Prem deewana (ragsan ff) episode 21


Early morning ragini wakes up and comes to hall and sees around and about to brush but realises her hand and about to go back and turns and sees sanskar
Ragini:- What are you doing in this early morning ..
Sanskar:- what do u mean.
Ragini:- i mean u wont like to get up early morning right.
Sanskar:- but u love to get up early mornings naa so i too started loving to get up early morning..
Ragini smiles and kisses him on cheecks and says good morning.
Sanskar smiles he kisses her on forehead and says good morning.
Sanskar:- so let me first brush your teeth then i will brush mine later lets have..
Ragini:- coffee together that to enjoying fresh outside air which u love to have it i mean now we love to have it
Sanskar and ragini smiles and he helps her to brush her and cleans her and his face with water wipes them with towel and he starts preparing coffee while ragini seeing him lovingly…
Sanskar gives coffee for her and a cup for him both sits outside.
Ragini tastes it and says .
Ragini:- you have same magic in coffee like before …awesome.
Sanskar:- i have many magics remind like that only which u like.
if u want i will show u…winks at her.
Ragini smiles and says when time come then u can.
Sanskar:- so u r giving me permission that i can do anything when time comes.
Ragini:- when i gave u permission.
Sanskar:- just now u said when time comes i can show u..
Ragini:- when.
Sanskar:- thats not fair…
Ragini smiles :- have your coffee otherwise it will become cold.
Sanskar:- yaa i knew…
Both were having coffee now…..
Swara and laksh also joins them after a while…
They four were sitting and having fun…..
After sometime
Swara:- ok bye then i will meet u in evening after colzz…
Laksh:- me to meet u in evening after office.
Ragini says bye too them and sits silently.
Sanskar:- what happen why u became silent all of sudden
Ragini:- nothing they both left naa
Suddenly silence occupied around me again and i got a feeling that i am alone….
Sanskar:- i am with u dear look at me straight into my eyes and she looks at him.
He says i will be with u always wat ever the situation is good or bad.
On the bed or outside bedroom.
And smiles..
Ragini hits him and both laughs.
Sanskar sits near her and she rests her head on his shoulder..
After some..
Sanskar:- so madam now u have to again teach me how to cook and dough atta…
Ragini:- i thought u will learn in first sitting but u were not ..
Sanskar:- i am good learner but need a supporter u see.
Ragini:- yaa yaa i can see that..
Sanskar pulls her to kitchen.
Ragini guides him and he makes Currie rice and dal perfectly.
Sanskar and ragini looks at atta and at each other face again.
Ragini trying to control her laugh
Sanskar eyeing her angrily and with in seconds he draged her to him and says.
Sanskar:- now u r going to teach me by demo.
Ragini:- but my one hand is still..
Sanskar places his fingers on her lips and says.
Sanskar:- dont worry my another hand will help u…
Sanskar turns her towards atta and places her one hand and he keeps her another hand …
Both starts making dough..
Soon sanskar starts coming close to her and his front is touching her back and his head is closely towards her neck.
Ragini is sensing his breath on her neck where sanskar is senses her hair scent and seeing her sweating…..
Soon he brought his another hand in to atta dough and placed on her one hand and cluchted his fingers with her tightly…
Ragini rest her head back to his chest by allowing him to rest his head on her neck.
Sanskar clutches her hand tightly and kisses her neck.
She automatically jerks a little and soon redness accupied on her face….
Sanskar:- u were reacting as i kissed u for first time.
Ragini:- i missed u touch thats why i felt its a new all of sudden infact i was missing your touch and kisses on me by u..
Sanskar makes her face to him now and cups her face..
He starts kissing her eyes forehead and sees at her lips and then at her face..
She gives him green signal by lifting her self close to him and by closing her eyes…
Sanskar too leans towards her by closing his eyes ..
Soon they both started to feel eachother soft parts touching…
They both were lost in them and their own world….
She is cluching his hair and he is caring her hair they both were took other lips into their lips and sucking them….
They came out of the world due to less oxygen..
They both were breathing heavily and their foreheads were touching and a tears escapes from eachother eyes as a sign of their love to eachother and how much they missed each other presences
Soon they both came out of their world by hearing a bell sound ..
They both composes each other and goes out…..
Sanskar opens door while ragini cleans her face …
Sanskar shocked to see dp and ap shekar sumi infront of him.
All looks at his face and hair which filled with atta..
And looks at eachother and bursts into laughz.
Sanskar get confused and asks them why they are laughing..
Elders asks him to go and check him self in mirror and asks about ragini.
Before sanskar answer ragini comes out of room with clean face and sees all and wishes them and they all to greets her..
Mean while sanskar goes to room and checks his face neck and hair was having atta and remember their close moments and smiles.
He open tap water and cleans all his face and goes towards hall and sits with them.
Ap:- wow now i can see my sons complete face whicAll looks at his face and hair which filled with atta..
And looks at eachother and bursts into laughz.
Sanskar get confused and asks them why they are laughing..
Elders asks him to go and check him self in mirror and asks about ragini.
Before sanskar answer ragini comes out of room with clean face and sees all and wishes them and they all to greets her..h was covered by atta before..
All laughs..
Sanskar:- maa lets have dinner .
Today your son had prepared it.
All looks at him shockingly..
Ragini:- dont worry uncle he is good no need to afraid.
Dp and all laughs nd goes to dinning area..and sits they all serve each other ..Dp keep spoon of curry into mouth and sees
Dp:- wow sanskar i never knew that u can cook this much better..
All smiles while sanskar and ragini looks at each other and remembers their kiss and stares at each other..
Sanskar:- thank u dad for your precious coments…
Ragini about to eat…
Ap stops her and tries to feed her.
Sanskar looks on…

Precap:- sanskar taking ragini to hospital for check up.

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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  11. As usual it is mindblowing.Akka are you working or a housewife
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