Prem deewana (ragsan ff) episode 17


Prem Deewana

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The episode starts with all waiting outside OT..
Dp consolling sanskar and he is hugging him…
Ap caring his hair.
All officers comes their after their treatment….
Dcp:- i hope she will be fine ..
Officer:- she already met with accident and doctor warned her to be carefull yaa ofcourse she is took care of her but …
She got hurt on her back again…
Sanskar:- wat do u mean accident.
Dcp:- few years before while we r in chase out..our car went out of control when it about to fell from cliff we all jumped in that time we all were injured but ragini injured alot and her back also.
We made her check ups…
Then doctor said her to take care of her back muscles and she should not get strain on back or hit to anything if it happen it may cause her life in danger…
Sanskar:- oh my god . I hope she is fine.
Just then doctor comes from OT.
All goes towards him.
Sanskar:- how she doctor.
Doctor:- she is fine and few more tests are to be conducted and that will be done once she gain her senses and yaa i hope she will be fine as i said before she could have taken care of her …
Dcp:- wat do u mean by that we are police officers first we always Try to save other in all condition even though we are dying also…
Doctor:- ofcourse dcp jii u people are to save country and we are to save country and u people also.
Any way we are shifting her to normal ward……
They brings her out of OT sanskar holds her hand and walks with her to normal ward and sits next to her by holding her hand…..

After few hours ragini gains her senses and sees sanskar sleeping by keeping his head on bed in sitting position.
Ragini:- why u left me sanskar and why u again want me to come in your life ..i am not a thing to threw when were u dont want and to gain when ever u want me.
You have no idea wat i faced these many yearz..i am afraid to belive in anyone or to love u again but i never stopped loving u …..
But i am scared that again u will leave me…
I am afraid to be loved by someone or be thrown …
If u be near to me more i cant stop myself loving u or saying u how much i love u…
She tries to free her hand by this action sanskar wakes up immediatedly ..
Sanskar:- do u want anything . Is it paining anywhere.
Shall i call doctor and about to go
But stops and turns sees ragini holding his hand and sees her.
Ragini:- i am fine and relaxxx and one more thing my back is not paining…
Sanskar:- but doctor said that once u got senses we have to inform him he wants to conduct some tests for u.
Swara and laksh also comes their
With doctor

Ragini:- this doctor doesnt have any other work he always does tests on me like i am a lab rat.
Doctor:- ofcourse u were my lab rat.
Any way any pain in your back side.
Ragini:- no infact i having a easy feeling now.
Doctor:- let me doo some xray and scans on you.
Ragini:- i am all your doctor.
Doctor:- thank u for your cooperation.
Smiles and goes from their…..
After few test she comes back to ward..
Swara:- i am sorry ragini.
Ragini:- why u are saying sorry.
Laksh:- because of we u got into this situation.
Sanskar:- and even because of my planning also.
Ragini:- relax guys he reacted in this way because of me .if any another officer means then he may attacked u three.
Not only i have many enemies few died few still alive and this type of attacks are normal in our lifes…
Dp:- ragini i want to talk with u personelly if u dont mind.
Sanskar:- dad but…
Ragini:- ok uncle u can talk..
Dp:- will guys give us some privarcy.
They all leaves..

Ragini tries to get up but feels difficulty then dp holds her shoulders and makes her to sit…
Ragini:- thank u uncle…
Dp:- i am sorry beta wat ever i said on that day . My eyes were closed in that time i didnt understand that for me my son happiness is more than anything but i…
Ragini:- u got afraid that only his love is guenie and wat if i trapped him and u afraid that he may get broken heart.
Dp:- haa even i thought his love as attraction and i made him emotional by showing his mother condition at that time…but later he started living without sole then i realised wat wrong i did, trust me i searched for u every where.
Every city ,state but i couldnt do anything…
I am sorry beta.
Ragini:- its ok uncle i can understand u because you were also father and even after u went dad broken from inside he took me to dehradun and its a police trainee centre its higly restricted area thats why u could found about me and untill yesterday i thought because of that day dad Died in pressure but after knewing that he killed my dad and ofcourse i killed him also. Now i was not angry on any one uncle not even at your son after seeing how much his love increased for me in these years ..
I tired to hide my feeling but he tried to show to all how much he loved me.
Dp:- so u accept my son i wpuld be blessed yo make u my daughter in law.
Ragini:- i need time uncle..
Dp:- take your time beta…i and my family will wait for.
Ragini:- dont say anything to anyone outside about our discussion.
Dp:- done…

Precap:- doctor checking ragini reports…

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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  1. what is going to happen in the report….something wrong there.???

    1. Nothing will happen dear

  2. Sindhi you are my favourite ff writer .I love all your ffs very much but all alone ragini was my favourite ff but after a certain point of time I lost link of it and I could not follow the ff anymore. If you could pls help me with it


      In this u will find all episode and for me also all alone ragini. Was my bestest ff

  3. I’m so sorry I wrote sindhi by mistake pls do forgive me

  4. Fantastic

  5. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    Please don’t make Ragini paralyzed 🙁
    Nice epi 🙂 continue

  6. Thank u so much yaar….. This is superbbbb. I read all the epi….I just loved ittttt

  7. Woww sindhu…. I dont know why but i wasnt able to load some ff’s in my laptop and so was yours… I have missed your ff for so longi cant imagine…. As usual you are great…. I love the way you potray the scenes it seems as if all this is happening in front of you… Sorry for not commenting for so long but i wasnt able to load some ffs… And i dont remember the name of other ff that you were wrting can you plzz tell?

    1. Prem deewana
      And welcome back ananya
      Thank u so much

      1. No no… I suppose you were writing one more??

  8. Nice epi sindhu di

  9. nice. same here piya. all alone ragini also my favorite ff. i love that ff a lot. ragsan are an awesome pair. i love them a lot. teju and varun are my favorite. sindhu akka (di) u r the best.

    1. Even me its my best ff
      And thank u

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  11. Awesome

  12. same for me also all alone ragini is best
    nice ep akka
    anything will happen to ragini

    1. Nothing will happen divi

  13. Nyc di and my guess is true sry di I can’t comment in family bonding as I m n my native I rarely net connection so that I can’t comment there but that was superb and funny

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  15. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    Good job Hun, just smile and always rock the happiness. I hope one day I see you with a smiley face… But anyways you rock my sissy~Nusz

    1. By seeing u all my sisters comments it brings my smile automatically dear

  16. wow awesome episode…..?

  17. Thank you sindhu akka for helping

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