fell over my eyelids- the lack of control seeping into my soul- my body slowly becoming motionless, my breathing slowly- the medications slowly kicking in numbing me.

Precap: “All I heard was muffled noises as my ears burst- tears streaming down my face- my scream ear deafening- what monstrosity happened in front of me…”

Guys I hope you enjoyed the first epi- Yes Yuvraaj is quite egotistical but it was how he was before the incident…

Please comment ideas and thoughts and even questions for me!

Love you all


Hope you all had an amazing Diwali and Halloween <3

Alavida, khyaal rakhana

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  1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    it’s really enjoyable..aqsaah!! it contains lot of English words which I don’t knw bfre.. well I use this chance to knw new English words and meaning… ff KI saath English bhi I learn..

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thank you dear! I am soo glad you are enjoying it and I am also learning hindi from your FF as well! Thank you for the opportuninty to expand my mind- Mwah x

  2. Avanikamdar

    Really nice …

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thank you Avani- your FF is amazing btw x

      1. Avanikamdar

        Thanks a lot

  3. Nithu


    1. Aqsxxh

      Nithu Di it’s your support that keeps me going x

  4. awwh my sweet sister u just rocked d episode.i like it a lot.i just cant wait to know what happend to yuvraj.pls update next epi.

    1. Aqsxxh

      You will find out next episode dear 😉 I really love your support

  5. Shilpa-Saraj

    Great work sis.. Loved it to the core… Umwaaahhh ly..

    1. Aqsxxh

      Thanks Shilpy Di- Ly too x


    I read a 100 voicemails and it was really good! I loved it so much it, it was so sad. And this episode was so wonderfully detailed and just amazing. This concept is going to rock, each letter is going to be so cute. I just cant wait.

    1. Aqsxxh

      I cried soo much after reading 100 voicemails- so you understand where this is going- apart from the last bit- I originally thought of doing the really sad idea- butI decided that YuvAni fans are quite positive so I will be adding my own twist and Thank you darling x You always plaster a smile of my face x

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