Prem ke kitne rang joh hote hai humare sang by shama – episode 1


Hello guys thanks for all the support you all are giving me, hopefully it continues… I am cutting out my silly stuff …
My second Fiction – Prem ke kitne rang joh hote hai humare sang..
Main Characters of my fiction :
Mr. Ramakant Mehta – Father of Manav & sameer, grandfather of unnati and Nakul.. He is a retired lecturer from profession, he is calm and composed by nature.. He is attracted more to his grand daughter Unnati in comparison on Nakul..
Tarini Mehra – Mother of Manav & Sameer , grandmother of Unnati and Nakul . she was a housewife she was strict, dominating but caring by nature.. She was attracted more to Nakul because he was the waris of the family.. Similarly she loved her younger son sameer more than manav..

Manav Mehra – contractor by proffesion and now he handles his empire very well…he was quite famous for his noble deeds.. Like charity etc… husband of dhiksha and father of only daughter Unnati.. he was calm and composed by nature but was strict regarding his business and especially daughter ..
Dhiksha Manav Mehra – A famous Social worker from profession she belongs to a very nice rich family she is sensitive good hearted kind lady by nature ..Elder Daughter in law of Mehras mother of only one child unnati…
Sameer ramkant Mehra – younger son of tarini & ramakant brother of manav, husband of Anjana Mehra ..
Anjana Mehra- A doctor by profession she is the younger daughter in law of mehras, mother of Nakul.. She belongs to middle class family..

Unnati Manav Mehra- daughter of manav and dhiksha the lead couple , she is studying MBA for handling her family business.. She is short tempered, aggressive girl but with good heart , she is enough mature not a teen age girl she is 22 but behaves like a child..
Nakul Mehra – Son of sameer and anjana and the only heir of the family he is aggressive, arrogant by nature but loves bodybuilding he is a fitness freak… Nakul shares a very sweet bond with her sister. Unnati
Other Characters -:
Simran arora – She is a simple middle class girl who was stubborn for nature she had interest in Manav.
Vijayalakshi Reddy – she was interested in manav too..manav’s love interest..

Riya taneja – she was having interest in manav.. But was elder than manav
Girish – Mama – of sameer and manav

Dhiksha family -:
Mohan khanna – Retired Army Officer and father of three children ..
Neermala khanna – Wife of Mohan Khanna and mother of three children
Elderest child – kirati khanna married.. Seven years elder than dhiksha..
2nd child – ketan khanna married.. Five years elder than dhiksha..
Youngest child – Dhiksha ..
Scene 1
@ Australia – Mehra Mansion

The scene focuses on Unnati was night time everyone was having a sound sleep.. And we were awake (Dadu,Unnati,Nakul ) actually planning some thing … Mr.Ramakant Mehra arrived home after a trip and was narrating the love story of dhiksha & manav.. He opened the memory book in mind and started describing the story…

He said -:
Manav my elder son gave me many reasons to feel proud on him he was more mature than his age… He was passionate about studying he was a very bright in it..
He became my support system in young age itself he used to say that one day you see I will make my own identity more than my surname I will make you proud…
He continues to speak he says, And see he did every thing what he said due to his well power he made this beautiful mansion name fame every thing , and we settled in Australia..
Nakul says dadu… And we settled in Australia means we were not here from the start..
Unnnati looks at him and nodes her head in yes, please explain in detail kuku…
Dadu says yes nakul we were not here from the start we were in India…
Nakul and unnati said together India when ?? We didn’t know this they looked at each other .. Why didn’t our parents tell us about this earlier…
Dadu said OK stop it mere sawalo ki dukaan… To both..
Yes we were in India when your parents didn’t met… We were in gurgon …
The story starts with dhiksha and manav met accidentally..

