Prem deewana (ragsan ff) episode 9


Hi frds my brother is fine dirty fellow he lied to his frd to escape from him but his lie turned to a big problem and he said that he will never lie again like this..

Feeling very happy after lisening his voice..

Ragini walking before were sanskar walking back of her by pointing gun.
Sanskar:- by the way u changed a lot than before now u were looking
Ragini turns back in anger and says mind your toungue and mind both or else i knew how to control yours….
Sanskar:-what i am just saying now your were fit and healthy than before because u were fatty that time..
Rags opens mouth
Laksh and swara hits their head and says ..
Swara:-no girl will bear fat word…
Laksh:-haa ..
Ragini:- i was not fat ok.
Sanskar comes close to her and say in her ears..
Sanskar:- that time i used to feel u by touching u so i sensed u were fat but now i can only say u were fit when iiii and winks at her…
Rags gets angry and hits his hand and guns falls far from them.
Both sees at each other and runs towards it..
Swara and laksh looks at them.
While running ragini hits stone and falls and shouts in pain by tounching her foot.
Sanskar takes gun and he swara and laksh reaches towards her..
Swara:-are u ok.
Ragini:-cant u see i am in pain..
Sanskar about to touch her feet but she jerks back and says.
Ragini:-dont touch me ok.
Sanskar:- let me ragini dont be stubborn.
Ragini:- yes i am stubborn and i can handle my own pain in my way ok.
Sanskar:- yaa i can see that and gives gun to laksh and says point it towards her and shoot her if she tries to move..
Sanskar takes her feet removes boot and then socks and makes her sprain fine..and massages her leg ..
Ragini sees at him with teardy eye but composes her self.
Ragini:- still i am saying wat ever u were doing is wrong come with me i will protect u untill u turn 18 .
Running is not option.
Sanskar:-with out knowing assuming is also not good once lisen to me.
Ragini:-i lisen to your dad a lot that enough for me and tries to get up with so much pain..
They tries to help her but with out anyone help she stands up and started walking .
Sanskar :-i never see her this stubborn side..
Laksh:-swara is better than her.
Swara:-wat do u mean am i stubborn to u.
Laksh:-i didnot ment it.
Swara:-ofcourse you were .and you knew wat ragini babhi is right all men are arrogents…
and leaves with ragini both sees them angrily and started moving.
Sanskar watches laksh angrily.
Laksh:-i did not do anything infact i didnot said anything.
Sanskar:-i knew it lucky after all they were girls…
They both laughs and starts walking..
Laksh:- i saw..
Laksh:- love for u in her eyes but .
Sanskar:-she wont accept it after All i hurted her self respect.
Laksh:-true love always wins…
That only made u both meet again after so many years…
Sanskar smiles and hugs him.
Rags:-if it over will u come we cant stay in this jungle area ok.
Sanskar and laksh:-yes madam…

Precap:- laksh sees a empty hut.

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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