Prem deewana (ragsan ff) episode 16


Ragini started hitting remaing goons ..
One of officer goes and frees sanskar laksh and swara…
And another officer sends all elders to a separate room.
Sanskar about to come and some one hits ragini and when she about to fall sanskar holds her.
Ragini checks that her lip is bleeding she gets angry and says.
Ragini:-teri tohh and hits him on back of knees and when he about to fall she slaps on his back and he falls unconsious.
Ragini:- claps her hands and says one wicket down.
Sanskar looks at her shockingly..
Ragini sees him and sees another goon about to hit him but laksh pushes him and he falls in small water fall.
Ragini:- nice push laksh and hi five to him.
Sanskar too fight with them.
Laksh and swara sits on wall and Started threwing things on goons who is about to attack one officer.
He turns and says nice shot buddies.
They both laughs and continues hitting them.
One of pillow hits on sanskar head
he turns and sees them and asks.
Sanskar:- on whose side u both r .

A goon about to hit him immediatedly laksh threws a vase on him and looks at sanskar.
Sanskar:- ofcourse our side and Smiles..
The whole house is messed up.
Don sees all this and gets angry and seez ragini and sanskar.
Murthi:- i think her life and his life stays in each other.
Don:- catch automatically she will come in our control.
Murthi signals few people.
They catch three sanskar laksh and swara..
Don:-ragini thakur..
She turns and sees goons holding them.
Don:- ragini stay their where u r or else.
Ragini:- or else wat u will do ..will u kill them.
Don :-no no and looks at swara and says looks like she is young girl wat happen if she goes to wrong houses.
Ragini:- shut up.
Laksh and sanskar tries to free but they both get punches from goons.
Ragini:- wat u want me to do.
Don signals someone of his men he goes and makes a circle around ragini.
All looks confused .

Don:- confused.let me explain u.
And takes rod from one of the goon.
Dcp:- i am warning u stay away from her.
Don:- shut ur mouth otherwise one shot she will directly goes to her dad.
Ragini:- for every shot i need a answer from u to my question
Sanskar:-are u mad.
Don:- oyee boss stay out of it.
Ragini:- just ignore all as u said game on between u and me ok.
Don:- done and signals goons.
Who takes all to some distances..
Ragini:- why u entered into this field.
Don:- i love money which comes in wrong ways and hits on her back of leg.
She about to fall but stops her self from falling and bares pain by closing eyes.
All closes their eyes also.
Ragini:- why u killed my dad.
Don :-first one ur dad made a loss for me about 50 crores and hits on another leg and hits her on hand again and says
Next thing from then he became a barrier in my business as i said he is a good officer he never back stepped although i threaned him i will kill u.
From that time i hate him and ofcourse u also..
And hits her on forehead..
Sanskar and all closes their eyes and tears are falling from their eyes.
Ragini:-i knew that u r going to kill me now lets make a two deals.
Don:- hmm done say because i accept that ur dad a barrier but i love u and your dad hardwork towards your country.
Ragini:- kill murthi because ..
A gun shot and in murthi forehead and he fall down.
Don:- because he is number one back stabber and i hate like this second one i knew before killing u .you want me to leaves these all right.
Ragini:- yaa..

Don:- says take these all to room and lock them.
Sanskar:- plzz leave her if u want u can kill me.
Don:- it seems he loves u alot and i can see in your eyes towards him is just confusion.
Ragini who is laying in floor with blood says i dont have any confusion regarding anything.
Sanskar looks on.
Don sits with her and makes her stand.
Don:- u knew wat u were infact all will be good at making decision by mind but when it comes to heart i mean dil all will be confused…ooo
He takes rod and goes back of her and setting a target at her back.
All shouts no no.
Sanskar:- u cant do that leave her..
Swara and laksh:- plzzzz..
U want money right take all my property but leave her plzz.
Ragini:- shut up swara…
Dp:- even i am ready i will give my whole property to u.
Ragini:- u were becoming late don its not good …let me count 3 and u finish ur job.
And dcp sir and my team all the best..
They were also intears…
Don about to hit on her back she sits all of sudden and dcp and all officers gets up by jerking goons and shoots don with many bullets.
He falls next to ragini he smiles and says i wish i had a daughter like u but with criminal mind then whole world would be in my hands.
Ragini:- happy journey don and Smiles he too smiles and dies..
All goons surrender them selfs.
Officers frees sanskar laksh swara
Ragini tries to stand but he falls and in mean time sanskar holds her and tries to wake up her.
They all rushes her to icu…

Precap:- tensed moments

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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      My 2 ff
      Prem dewana
      Family bonding

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