Flash back
The day started with a healthy breakfast, Ramakant asked his wife that where is manav.. Tarini said you should know better than me he went out with his favorite car for a drive..
Ramakant smiles and says how can I forget this that he does for a morning drive regularly…
Tarini sits and says why are you smiling??
Aapko paata hai roz subha uthakar log morning walk ya jogging per jate hai per ye ladka ….aapni car ko morning walk kar wata hai…
Sameer and Ramakant laughed out… Sameer was eating some thing he spits it out of mouth because after manav his turn was to come… Tarini came to sameer and pulled his ear tightly…
Sameer – aaaaa?!? Kya kar rahi ho mumma maine kya kiya car toh bhai lekar gaye naa toh bill mujh per kyu phadh rahi ho please leave my ears….
Tarini says main tujh per koi bill nahi phadh rahi hoon per I am trying to stop you….
Sameer asks from what ??? She replies from eating…. Aapna pet dekha hai … You saw your stomach… Tu mota ho raha hai..
She touches his stomach and says isse kam kar
Out of flash back..

Nakul was sipping cold drink and spits it out and said my dad used to be fat …but now ..he is….he was to complete the sentence when he dadu completes it…says I know he is fit now but earlier he was like a balloon.. Nakul says no…no ???
Unnati looks at him and says by the way aaj aapko kya hua hai…
He asks what are you talking about ??
Unnati says today you the fitness freak aapne saare dosto ke fitness guru is drinking normal cold drink and not diet…
He pops out when he sees the bottle oh no now I have to check my weight
Unnati said no need nanu … A sip colddrink pene say you will not become Humpty dumty….
Di don’t call me Humpty please…. You naa I hate fat people… No you should not do so nanu you should motivate them to loss weight …. You should not judge the people from body but from soul…
Omg unnati your talking like badi maa
( diksha)… Haa meri Mata
Oh my god ….tum dono fir say shuru hogye kyon kahega ki mere grandchildren yese jhagte hai who will say that my grand daughter is 22 and grand son 20.. Phir toh aage jakar problem aai GI…
Problem what problem dadu…tell us we will solve it in chances…
He says tum Duno ki pagalo ki shaadi..
We said together shaadi karre humare bhoot.. Shaadi say yaad aaya aap hume story suna rahe the… Yaa he resumes..
Manav was driving his car… He was listening FM radio… Which played old songs…
He was enjoying it and the red light turns and the traffic stops… Manav also… We was waiting for the light to turn green..

And tufaan entered his life…
I mean a girl was running very fast.. Between the cars …manav saw her but ignored … Media was running behind her..
She crossed manav car and goes in speed … But ran back to manav car and opened it..
Manav said who are you ?? And who gave you the permission to enter my car…
Girl – I am sorry but please speed up the car and take me away from here… I will tell you every thing but now please ….
Manav sees the media coming towards his car… He speed up the car and they drive off..
Manav started the convo ..
Hi am manav Mehra …. And you ??
No response from the girl… She was in deep thoughts..
Hello I am asking some thing.. To you.
She turned towards him and said please stop the car…
She gets down from the car and said thanks manav… It was a hospital..
Manav called her out ajnabi ( stranger) girl..
What’s your name…?
She turned towards him and said baad me bataogi zarur…. Bye.
And goes in the hospital…
Manav says strange girl and strange behavior.. His phone was ringing… From home.. He saw it and rushed towards home because his mom was calling….

In the hospital
The girl entered and said sorry for being late.. And she starts her work to motive children for treatment… The doctor see this and appreciates her hard work she called her out Dhiksha ….
So yaa the girl who was with manav in the car was none other than dhiksha..
She was going her training to become a nice social worker…. She used to do many things in a day like manav does … The difference between them is…
One is passionate about taking care of other ( dhiksha) and forgets everyone even herself…
And one is passionate for work … I guess it works like a tonic for him…

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  5. No this name dhiksha & manav I gave them its not the real name I can’t use the real name because of personal reason hope u understand shatakshi Dr..

  6. is it totally a real story??wow… nailed it…good going…shama di..

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    Shama..VNyc..A Rhythmic Breeze..comes while Visualizing …Plzz write the nxt Soon..

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