Prem deewana (ragsan ff) episode 23


I am ending this 2 more episode frd i made this ff only for few episode but i will comr back soon.

After 2 days ragini is slowly recovering from injuries…
Sanskar and all were sent to home by ragini with great difficulty..
Ragini door bell rings she goes and opens door and sees sanskar and her family .
She welcomes them inside and made them sit…
Ap:- how r u now ragini.
Ragini:- i am fine aunty…
Dp and ap both sees each other and says..
Dp:- i am just thinking that wat if from now u started calling us papa and maa…
Ragini:- then sanskar will be my..
Sanskar widen eyes in shock and starts coughing.
Sanskar:- what and how can u say that ragini that i will be your chiii.
All laughs ..
Ap:- she is joking sanskar.
Sanskar looks at ragini and says bad joke.
Ragini:- u have no taste of jokes.
Sanskar:- but i had a great taste thats why i choosed u.
Ragini:- that means my taste is bad.
All giggles…
Ap:- stop u both now ..
I am coming to point because i cant wait no long for u both to stop your fighting.
Ap and dp looks at each other and then at ragini.
Dp:- sanskar go and sit with her.
Sanskar goes and sits with her.
Shekar:- picture perfect couple right..
All looks at entrance direction and welcomes shekar and laksh parents..
Ragini to sanskar..
Ragini:- why all were here at a time
All ok right.
Sanskar:- no i think something is wrong.
Ragini:-is swara and laksh ok.
Sanskar:- they both were fine in their own world ok.
Ragini:- hmm then wat about these all..
Sanskar:-lets wait and see
They both turn .
Dp:- i want u both to get married..

Sanskar and ragini both gets happy but ragini smile vanishes when she see dayal photo on the wall.
All notices this and gets sad.
Laksh dad gets up and comes to her side..
Laksh dad:- my son called u as his sister and he mean it too.
If he is your brother then its obvious right u were my elder daughter and i am blessed to have u as a daughter after having a useless son who is turning now as usefull..
All smiles..
So i want to do all rituals by being a father to u.
Will u accept that ..
Ragini looks on and sees at sanskar and accepts finally.
All getz happy.
Dp:- we will mark a good date and lets make them marry each other..
They all leaves from their..
Ragini closes door and stands their and lost in thoughts.
Sanskar comes from back and hugs her..
Sanskar:- where were u lost….
Ragini:- nothing i wish dad …
Sanskar turns her and cups her face…..
Sanskar:- look at me ragini.
ragini looks at him holding his hand which is on her cheecks…
Sanskar:- i am their for u ragini
I will be a lover brother frd husband advisor everything in world for u…
Ragini cries and hugs him immediatedly..
Sanskar too hugs her…..
Sanskar:- i love u ragini and plzz dont cry i cant see your pain any more…

Ragini wipes her tears and smiles looking into his face..
He too smiles and kisses her eyes and hugs her back….
Both were hugging each other tightly by keeping hands on each others back tightly ……
After a while sanskar says lets go out and make our mood light…
Ragini nodes and both washes their faces and goes outside house..
Sanskar:- i came in bike so lets go On long ride on bike…
Ragini sits back on strenching legs on both sides…
They both sits normal untill they reach highway ..
By reaching it ragini sits close to him and encircles her hands from his shoulders from back and hugging him tightly…
Rests her head on his….
Sanskar too feels her closenezz and enjoying her hugging…
Sanskar:- feeling relaxed..
Ragini:- so much…that too with u..
After so many years i am feeling happy and relaxed..
Sanskar:- mee too ragini after so many years feeling relax and peace in your hug ..
I just want to marry u as soon as that i can embrasse you in my soul for ever..
Rags hugs him again from back and closes her eyez with smile..

Precap:- thinking..

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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