Prem ke kitne rang joh hote hai humare sang by shama – introduction


Hi readers I am shama here ..this is not a fan fiction it is non – fiction…. I hope you all will support me as you are in Ishqbaaz ff.

This is a love based fiction of my own life but with my twists.. I am changing all the names in my fiction and places..if I will get nice response then only I will post the next episode this is an introduction and first episode mixed…

Australia – the scene focused at a huge mansion

It was night time the huge gate opened of the mansion the mansion was white with golden ….it was having a huge green garden lamps light up the mansion lighted up with light the scene focused on a man who came inside in a salutes him.. He walking in..the mansion …he opened the entrance door ..and walked in and slowly went in a room.. He opened the door of the room that room was of his granddaughter ” unnati” means me shama guys… The man who walked in was my Grandpa.. He looked here and there the room was fully decorated with photo collages me and my join family … My grandpa saw me sitting on the beanbag…

He kept his hand on unnati’s shoulder…
She turned and smiled she got up n hugged him… Finally u came I was eagerly waiting for u kuku ( dadu) he smiled…
Grandpa = hello my baccha…shona are you ready for your parents love story…
Unnati – no…no..I am not kuku…some thing is missing she runs out and came with popcorn and cold- drinks…
Grandpa laughed he said am I showing u a movie dear…
Unnati- kuku its not a movie but more interesting than a movie because it is my parents means Diksha & Manav …love story..

This love story is on a couple named diksha & manav …..unnati is their daughter..
Grandpa saw her and said that y u bought popcorn and cold drinks you are wearing a printed popcorn and colddrinks t-shirt and blue denim shorts..
She looks at herself n laughed yaa I am today chalta phirta canteen..
They both were laughing n unnati came near his kuku and cupped his mouth and said ,………. Shuuuu. Shuuu. She keeps her finger on her mouth..
If mumma papa woke up than our plan spoiled.. Grandpa nodes his head n they both sit… Grandpa opened the book of his memories in mind and starts with an intro of whole family … Mehras…

He switched on the TV and it was on slideshow mode… was flashing many photos on it… The first photo was my Granny and grandpa who was the main they cherish their family like sunlight cherishes a tree and provides it all necessary minerals in the similar way they fertilized the family with good manners etc…like every family does… They had 2 sons…
The narrator of the story Ramakant Mehra

Elder – Manav Ramakant Mehra
( unnati’s dad..and husband of diksha Mehra)
Younger son – Sameer Ramakant Mehra.
( Brother of Manav , husband of anjana Mehra and father of nakul Mehra)
Elder daughter in law – diksha Mehra
Younger daughter in law – Anjana Mehra..
Unnati Mehra the only child of Manav & diksha Mehra
Nakul Mehra – the only waaris of the family

Unnati stopped him in BTW and Rans towards the other room… She kicked the door tightly… Because it was close with chairs to avoid unnati…. Its was nakul’s room..
Unnati got angry and entered the room through the window she came in… The room was coloured with sea blue colour…
The first step in her bro room was a daring task …. The lights were off unnati walked in and suddenly she got hit with something she managed to switch on the lights ..she holded her forehead because she got hit by punching bag…
Offo bhai bhi naa….bodybuilding pasand hai per dekho kumkaran ki tarah bed per so rage hai…..she goes near the bed with boxing gloves and wears it and tightly hits her brother stomach ……
Aaaaaaaaaa he screamed and woke up .. Kya hai…. Unnati tu naa kabhi kisi ko chain she some nahi deti….let me sleep…
Nanu means nakul pet name…. Get up bro..
Kaku is waiting in my room…

He gets up n said what dadu is here…he came back from the trip….when
Go bhai u scolded me I will not let you know the love story of our parents
He started y u didn’t call me earlier …
Oh toh aapke room ke baahar main jugraata kar rahi thi naa bhai…
??? OK baba sorry didi she agress and they both go to her room…
Grandpa saw nanu coming he hugged him and then he spoiled his hair style by his hand he was conscious for his hair…

Kya dadu aap bhi naa … He sets his hair with his hand in front of mirror….
We both started laughing… And then he saw popcorn and colddrinks on coffee table…and sat down n started eating ….
Humare liye bhi chudna….thik hai

Episode ends

Thanks guys for your precious time and if u like it so comment a lot
Cu guys

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  1. Jara

    Well …nice one dear and this in is story unnati is real you yet just out of curiosity asked it do continue

  2. Its my other nickname jara

  3. Ayath

    shama..really nice non-fiction but i want to know more about this love story plz continue kardhoo

  4. Akshaya

    Shama nice buddy. It’s your parents story really ? Diksha+ Manav = Shama

  5. Goms

    Shama…superb.. Nice start.. I juz want to know more please continue Dr.. Post next part ASAP…

  6. Shaza

    Really..seems to be awesome…plss continue..

  7. Liya

    Ya really nice one looking forward dear ….but can you tell me your age in the ff I mean unnnathi

  8. I will disclose it in next episode thanks all

  9. Sat

    Wow it is awesome shama. So your real name is unnati. Am I right or wrong. And please continue it is very interesting

  10. No its not my real name sat ask shaza what is the real one she will tell u

  11. HarSHaN

    Shama..Unnati..Superb..The real Story?!Excited to See..the nxt..Share Soonnn. …

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