Prem deewana (ragsan ff) episode 15


Ragini walk here and their entire house by checking status and sees sanskar is coming back of her where ever she is going.she turns and asks.
Ragini:- wat your problem sanskar why r u following me.
Sanskar:- who said that i am following u.
Ragini holds her hands near chest and says acha then wat were u doing back of me.
Sanskar:- i am just seeing whether arrangements are done properly or not i mean security u see.
Ragini:- dont tell me u were doudting our work.
Sanskar:- no..
A servent comes and says dinner is ready..
Sanskar:- ok and says lets go to all.
Ragini:- u people go we will have our own.
Sanskar:- when it prepared why cant u all eat with us.
Dcp:- actually she is right we officers will eat after wards that to our own so u people carry on
Sanskar:- but..
Ragini:- we didnot came here for doing party ok.go and have your.
Ap:- but u have to wear tablets right.
Ragini:- i will take care of it u people plzz carry on.
Laksh:- but.
Ragini:- i said go laksh ..

They all goes and ragini and her officers were keeping eye on house and its surroundings….
After that police officers also eats their dinner..
Servent comes again and serves tea to all officers and juices to sanskar family..
All of sudden ragini feels a burrly vision forming infront of her eyes..
She says to other officers they also complain same thing.
They all gets alert in that blurry vision before they could react the blurry vision turned into complete dark..
All members from family and police officers fall unconsious….
Ragini opens her eyes and starts lisening a familar voice calling her..
She opens eyes and sees around all were sitting and few men were keeping guns at their head and herself at ground.
She keeps hand on her head and again sees to another side where three persons were tied.
Ragini feels something kept on her head and turns and sees a man .
Voice:- finally u came to senses. Do u have any idea from when i am waiting for u ..
Ragini:- wat were u doing here..
Don:- as u were waiting to catch in same way me waiting to kill u.
Ragini smriks and tries to get up but his men makes her to stay in that postion.
Ragini:- why u r afraid of me so much and pretends like nothing.
Don:- nothing like that.
Ragini:- then allow me to stand up and search my whole crew..
Don:- oh baby u only looked at left side look this side also.
Ragini looks to her right side and finds dcp and remaing were sitting on knees under his control.
Don:- game …on.
Ragini looks at him suspiciously.
Immediately a tight punch was their on her cheeck.
Sanskar shouts ragini…
Don looks at that side and says looks like some cares for u . I thought after your dad no one their and u left alone..
But no you were not alone itseem i have to make u alone again.
Dcp gets tensed.
Ragini:- wat do u mean by that.
Don :-seriously dcp u hide it from here . Wat reason u gave..
Dcp stay silent.
Don:- no problem i will knew from her. And turns towards ragini and says how your dad died do u knew sweetheart.
Ragini while looking at dcp says and other screw who is hiding eye contact from her says to don.
Ragini:- major heart attack due to physical and mental stress.
Don :- laughs and starts clapping and says dcp u were so cheap man and ragini must say i never saw a hourable and tough officer like your dad who doesnt bend to any one many time i gave him warning that i will kill u but he is ready to loose u but not his ethics..
Ragini:- say it straight wat u mean to say.
Dcp:- i am saying now only u dont knew about her so stop their only.
Don:- oh my god i was afraided and laughs and goes near to ragini and keeps his face near ragini and says i killed your dad ..
ragini gets stunned and looks at dcp.
Don:- and to save u from me dcp lied to u that he got heart attack.
This time dcp laughs.
Don:- are u mad why r u laughing.
Dcp:- correction brain less not to save her from u but to save u from her.
Don:- wat do u mean and turns towards ragini.
Who immediatedly stands and catches his neck and pins him to Wall..
Immediately his men comes and surrounded her with guns..

All stands immediatedly.
Ragini:- how dare u to kill my dad.
Don struggles to get off from her grip but its became impossible for him.
Goons:- if u dont leave him we will shoot u.
Ragini still doesnt respond and holds more tightly.
Now one of goon point gun at sanskar and says now also u wont care.
Ragini fumes in anger and looses her tight grip from his neck but before that she kick him in middle of his legs by her kneez..
Don shouts and catches their and falls down.
All looks on shocked but immediatedly laughs leaving goon who were consolling him.
Goon:- are u ok boss is it paining more.
Don struggles and says shut up
Murthi:- how are u feeling is it paining a lot.
Don :- kick him also so that he too feels my pain
Ragini:- ok and immediatedly kick him.
Don and goon both gets shocked of her immediate action.
While murthi widen eyes and shouts ahhh and falls aside of don.
Don:- is it paining how r u feeling Say naa..
Raginj:- any one wants means say to me i wont to partiatily i will kick u all in same force..
And i am warning today your so called don and his chamchi will die for sure and i am giving u people a chance to decide whether u want to be alive or not.
Few goons rans away leaving
Police officers .
Don:- i will make sure that i will take u with me.
Ragini:- in your dreams old aged don…

Precap:- funny fight between goon and them..

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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