Prem deewana (ragsan ff) episode 13


Sanskar:-wat do u mean it.
Your dad.
Ragini:- haa he is no more after you dad and your result my dad shattered he him self involved into work so much.
Because of mental and physical stress he had a major heartattack and he too left me.
The people around me all betrayed me and wat love you were talking about .in this world love and trust their is no where and i dont trust these two things in my life any more and plzz will u move.
Sanskar:- i dont knew that dad will insult u .i just said that i willnot meet u anymore to my mom as she is not feeling well.
My dad insulted u which is unware to me but i thought i can stsy away from me but i literally died being away from u .i lost everything by missing u my dad couldnt see me in that condition and he confessed to me wat ever

he said to u .trust me my dad is not that bad from that day to untill now he never stop to search for u.
Trust me.forgive me.
Plzz come back to me ragini..
Ragini:- fine i will forgive u and your dad but can u bring my dad back . Can u make verything normal which i went threw these cant right then dont except from me anything and stroms out from hut by moving swara and laksh.
Sanskar is having tearz and falls on floor. Swara and laksh goes to him and consoles him.
Sanskar:- i dont knew that she faced this many problems i knew she is having only dad but because of us she lost him to..
Swara:-dont worry everything will be ok.
Sanskar:- i love her swara .i cant live with out her.
Laksh:- she is just angry with u and u see he confronted naa her heart will become light now and she will start to think again with calm mind.
Swara and laksh:-haa really.
Soon they lisen a door breaking sound and turns head and see
ragini fallen on floor by breaking door..

Before they go few people comes their and keeps gun on ragini head and they capture remaing also.
Ragini sees this..
Ragini:-u have enemity with me then why r u hurting these people.
He slaps her and three fumes in anger.
Ragini immediately kicks him and stands up about to hit ..
But those mens warns her by keeping gun on sanskar, laksh, swara.
That men gets up and catches ragini hair.

Ragini:- u were not doing right. I promise you that u will feel bad for messing up with me and u people will feel bad for lisening his orders.
Goon:- u were in my hold your men were also under control but u arrogancy will never lessen right and tightens his grip on hair..
She over powers him
In mean time sanskar and swara laksh also over powers them.
Soon few police officers reach their and catches them.
And salutes to ragini and she also does same.
They about to arrest them but ragini stops and says she will handle and they were innocent no need to arrest..
They all leaves in police car..
Ragini is sitting front.
Sanskar has tears in his eyes and keep on looking at ragini threw mirror.
Ragini notices it and she to have tears but ignores him.
Soon they reach to police station
Sanskar goes and hugs dp and ap..
Swara hugs her parents..

Laksh his parents…
Ragini salutes to dcp who is standing their …
Dcp:- why u stopped to arrest them after all they kidnapped u.
Ragini:-actually sir first swara and laksh didnot kidnapped sanskar..
Dcp:-say it clearly miss.ragini.
Ragini says everything from starting.
Dcp:- that murthi just now released from jail but i think he will not change and another person he is a underworld smuggler..
We have to catch him at anycost and once they get to knew that these came back and we supporting them they can attack.
Ragini:-what to do now sir.
Dcp:-choose one hide out and keep these all at one place .you and few members of our depart
ment give them protection.
Ragini looks on.
Ragini:-but sir i want to catch them with my own hands instead of giving security.
Dcp:- i didnot expect this from u.
Ragini:- sir.
Dcp:- stop it .We are here to save
People than arresting them.dont u
Trust other officers..

Ragini:- i trust every officer sir.
Dcp:- and me..
Ragini:- u were equal to my dad sir You were my inspiration.
Dcp:-then give security to these all and before that first u get first aid your hand and head are bleeding.
Ragini:-ok sir.
Ap goes near to her and cares her head and says.
Ap:- thank u for saving my son and sorry on my husband and son side wat ever they did to u.
Dcp turns and silently shows thumsup to dp . Sanskar observes
this and thanks him.
Ragini:- its my duty to save people and sorry no need because i dont care about them.
Swara and laksh parents also thanks her and says we have no problem in their marriage but they should complete studies and settle first.

They gets happy and hugs their parents ,sanskar and ragini.
When laksh hugs her tightly she moars slowly.
Ragini:- ahhh.
Laksh gets worried and asks wat happen.
Ragini:-nothing when i fall back breaking door i think i got hurt ..
Sanskar:-u ok
Ragini:-yaa plzz u all go inside..
All goes inside after that ragini touches her back and feels pain but ignores it and starts walking with them.

Precap:-ragini few moments with all in police quaters…

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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      Thank u

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