Prem deewana (ragsan ff) episode 10


They were keep on walking they three feels tired and sees ragini ok and asks.
Swara:-are u not tired after a long walk.
Ragini:- walking for days is a part of our traing that too without food also..
Laksh:-wat without food oh my god being a police officer is very tough.
Sanskar:-dont talk about food yar i am feeling very hungry.
Ragini sees him and says u laksh can u come with me a while.
And u two sit here.
They two sits and rags sees around and shows some fruits on treez and asks laksh to pluck them.
They both returns by having hand full of fruits and in their pockets also..
They gives fruits to them.
She see sanskar having fruits in hurry and think in mind.
Ragini:-i knew sanskar u cant stay hungry for a minute also and her thoughts were disturbed by sanskar showing fruits to her..
Ragini:- what..
Sanskar:- eat ..
Ragini:-i am not hungry.
Sanskar:-u were but u were not showing inbeing stubborn.
And makes her eat.
Laksh and swara watches them lovingly and smiles..
Sanskar:- thank u for remembering that i cant stay with hunger..
Ragini:- is it oh yaa i forget completely about it.
Sanskar smiles and continues feeding her..
Swara:- still u have a any fruit.
Ragini:- yaa come and take its in my pocket..
Sanskar:-its ok u stay their my sister i will take from her.
Ragini:-no.. laksh will take.
Sanskar:-why him
Ragini:- he is like my brother..
Laksh gets happy and about to get up..
Sanskar stops him and says dont u dare to move i will only take.
Swara:-i feeling very hungry and keeps puppy face and sees.
Rags unwantedly accepts and before he could come close.
Rags:-wait open my cuffs for a minute i will take and give to her later u can tie again.
Sanskar gets upset as his plan failed…and open her one hand ..and closes it after he gave swara fruit…
They walk for a while and laksh shout to stop and shows a hut a far and says lets stay their to night.
Rags:-no …
Rags:-if any animals their means or after wards came means no.
Sanskar:-if u walk in night animals wont come may be snakes..
Rags started sweating..
Sanskar:-i am sorry i dont knew that u still afraid of them.
Rags:-i am not and hut is cool and starts walking towards the hut.
Sanskar:- her stubborness driving me crazyyy and making me to fall for her more….
Swara :-oh oh.
Laksh:- remove her handcuffs na..
Its may hurt her..
Sanskar:- for today only even i am getting hurt by tieing her hands any way lets goo before she reached their…
They reached their and sees ragini peeping into hut by door.
Swara:-why she is seeing like that.
Sanskar:- she is afraid of snakes that why she is checking for safety purpose…
Swara- she is so brave but she is afraid of snake.
Laksh:-haa but snakes dont knew that naa and for them all were Equal and they dont show gender differences also ..
Sanskar and laksh laughs.
Swara goes to ragini and says.
Swara:- i want to file a complain.
Ragini:- wat complain
Swara sees sanskar and laksh and says:- harresement…
Ragini smriks at them and says complaint accepted personelly dont worry i will handle it.
Swara and ragini sees sanskar and laksh shocked faces with open mouth says thank u.
Ragini:-welcome and any way its clear we can go inside…

Precap:- swara and ragini sitting and making them clean whole hut..

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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