Prem deewana (ragsan ff) episode 20


Hi frds after so many days
Miss u all

Ragini keeping water on tables then glasses all helps her keeping one dish after the other..
Finally they all sits ..
Sanskar takes a roti bite and keeps infront of her while she tries to eat with spoon..
Ragini:- wat …
Sanskar:- have it.
Ragini:- i accept that my right hand was fractured but still i can manage and if u want to see then
She breaks a bite and keep it on curry and then she takes spoon and feeds her self.
All looks at her with mouth open.
Ragini closes his mouth and says have it now…
Sanskar keeps pout face and eats his own roti…
Swara and laksh giggles and sanskar sees them angrily..

At night.
Swara and ragini sets bed to sleep.
Suddenly sanskar and laksh comes and jumps on their bed by disturbing everthing.
Swara and ragini opens their mouth with disguisting look.
Swara:- how can u spoil our setted bed we just now setted it.
Laksh:- come yar after all when u two sit also its gets spoil by morning ..
Swara:- its doenst matter here.
Ragini:- i knew sanskar u said him lets go and disturb them in this way right ..
Sanskar:- wat i did.
Ragini:- dont act smart i still remember.
Sanskar:- oh u still remember how i used to disturb ur setted bedsheet.
Ragini:- i .. just now i remember.

Sanskar:- just now or u never forget i dont care but u remember that enough for me.
Swara pulls both down from bed and again ragini and swara starts setting and they both sit on bed while they both sits on chairs which were brought by them from hall…
They four starts talking on random things.
Ragini lisening to them….
Ragini gets a call from dcp.
Ragini:- good evening sirr.
Dcp:- how r u ragini
Ragini:- i am fine sir..
Dcp:- i just called to knew how r u thats it and a good night.
Ragini:- thank u sir..good night.
She cuts call.
Swara:- why did he called u now at this time.
Ragini:- just to ask about my health.
After few hours swara all sleeps..
Ragini gets up and walks here and their.
Sanskar gets up to drink water..

And sees ragini standing near window .
He goes close to her and sees her leaning to wall and closed her eye.
He too leans to wall opposite to her and sees her peacefull face and the small hair which is flowing in air..
He smiles and lost in her beauty which is increased due to moon light..
Ragini feels someone presence and opens her eyes and sees sanskar standing infront of her with a smile on his face.
Ragini:- u still have that attractive smile for which i have fallen.
Sanskar:- haa your innocent smiles and cute little lips which always make me crazyyy…
I wish i want to kiss u onces but before that i have to patch up with u.
Ragini waves hands in front of his face and asks where u lost.
Sanskar:- in your beautyness…
Ragini:-blushes but shows fake anger and say you r imposossible.
She about to turn but he holds her hand and drags towards him.
She hits to his chest but her hand comes in between and she wincs in pain.
Sanskar immediatedly cups her face and asks her are u ok.
Ragini sees tears in his eyes and says i am fine sanskar see i m fine.
He immediatedly hugs her..

Sanskar:- i got afraid by seeing u beaten up and when u were unconscious my heart stopped beating ..plzz ragini forgive me and plzz never leave me ragini
I love u
I love u alot….
He breaks hug and cups her face.
Sanskar:- look into my eyes ragini wont u see my love towards u infact my love increased for u day by day . my day starts with u and ends with u ragini and i can see love towards me in your eyes then why r u hiding it from me…why…
Ragini:- because i was afraid that u will leave me again if u did it then i cant live because i never stopped loving u …
I was unable to forget u and started running away from my self and from this society…
In this process dad died and they offered me job and trained me..
In this process i never knew when i turned rough that i started hurting u by ignoring u.
Sanskar:- no u never hurted me infact i deserve punishment because of hurting u…….
Ragini:- no infact i hurted u more and behaved like idiot with out lisening to your side..
I keep on neglecting u i am so sorry.
Sanskar:- no ragini our destiny hurted us by making each other apart. And u never neglect me and as i said i deserve your punishment and i am ready to face any punishment but not separation from you..because this time i cant live being away from u Ragini:- i love u sanskar i missed everything related u i missed calling u as sanku. I missed ur tounch .i missed u presence …
Sanskar:- even i missed u very much yar i missed your voice i missed your fragence everything ..
I love u ragini…

Will u marry me ..
Ragini:- hugs him and says yes.
Swara and laksh claps from behind comes and joins in their hug…
Swara:- finally you both are together..
Laksh makes them stand beside eachother and says..
Laksh:- now perfect prem deewanas.
Ragini and sanskar smiles at them and at each other…
All goes to their rooms and sleeps

Precap:- a new morning…

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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