Prem deewana (ragsan ff) episode 12


Sanskar sees ragini slept immediately and says.
Sanskar:-see she got tired but she doesnt want to accept that i dont know when she turned into such stubborn.
Swara and laksh sees her and says.
Swara:-she was sleeping so peacefully.
Laksh:-she was so beautifull while sleeping that to with a smile on her face.
Sanskar:-haa if anything didnot change in her is her sleeping style and smiling while sleeping.
I just love to see her while sleeping.
Ragini with closed eyes:- will u sleep or shall i.
Immediately three jerks and goes to sleep.
Ragini opens eyes and sees them acting like sleeping smiles a little and she too sleeps.
Next morning…
Laksh wakes up and sees sanskar and ragini smiles and wakes up swara and shows her..she too smiles as they were sleeping like.
Sanskar hugging her from back and both tied hands were streched to oneside and his another hand is on her waist and her another hand is on his another hand..
His head is reasting on her shoulder..
Swara and laksh decides not to disturb them and comes out of hut And starts taking fresh air by sitting their….
Ragini ger disturbed by sun light and facing sanskar and realises her position.
And due to her moments sanskar also gets up and sees her very close to him and smiles automatically.
Sanskar:- i always dreamed my morning like this and it finaly happened.
Ragini looks at him emotinaly but Soon composes herself and tries to getup but falls back due to handcuff and gets hurted..
Sanskar and swara laksh comes to her due to her scream ..
Sanskar immediatedly opens handcuff and cares her hand.
Sanskar:- i am sorry i should have removed it first only i sm really sorry . Cups her face and asks is it paining.
Ragini:- no and stands up.

Swara:- i saw a pond near i want Freshen up will u come dii
Ragini:- ofcourse i too need to freshen up badly ..
They both go to freshen up and comes back.
Ragini:-swara do u have any dress i need to change.
Swara:- yaa di i have and gives a red colour dress.
Ragini by seeing red color dress remembers moments with sanskar and says not red if u have any other..
Swara:- yaa and takes pink color dress and gives to her..
They both starts to change..
Swara:-dii as sanskar bhai said u have really a long and beautifull hair.
Rags looks on and says in mind u still remember my hair..why if u love me that much why do u left me like i am nothing for u.
Swara:- dii u were looking pretty.
Ragini smiles by seeing swara smile.
Ragini:- even u were pretty in this red color.
Swara:- thank u and goes out..
Ragini is brushing her hair and drying it..
Sanskar goes threw window and sees her..and gets mesmerised..
Ragini:-swara are u their ..
Sanskar sees swara and laksh were talking with each other and sees ragini struggling to keep zip up…
Sanskar thinks and entres inside slowly and goes towards her..
His heart is beating fastly..
Ragini too senses foot steps and turns before he could touch her.
Ragini keeps both hands on her back and says wat ever u doing here go go out and i want swara.
Sanskar stepping forward and says she is busy with laksh and i will help u.
Ragini:- no need i can and i will.
Sanskar dragging her close to him and his hand on her exposed back near zip.
Sanskar:- even i can and i will and makes her zip up..
Why r u so angry on me ragini u said naa u cant get angry on me that much u love me then.
Ragini:-u were the reason for it .
For loving u once and for hating u forever…

U cheated me . U betrayed me .
U break all promises u made me like this .
U were the reason i lost everything I became orphan…
Sanskar:- what…
Swara and laksh comes running by lisening their loud voices…

Precap:-ragini truth out.

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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  1. beautiful epi …nice interaction between ragsan and poor ragini…she lost her father in all of this mess with DP

    1. Thank u
      Yaa poor ragini

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    I fall in love with your FF day by day <3

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    Wow hun thanks for cheering me up with your episode… Love you sister..~Nusz

  6. awesome di but feeling bad for ragini she lost her father ? feeling so sad for her

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  11. amazing,……fantastic…….awesome?
    love u

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